29 January 1992, Wednesday.

Well today started last night, the meditation was after midnight, well that's already been told, but the dramatic morning hasn't.
I awoke at 6am. They were there in their hoards. I got up and left for the shop across the road, while Aji was still sleeping, they had nothing, I returned to the house and Aji had already woken up and had gone for a wee on the wasteground next to the train station and the house. I met him as we both returned. We sat and drunk some coffee, and at around 7.30am a policeman and his weasel-like side kick turned up, first asking about my visa and then rummaged around the place in the bin and in the two rooms upstairs. He found the bowl of dried banana skins mixed with tobacco I had made and said "where did you get this grass?" Well I tried to explain it was only banana skins, but he took the mixture and my passport with him to check out. He also asked if I knew Edang in Jalan Pabrik Es. Apparently, so Aji told me afterwards, Edang is a bit of an old pusher, and me knowing him and living before in the same house puts a lot of suspicion on me. They left, Aji was devastated, sitting with his head in his hands, trembling like an expelled school student awaiting the return of his angry parents. Well, I wasn't too bothered, what evidence did they have. I did my best to calm him.
It's 10am now, I didn't go to my morning class. Me and Aji are going there now, and then on to the police station to pick up my passport and set things straight. The feeling's there, I want to go home, as soon as possible!
We went and explained the situation to Suryaman and Wiwan, but nothing was really gained by this. I've returned to Aji's, it's 12pm, we're just cooking breaklunch, my stomachs pulling through lack of food and much confusion. I do want to jump on the first plane to England, but there's things that are stopping me going straight to Jakarta. I don't know if Ian or my Dad are already on their way here. Ian said he wants to come, and I told him I'd wait for him, but I don't want to be pulled into a drug case - there is no case! Although Aji is as worried as hell, and I'm not totally complacent with the state of affairs at the moment.
After eating we're going to go to the police station. I'm a bit worried that Aji will say anything to clear his own name, but I must have complete faith here. Because I've been talking about the hassles with my possible future with police accompanied attention. I've completely forgotten to go into detail about the huge amount of cold sores that cover my whole mouth, they're obviously not painful enough.
Well, enough about my hideously disfiguring condition, that will trudge the chambers of this body's life with me.
We ate and then I knocked over my full glass of water, it smashed into thousands of pieces, another lucky move. I cleared that up and then jumped on the bike and rode to school, on the way, crushing my thumb as I braked, trying to avoid a bus with my name on it. I luckily avoided it, now of course I know!
My first group went really bad, well my only group. My lips were really hurting. My head filled with worry, although I wanted to, I'm not allowed to meditate today, the tests are coming one after the other. I finished teaching and then showed everyone using diagrams, how, why and what cold sores were, and then moved into the office with Suryaman to have a little heart to heart and bitch about our situations. Aji came into the office, oh yeah, he'd been at the school a little after I got there. I talked about religion, love, culture and the relations to each other, this was another test. I felt very happy and rode home, everyone seemed to know me, and some very pretty girls smiled at me, these cold sores are still hanging around, but Suryaman gave me some powder to put on them. It's probably as effective as saying "wibbly wibbly wi wo" three times, but let's not pre-judge ey!
Well, I got home, then sat outside with the bechak drivers, Aji got back, from wherever he'd been and took me into the bedroom looking very excited and happy. We sat down, first he said "ok, there's no problem with your visa" (which I already knew) and then he said "we must leave Tasik very soon, otherwise the police may arrest us, in linkage to Endang". He thought that was good news!
Well, so many thoughts have been whisked through my mind. I left Aji at around 7pm and went to Suryaman in Pancisilla. After there we all left for Pabrik Es, to Herun's house, Suryaman was trying to show off his English by explaining things to me that Herun had said in Indonesian, which actually I completely understood, Herun wasn't impressed either.
Suryaman and his wife left at 9:30pm, I stayed, we all talked outside and had some satay egg yolks. I also told them of my problem in Tasik , and that I would have to leave. they tried to talk me out of it, giving me options of living with them or living in Jakarta. I left the house at 12:30am, and walked home, Layga(I can't believe I remembered her name at last), Herun's wife had given me some stuff to put on my hideous lips. Well, after getting home and then going upstairs, I applied the purple coloured liquid and went to bed, all the lights were left on, my diary of events, and there has been so many, incomplete. I also hoped all nineteen trials of my day went well, I never got angry or impatient, but maybe I did. I did get sad, so maybe that's a downpoint, but shaking myself from sadness is an easy task.
OK, until tomorrow, I wait for a letter, but I can't wait too long. Until tomorrow...


28 January 1992, Tuesday.

My delicious sleep ended at 9am, my bladder bursting, I relieved myself downstairs. Aji went out for a ride on the bicycle, I did my washing and hung it out in the rasping sun, rasp, rasp!
Aji returned from his cycle ride, I made some breakfast/lunch, which we both ate.
Aji has another girlfriend, she isn't forward enough apparently, and sat next to Aji with her hand on his crotch. Well, this would be nothing to see in England I suppose, but here, I just didn't expect it, although I'm seeing a lot of new things now that people had told me, didn't happen in Indonesia.
Mr. Wiwan turned up at 12:45pm, and I got dressed, because I only had the towel surrounding my nakedness, then we left, me on the back of his moped.
I had a good time teaching and focused my attention on one very pretty girl. The guy that arranged to take me to the pictures later, 'Iss', was already there, and after teaching we went and saw a supposed funny comedy film that had the humour level of a, well, it was pathetic, the humour was so pathetic and completely without any intelligence. We left there and went back to Iss's house, very near to Elise's house. I ate there and talked a while, then returned into Tasik by a public transport minibus at 9pm.
I went straight to Herun's house and said I could go with him to Jakarta, watched a film, then at around 11pm, Aji turned up from his travels.
We sat until the film ended and then said the old thankyou's and went home on Aji's motorbike. We made some coffee, and while we were making it, there was a large moth fluttering around the light. I felt such a strong feeling of unrest and confusion coming from the moth that I closed my eyes, cut myself off and saw and felt his worries, in order to try and show him the single light so he would relax. It worked, but in the process, it filled me with confusion and worry. We went upstairs, I was still trembling. I left Aji, put my mattress on the roof, then sat crossed legged for meditation. This feeling of the circle, I put my thumbs on my toes and my fingers together. The power rushed through me, I felt like an ariel for the soul, and received the immediate thoughts of the timeless zone. Slowly a smoky face appeared. I could only really make out his long nose and small eyes, his eyes were very feminine but it was the most kind face I have ever seen. He said "don't worry, calm down." My fingers parted and my body was bursting with love. I explained it all to Aji, my lips were itching and hot, I was dreading the oncoming cold sores, but I didn't really know why they were there, I had no worries and switched off the light, feeling the new ugly furniture on my face.

27 January 1992, Monday.

I awoke this morning at 7.50am, I put on some clothes and left on Aji's bike without eating breakfast or having a mandi.
I got to the school and taught a group of four students, then moved into the office to write this, I listened sympathetically to my moaning stomach, and decided to return home.
Ever since I asked for more money they haven't offered me any food, it may just be a coincidence. Well, I wasn't wrong enough apparently, the moment I finished writing that, Mr Wiwan took me off into the kitchen and gave me loads of food. I finished that, and he took me out, with two other guys to this baso restaurant. We all had a couple of beers and then returned to the school by 1pm. Elise was at the school, I took my class, slightly tipsy, and didn't do much at all. Finished that session, then made a date with Elise for Thursday, then had some noodles and taught again.
After the class ended, the rain fell so heavily outside, that I sat around and waited for it to stop. Then I rode back to Aji's house, ate and then walked to Asep's house, from where we both left to go to his friend's house, a very beautiful 16 year old girl. We left there at 9.20pm and I got off the public transport minibus at Paprik Es and started walking up to Herun's house. The lights were all off so I carried on and started walking home, first stopping at the mobile warung at the junction, and had some rice, egg and tempa and Tahu. Then walked back accompanied by a little Indonesian man that I had been talking to at the warung. Although he didn't accompany me all the way back.
I got back to Aji's, watched an American film 'Blind Justice', that was quite good, it finished at 12:30am. I lay there and started to write, being constantly interrupted and annoyed by Aji next to me. At 1am I decided to lay down my pen and fly the heights of dreams.


26 January 1992, Sunday.

Yesterday was the third month I had spent in Indonesia, and today, I start my new book, for maybe the next three months in Indonesia.
I didn't sleep at all last night, and at 6am, I sat in the chair next to the front door and window. I watched the heavy morning air slowly lift, the morning walkers and the first bechaks ride by.
I ate some breakfast of egg and rice, then wore the morning away.
At 9am, the sun was already shining strong in the sky. I went up on the roof and survived the sizzling sun for three quarters of an hour, then had the most gorgeous cold mandi, then fresh from that, I decided I wasn't yet brown enough and spent another half an hour roasting my front. Then came back inside, and had another mandi, and then had some lunch. That was rice, and some more delicious noodle soup I cooked up.
After food, Aji and I went out on his "Decowi" motorbike to go and see some more"Decowi" owner friends of his, all getting a chain of meeting their motorbike friends, and then following, we formed a convoy of "Decowi" and other named bikes. Rode around and by 5pm, we started on our way back to Aji's. We arrived at 6pm. The sun had fallen into a picturesque scene. I rode the bicycle to Hercon's house, he wasn't there (at this point my pen dropped and my eyes closed).....

I returned to Aji's, we went out and got some side dishes and then returned to fill our calling stomachs. We finished food and sat downstairs for a while, then moved upstairs to lie down and watch a crappy Indonesian quiz game, my eyes closed, the pen fell onto my unfinished entry and I slept the sleep of Jack McTired. This is being written on 27-01-92.

25 January 1992, Saturday.

Today is the third month that I have stayed in Indonesia. I will summarise my days events.
Today I have seen both sides of the setting sun, the paths, the gullies. I will not sleep tonight.
I got up at 11am, Aji is still ill, and he has told me of blood coming out when he excretes, I'm worried for his health.
I made some noodle soup and at 12pm some of my students came to the house. I had arranged to go to their friend's 19th birthday party. I finished eating and left Aji to finish the rice I had started to cook. Then went on to the back of one of their motorbikes to the school and told Suryaman's wife that I wouldn't be able to go with them to Garut. Then went again on the bike to the party.
There were a lot of people there from the girl's school, all boys sat in one room on the floor, and all the girls sat in another. Then they played some music and threw around a matchbox, the music went off and the matchbox was lying at my feet. This meant I had to pop a balloon and then sing a song, I sung More than Words, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, with a pic up amp and I had a microphone. This carried on around the rooms, the music going on and off and the matchbox being thrown around.
After all the balloons had been popped and more songs had been sung, the ones who had popped the balloons, I being one, got a token prize. I got a bar of chocolate. We then ate, I explained ALAM to the people who sat around the amp, that was only 7 people, everyone else had already left, after the food and a prayer. I sang some more songs and then left, first on a motorbike and then just up the road, one of my other students stopped in his van and I and two others that were also on the back of other bikes changed to his van. We drove back to Lengkong, they didn't come in.
I went upstairs and Aji's girlfriend was there, that made me feel happy, then as I lied there, next to them talking, my tiredness grabbed the land of sleep and dragged me off. I awoke at 7pm, Aji's girlfriend had gone, I got up and made an all in omlette, then quickly fried some more vegetables and had them all with rice. Aji had some of the omlette, but refused the vegetables. After food we both went out and talked to the bechak drivers, I bought them all a cigarette each, then showed them my photos. Time went on and soon it was around 10.30pm, Aji had already gone in. I went to one of the bechak driver's family home and watched television, then went onto his house, it was so small, two tiny rooms, separated by a hanging curtain. He went on to explain how much he earnt, such a pityful amount, I just wanted to give him all my money. At midnight I left his house, walked through the alleys in between the close knit houses, to Lengkong and returned to Aji's house. I sat outside the bedroom, and I started writing, I felt very confused and strange after seeing the bechak driver's lot, he worked all day on the bus's and then most of the night riding a bechak, and only had enough money for a bowl of rice.
I then looked at the date 25-01-92, this is not only the 3rd month in Indonesia, but the dates added up to 19. This may have no significance to you, but only I know, the huge significance of this number and this trip.
Aji awoke and went downstairs for a wee and I decided that tonight should be a time for thought and meditation. I went downstairs and sat with Wiwi, she had woken up.
Then at 2.30am I realised I will probably finish this book with the amount I am writing.

It's 4am now, I'm sitting alone, the mosques are all calling to prayer, they sound like a bee's nest, and a slowed down country song.
I'm drawing, but yet to meditate, or do much thinking, although I find I get most thought processed while I'm not thinking.
Now, thinking about it, the calling to prayer sounds like zombies moaning as they rise from their slumber, in some terrible 70's horror fim.
The moan: AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAhhhteeeeeBOW!
The frogs are croaking, their timing is good, it seems too be completely without timing, the same as the moaning coming from the surrounding mosques, and there are hundreds of them, not more than 200m away from each other, and in every direction.
Well, 5am went by, I was lying on the bed but not asleep, and then 6am, I went out and sat in the chair next to the window. The morning walkers, most in tracksuits and the bechaks had started rolling by, the first minibuses, already bibbing their hooters at the first possible chance.
I can hear some birds singing, and early morning voices and conversation. The morning air, it's bulk of freshness, it's certain weight and light carrying ability. The sight of the first leaves being spot lighted, by the tender morning sun.
This time of the day seems so special to me, it was the same in England, but I only ever see it when I haven't slept the previous night. The noises hanging in the air, the tender shadows caressing and clinging to walls.
No meditation, I had sights of myself meditating all night, and really going places. I still did. So, unto the morning of the 26-01-92 , I welcome , and let myself be welcomed.


24 January 1992, Friday.

Well, it's three months since I left England on my travels. I can still remember the party that was thrown for me, I got totally drunk, danced the night away in the fashion of some seventies disco dancing film, then romancing, and to end the night, I slept the vast quantity of drink away. Enough of my fond memories of my last days on English soil.
Today I awoke at 10am, did much of nothing except mandied and at 1pm, went out and bought some groceries. Aji is getting better, but still milking every second of his illness. I cooked up everything and made a noodle soup, and filled myself and Aji up with good harty tucker.
I spent all day sitting around, and whilst the last glimpses of daylight fell across the wall, outside the rain started to fall, and I wrote a song. Then carried on to write a prologue in my next book. This one has finished it's had it's three months service, given up all it's pages and now will become a relic. I have become very attached to this old 59p book from China, bought in Southend at a bargain discount shop.
The night carried on with more food being eaten and then sitting downstairs with Wiwi, much the same happened. I turned in and came upstairs at 11pm, Aji was still awake and moaning.
Three months in Indonesia tomorrow, well, role on tomorrow!

Midnight: I had just lied down and closed my eyes, ready for the shawl of sleep to cover them, when Aji got up and turned the light on. He wasn't sleepy, and I wasn't really, so I went out to have a draw. The night patrol came by and came over and started talking to me.
Then they asked me to go to their little station house for some food, I was a really hungry and quickly accepted, following them to there little hut. We sat and talked, ate baked rice, then at 2:30 am, I began to feel my eyes closing and I returned to Aji's. Well, now, role on tomorrow! That's unless anything else happens tonight...


23 January 1992, Thursday.

A lazy doing nothing day, that began at 10am. I made myself some cabbage, boiled it, then ate it, it was delicious. Aji's still ill, and he uses this to be a complete pain in the arse. He makes such a bloody fuss. He's only got flu. I wrote a couple of letters, and stuck some more pages in the book, and a couple of pages in the front, to account for what I've done on which dates, but I'm yet to fill in what I've done.
At around 5pm I went to Herun's house, and sat and watched the television, his wife wasn't there, I suppose she must still be in Jakarta. There's been a couple of callers tonight that hung up as soon as they heard Herun's voice, hmm?, it all seems very suspicious. I'm just sitting there silently, feeling awkward, hmm? At the moment he's got the girl phoning around, I don't know where to?
We watched the television a bit longer to 9pm then sat outside for an hour, talking and drinking then we returned to watching a horror film. That ended at 11:30pm, well a tad before, I said goodnight and left for home, on the way eating at the warung on the crossroads.
Oh, while watching the film we had some nice satay egg yolks in sauce n sticks, it was very nice.
I got back to Aji's house at midnight, had me a wee, and then came upstairs to finish my day's journal.
I see the circle of affinity, life through the haze, it glows with love. It will be 3 months tomorrow.

22 January 1992, Wednesday.

I got up late this morning at 8:05am, late again to school! Taught my lesson which was interrupted by the largest free spider I've seen run across the wall. He hung around for a while and then went to scare someone else.
I finished the class, and they asked me if I'd like to go camping with them on the 1st Feb. I said yes.
Then I returned to Ajie's, he was still asleep, I had some food, had a mandi and then sat on the roof writing this episode until 12.45, now I'm back off to school.
Got back to the school, still no Mr, Wiwan and Syryaman was ill so I couldn't talk about the money situation - the situation that they've already paid me all they owe me at the moment, but the contract says they haven't.
Well, the class went well enough, I returned home and made myself some food then sat around and thought of home, Ian, but mostly Jo - I tried to write a letter in my head, but they worried me, I still have all the time, my impatience is still a problem. Later I ate again, at 7.30 pm I cooked myself up some nasi goreng, it was nice, but I didn't have everything I needed.
It's 8pm now, I'm lying on my mattress, Agie's already asleep. I've lifted up my mosquito net, if they want some food, tonight's the night to pig out on western blood. I haven't written the letter to Asnah yet, I'm not yet confident enough to write in Indonesian. I'm just lying around here, with no one to talk to, sleep becomes a good option. I think I'll write a few more letters and then bid the day adieu.


21 January 1992, Tuesday.

I got out of my very hot sleeping bag, Aji was downstairs, it was 10:30am. I was very hungry, but there were no egg's. So Aji showed me where the shop's were, we went to two shop's, I bought egg's, noodles, onions, and cabbage.
We went back to Aji's house and I cooked the whole lot up, and we both ate very well, I also bought some cigarettes, and it was whilst smoking these after the loverly breakfast I had made, I noticed that it was 1:10pm, Aji was asleep. I left Aji's and made my way to the school on Aji's bicycle. I took two classes until 5pm, and then spoke to Suryaman about my pay, while the rain fell heavily outside.
At 6pm, the rain had stopped, and I left the school and headed back to Aji's house. Got home, and sat outside with the bechak drivers for a while, eating some sweet rice dish, and then went inside and ate some rice and egg's with Aji. Aji's not looking very well, he's gone back to sleep.
I took some letters and my Dad's birthday card down to the post office, and then rode around Tasikmalaya until about 9pm.
I got home and brought the bicycle back in, Wiwi came in from next door, and asked if I could help her with her homework again. She brought her books in, and I showed her what was right and what was wrong, then we had a kiss, and then another.
Wiwi went back next door, and I started writing up today, it's nearly midnight now, I'm going to bed, I going to sleep in my sleeping bag again, without my mattress because it's still wet.

20 January 1992, Monday.

My eye's flicked open, it was 8:10am already, Ajie wasn't next to me. I called out for him, he was downstairs, he came upstairs. I asked him why he didn't wake me up this morning? He told me that I looked very happy being asleep. Oh, I thought.
I had a couple of good slurp's of coffee and a banana, and rushed off to school on the bicycle, still half asleep.
My first lesson went very fast, probably because I had arrived half an hour late, I stayed at the school and ate, then taught my next class. After school, I rode up to Pabrik Es, to take Herun's wife shopping for ingredients for spaghetti, which I'd said I'd make for them tonight. But she wasn't there, I went to Agus's house, I had no mail, but showed him the picture of my family. I left there at about 6pm and went to Herun's again. I was starving, but refused food, although I did have tea and coffee, and also a little rice wine.
We watched 'Head of the class', and 'Miami vice', and when that finished at 7:30pm I went back to Aji's. Aji was sitting outside the house with a bechak driver, another bechak driver came over, and I got talking to him. I asked if I could give him a ride, he said yes, so I jumped on, and took him around the block, it was great fun, although very energetic.
The bechak drivers rode off, and we both went inside, and had a meal, it was gorgeous, probably because I was so hungry. Then I had a couple of whiskey's, and started a large drawing, while Aji slept. I carried on drawing until 2am, I was really injoying myself, but it was total rubbish.
I went to bed, hardly able to keep my eye's open.

19 January 1992, Sunday.

Ahhh! I woke up this morning, totally soaked, my whole body, the sheets and the mattress were ringing wet, I was wet from my neck to my knee, I had wet myself, and obviously had had a bladder full.
I can actually still remember the dream I was having, I was standing on the top of a mountain and relieving myself over the whole world. And I really was, not over the whole world, but over myself.
As I registered what I had done, my emotion's were first disbelief, then acknowledgment, then disgust. Aji was lying next to me, and was obviously well aware of what had just taken place, he told me not to worry about it. But come on, I'm nearly twenty years old, I've got no illnesses, well at least none that I know of, and there's absolutely no reason why I should be wetting myself.
It was around 7am, we had some coffee and smoked some fags, then had some breakfast. Then I took my mattress and pillow on to the roof, and let the sun and air dry them. I then washed my shorts, shirt and sheets, then hung them out to dry as well.
At 2pm, I went to Pabrik Es, borrowing Aji's bicycle and telling Aji to expect me back around 4 or 5pm.
First off, I went to number 12 Pabrik Es, which was Agus's house, I had some Singaporian coins that Lilise would like for her collection, I also wanted to see if I had received anymore letters from home. There weren't, but Agus was back from Bandung, so I spoke to him for about an hour, and then headed up the road to Herun's house.
I ate twice there, had loads of coffee and tea, sat on the veranda and smoked, spoke about religion and ghost's and loads of things. Herun told me that he want's to go to England or America one day.
It was 12:30am, I thanked Herun for the food and drink, and jumped back on Aji's bicycle and rode back to Lenkong in the soaked moonlight. I got back to Aji's house, Aji was asleep, and my mattress was still wet, so I'm going to get my kit mat out again, ah trusty kit mat, so the floor it is then. Salamat tidur, good night.


18 January 1992, Saturday.

Aji tried to wake me, an impossible task, even for a savage hungry weasel. Although at 8am, I summitted to Aji's attempt's and got up. I mandied and got dressed, then started to feel very bad, because I had kept Aji and his brother in law waiting for one and a half hours, while I slept. I felt really bad and apologized alot, we jumped into his parked pick up truck, which looked like it had been picked up, and dropped several times.
We drove off, he had invited us to go too his village, which was on a tea plantation, that what I couldn't remember last night. We stopped several times to pick up stuff that he through into the back, we covered a couple of miles over unmade roads until we reached his house. No wonder his van was in such a state, we sat around at his house for about 3 hours, having some food and stroking his cat, and then left together. We were going to pick up some freshly picked tea leaf's, I have forgotten to mention that all around us where tea plants a far as the eye could see, we were also on quite steep ground, and it was cool.
The freshly picked tea was loaded onto the van, and we started off down the unmade road, the ride was far more traumatic carrying the heavy load, bottoming out on large rocks. We arrived at a drying factory, where the tea was unloaded, and then sent on conveyor belts to drying racks, it was all automated. I had a good look around, then Aji called me, and we got back in the now empty van. Just then the heaven's opened, and the rain belted down, the road we travelled was now very muddy and we could hardly see through the windscreen for driving rain. The road seemed more twisty, and thin.
We got back to Aji's at 4pm, we ate and then I read the two letters that awaited my return. They were from my sisters Lorraine and Janine, telling me of the many things going on in England, it had just been my Dad's birthday, which I had completely forgotton.
So, I wrote a little letter, and then went out to the Asia department store in town, and bought a birthday card. I returned home, wrote the card and sat down. Aji came in and sat with me. Elise walked in the front door, and with Aji, they went into the kitchen and had a huge arguement and then she stormed out. Then a little later, she returned, where there was a bigger arguement followed by a slapping sound, I don't know who had been slapped, or who done the slapping, but I had to walk out, and went outside.
Aji won't talk about it, but Wiwi told me the story anyway earlier, well, here goes...
Aji and Elise were sweethearts for about 3 years, I don't know whether that's finished now or not, but it was alway's hushed up. So Aji now is going to marry this other girl in April, and as you can imagine, Elise isn't all that happy about it. Aji told me that there has never been anything more than friendship between them, so I must look like a complete fool if he thinks I believe him. Well, that's the story apparently.
I sat outside drinking coffee and smoking kreteks for the rest of the night, until about 11:30pm, when Aji came out and sat beside me, we talked, then both went indoors and upstairs. It's about midnight now, Aji's already asleep, and I'm heading that way, so until tomorrow then.

17 January 1992, Friday.

It was 1:10am when I eventually got to sleep last night, the screaming really weirded me out. I woke up at 7am, then went back to sleep, and done this several times until 10am, when I finally let me dreams go.
In my dream last night, or this morning really, I was an American 'dukes of hazard' kind'a guy, but with a huge gun, the whole dream was set in the deep south. Me and my friends discovered that the local police were corrupt, we showed the community and ran the bad police out of town, and then had too take over as the new police service, our first undercover operation had one of us dress up as a white chicken. Hmmm?
Well, after getting up, having a mandi, and eating breakfast, I put on my yet unworn batik shirt, and grey trousers, and went to Herun's house along Pabrik Es. It was around 12:30pm when I got there, all the family jumped into this very nice van/bus thingy, I jumped in, Herun drove. We were going to Ciami, but travelled towards his plantation, then along unmade tracks through the plantation, picking up a couple of people, we then headed down another bumpy road to the wedding. That had already ended. We ate, some lovely food, wished the bride and groom all the best, everyone took loads of pictures of everyone, then we started back.
The bus return journey was even more full, and took us a different way through many tracks through jungle, dropping people home, it was like a safari for me though. We got back to Pabrik Es at around 4:30pm, I stayed at Herun's house until 7pm, playing with the children and watching television.
I got back to Aji's but he wasn't there, he arrived about an hour later. I had already mandied again, then we had some dinner together. Asep and a friend of his popped around for a while. Later, as Aji was going to sleep, I set about writing up my days adventures, it's 11:15pm, I've got to be up early tomorrow, I don't know why exactly, but we are going somewhere, so, that's all folk's.


16 January 1992, Thursday.

Guess what? I woke up again, yeah, and done the usual morning stuff. Aji went out for 20 minutes with Lelise, Wiwi came in and lent me some glue, and I gave my journal an overhawl, it's falling apart.
At around 1pm, after working on my book for some time, I went out onto the roof and using my kit mat, lay down and sun bathed. It was lovely, really hot, but I've hardly spent any time in the sun since coming to Indonesia.
At 2:15pm, I came inside and had a mandi, then went back upstairs and watched the small black and white television.
I then done a little drawing of me meditating and projecting myself.
I went out with Aji, to get some side dishes to go with our rice, we came back and ate. Aji allowed me a little go on his motorbike, I was terrible on it. So when we went out, I jumped on the back of his, we rode around the town and came back, Aji went inside, and I stayed out the front of the house and started talking to the bechak drivers. They are a really nice bunch of blokes, one of the guy's has invited me around to his house for dinner soon.
At 8pm, I walked over to Pabrik Es to play billiards or pool with Herun. I got there, Herun was feeling much better, but first we had some coffee on the veranda. As we left, Herun's wife(can't remember her name still) gave me this huge banana, I said thankyou and put it in my pocket, and then completely forgot about it.
We got to the billiards/pool place, and played thirteen games, he won the first two games, then I pulled one back, he won the next game, then the next, and then I won the next eight games, in devastating form, I was thrilling, and very proud of myself. I had a really good time, and because I won, he paid, which made it even better.
As we left the building, I felt a wet sensation on my leg, then looked down to my jeans, and remembered the banana. I felt into my pocket, and found the liquidised remains of the huge banana Herun's wife had given me. Very nice.
We caught a bechak back to Pabrik Es, and I thanked Herun for a great night and left, although his wife gave me a whole bunch of sweet small banana's. Carrying them, I walked back to Aji's house, still feeling pretty proud of myself. I got back at about midnight, Aji was fast asleep, I took off my banana filled jean's and walked into the bedroom, when I heard a women screaming.
It sounded awful, so I put some shorts and a top on, quickly got my boots on and ran out of the door. Following the sound of the cries, I ran across the open train tracks and over some rough ground, and arrived at the source of the noise. I found her, alone by a house, I asked her if there was any problem, she moaned something that I didn't really understand, and pointed at a guy standing alone up the tracks some way. She walked back into her house and I walked up the tracks to the man standing alone.
I asked what was going on, in Indonesian, and he explained that she was completely mad. He crouched down, and I sat on the ground near him. He started to ask about my sexual activities, and then started enquiring too the size of my manhood. I politely got up, and walked home, you meet the strangest people in Tasikmayala after midnight.
I got home to Aji's, and sat downstairs and listened out for a while, then wrote today's little story, and now, I'm going to go to bed. I've been invited to a wedding tomorrow. Goodnight.

15 January 1992, Wednesday.

I awoke, seem's to be the boring entrance to all of my entries. Anyway, I followed my usual morning routine, then rushed off for school, taking the public transport. I taught my morning class and then stayed at the school and ate lunch.
I started to show Suryaman and his wife and her friend, the photograph's of my family, and got quite angry, when they treated them like old peices of paper. I contained myself, but it really anoy's me.
I started my second class, all the students seemed to have all the enthusiasm of death row. Well, it didn't go that bad at all, and after teaching and seeing off all of my students, I walked straight home to Aji's house. Aji was there, we talked for a while, then he went out.
I sat alone downstairs, and Wiwi from next door asked if I could help her with her English. I said yes, and she brought in her books and sat beside me.
I've helped her with all her queries, and flirted outrageously. Aji came home at about 9pm and went straight upstairs, I stayed downstairs with Wiwi for a while.
Then I kissed her on the cheek, then she kissed me back on the lips, we kissed for a while, it was very lovely. We talked more and at 10pm I went to bed, wishing Wiwi a goodnight. I hope I havent made trouble for myself here.


14 January 1992, Tuesday.

I eventually got up at 9am, wanting to sleep more, but my bladder disallowing it. I had some breakfast and received a letter from the postman. It was from my Mum, it was great, filled with love and flowing with her constant memory. I went upstairs and wrote a reply, and put it in the same envelope as my completed letter to the whole family. I then started a letter to my cousin Lee, who isn't really a cousin, but that's what we have alway's called each other.
Had a mandi, and at 1pm, caught a little bus to the school and taught two classes until 5pm. They went ok, the second better than the first, I ate at the school, then didn't leave for home until 7pm. Actually, I didn't go home, but instead went to Pabrik Es to see Herun, because we had arranged to go and play pool.
I arrived, but Herun didn't feel up to it, so we chatted on the veranda, I told Herun of some of my experiences in Banjar and got him laughing. Then we went indoors and watched a film. That finished at around 11:30pm, and I went home, even though I had told Aji that I would be home by 10pm. I'm a bad'en.
Got back, Aji was already asleep, so I quietly wrote up these ongoing lines here, and went to sleep at about 12:30am. Salamat mimpi (good dreams).


13 January 1992, Monday.

My sleep ended at 7:30am, I quickly sprang up splashed some water and soap under my armpits and face, had a quick dump and rushed off to school. I got to school at 8:10am, then began to teach, still out of breath from the cycle ride.
The lesson dragged on a bit, I ate after teaching and stayed until 1pm, when I then took my second class. That finised at 3pm, Elise was there, but because of my students pathetic childish humour, Asep included in that, she left without talking too me. That make's me so angry, the bloody humour, shallow, completely void of intelligent thought, and I suppose, I was the butt of the joke.
I was really tired, Suryaman asked me to teach another class, I was a bit upset with him for asking, and well, I left and went to Herun's in Pabrik Es. Herun wasn't there, but I had some food, and then his wife took me to the Matahari department store. A very new, in fact incomplete store.
We had a drink, walked around, I don't really know, but I think she fancies me, she's been making loads of hint's, and making everything very secretive. We returned to the house, Herun was there, I was really relieved. We sat out the front of the house and talked. I left at around 10pm, and went home to Aji's.
Aji was really tired, and so was I, so we went to sleep, without writing my daily entry, so this is being written tomorrow really, well goodnight for yesterday.


12 January 1992, Sunday.

I slumped out of bed, after a restless night, had a wee, and then sat by the strange wood burning cooker to lessen the early morning chill. Sitting in the relative cold, I felt my bowel move, I needed to do a poo, but there was no toilet. I spoke to Aji, and he directed me towards a large pond.
There was a 'Y' shaped stick coming out of the water, and then a longer stick supported by the 'Y', and going to the bank. Around this was a short wicker screen and a bucket of water. I had to balance on the stick, and crouch over the pond. As I steadily managed this manoeuvre, and assumed the squatting stance, I happened to glance down at my intended splash site. And there, underneath me, were loads of massive Koi carp jockeying for position, awaiting my morning gift. I winced at the very thought, but there was no going back, and as I relaxed, the fish were fed.
I returned to the house, and had a mandi, then we had breakfast. After we finished our food, Aji's cousin gave us a lift on his motobike to the Banjar road, where we visited some more of Aji's family. Then caught a bus back to Tasikmalaya, we jumped off the bus and walked back to Aji's house, I set about finishing the letters I had started writing the day before.
Asep came round at 5pm, and Aji went out. At 6pm I went out with Asep to the pictures, where we watched an American film called 'Ghost', it had Demi Moore in it, it was quite good, but was dubbed in Indonesian, which made it weird. Asep paid for us both, which I really appreciated.
I left Asep in town and started walking home, then started to jog. I got back to Lengkong and Aji's house, but all the lights in the street where out, I don't know why.
I sat talking to Wiwi downstairs for a while, all the lights came back on, and I headed upstairs to bed. Aji was fast asleep, as I walked into the room, I noticed that the guide rope which was supporting my mosquito net was covered in ants travelling from one side of the room to the other, and under the rope, was Aji's head.
I couldn't help myself, and flicked the rope, sending ants tumbling onto Aji's head, he flinched and itched, which sent me into hysteric's, and I had to walk out of the bedroom, I calmed down, and walked into the bedroom again. Repeating the whole thing several times before stopping, and letting Aji once more continue his restful sleep.
What a rat I am, but it was so funny. I'm contemplating tidure(sleep) now, so goodnight.

11 January 1992, Saturday.

T'was soon the morn again, I had some breakfast with Aji, and then at around 9am, we left for Banjar. I had got it wrong about going yesterday, it was today we were going. Not only was Banjar Aji's village, but it was also were Aji's mum was buried. We caught a bus, which as soon as I sat down, I fell asleep, and slept the whole journey, then got off the bus and caught motobike taxi's to where we were going.
The landscape was very flat, full of rice paddies, with small, very steep, jungle covered islands dotted around. We started to walk up one, it was completely overgrown, and I couldn't figure out why these area's were untouched. Until I realised that these were grave sites, we walked up the hill and reached Aji's mothers tomb. Aji set about clearing the weeds and shrubs from the surrounding area, and then thoughtfully cleaned the actual tomb. While he done this, these huge black and silver pretty mosquito's ate me alive. Aji finished, and we headed back down.
Then for the rest of the day and night, we went in different houses and ate and talked, we walked around to all Aji's family and friends houses.
We ended up at Aji's auntie's house, where we were staying, at around 8pm. We ate again, and I watched this huge spider run across the wall, it was the same as I had seen in Carita, Aji's auntie said that it was lucky to have these spiders in your house, because they ate cockroaches and mosquito's. I tried to remember that I loved all animals.
It was getting late, and I was shown my room, I was very tired after all the walking and talking and travelling during the day, and went straight to sleep. I kept waking up, tossing and turning, although I wasn't bothered at all by mosquito's.

10 January 1992, Friday.

My eye's welcomed the new day at 10am, it had been a long and beautiful sleep. I got up and started a letter to my family, finished that then started on a few more. I had some breakfast and then took a leisurely mandi, leaving for the school at 1pm. The lessons went well, but I thought I had been well and truly blown out, but at 3:30pm she arrived.
I stopped teaching, and Suriaman (the head teacher) took over, then ate, and then went with Elese which should be spelt Elise, to her house, accompanied by Asep. He was there to prevent me making a fool of myself.
Well, we got to Elise's house, met her parents, they were very nice, we sat around talking for a while, and then left, accompanied by Elise. She walked us to the bus road, and on the way, I started speaking about girlfriends and that I would like Elise to be mine, at the end of the road, she kind of said 'yes'. She's very pretty, seventeen years old and seems to make me very happy when I see her.
I returned on the bus with Asep, it was dark, we got off the bus and went our separate ways, I got back to Aji's at 7pm, Aji returned home soon after. We started to play a game with a red sticky ball, and then went out and got some noodles for our dinner. We returned and watched a film, and I started this entry, its 12:10am now, the films finished, and now just makes a terrible noise. I'll turn it off and go to bed.

9 January 1992, Thursday.

I got up at 7:40am, well actually briefly getting up at 5am to go to the toilet, I quickly got dressed and borrowed Aji's bicycle and rode to the school for my morning class. I didn't have time for a mandi, and by the end of the class, which was a group of five fifteen year old girls, I was let's say, a tad smelly.
Just before taking a mandi at the school, I met this very attractive girl called Ellese, and she asked me to go to her house tomorrow. I agreed, completely forgetting that I had said to Aji, that I would go with him to Banjar, his village.
I took another two classes, which wore me out, and I finished at 5pm, but hung around and drank coffee with the other teachers. I headed home at 6pm, on the way getting some batteries for the walkman that had been in the package from my Dad.
I got back to Aji's, but he had already fone to his parents house, I sat talking to Lese and Wiwi, she really fancies me, so I completely lead her on, obviously.
Aji got back at 10pm, we watched this terrible film and smoked these strong fags, we sat and talked, then I read all my letters again, and couldn't stop laughing, until eventually I put them down and went to bed.

8 January 1992, Wednesday.

The morning began at 7:10am, I followed my usual morning routine. Then at 8am, I left the house and made my way to the school, and started my class. I've divided the class into two groups, and have them practicing conversation in two separate rooms, while I sit and write this entry.
It all seemed to work really well, they are all really clever, and can teach each other the bits that they know. The class ended, and I took the opportunity to return to 12 Pabrik Es, hoping that a package may have arrived from home.
It had, a huge great thing, with loads of letters, it felt like it was my birthday, I felt really special. There were letters from Lee, Ian, Julia, Claire and Nura from Garut. There were also some more letters in the package of Christmas goodies, some photo's of my family and letters from my sister Lorraine and my Dad, the one from my Dad made me cry, as I read through the lines I felt my eye's fill up, so I headed for the toilet to save myself the embarassment and questions.
Lee's letter was great, so was Ian's, Claire's was full of love.
The package was full of nik-naks, which I distributed amongst the kids in Pabrik Es, and then my afternoon class. I ended up giving away most of the package, which made me very popular, but there was no point hanging on to any of it. Aji arrived at the school just after I had finished teaching, we went home, but Aji looked a little sad, maybe because I hadn't given the things to him.
We got back and I had a mandi, then we talked about why I meditated, and what I thought I was doing. Tonight, were going to see the village chief, who all people staying in this area of Tasikmalaya must visit. We walked around the corner of Jalan Lenkong to the chief's house, where I was introduced and then questioned, we then ate some lovely food. The chief was a really nice old bloke, and I really liked him.
We returned home in the driving rain, sharing an umbrella and holding my shoes in my hand. When we got back, Aji went straight to sleep, I think I've upset him. I will finish this entry and go to bed myself. Goodnight.


7 January 1992, Tuesday.

My eye's flew open at 5am, desperate for a wee, I alleviated myself and went back to sleep until 8am, at which time I briefly opened my eye's, only to close them for what seemed like a second, although it was more like an hour. I eventually got up, and spoke to Aji, he constantly help's me with my Indonesian.
I had some breakfast and a mandi, and prepared myself for school, but as I looked through my ruchsack for my wash bag, I realised it wasn't there, and neither was my camera or my brown trousers, and my blue cap as well. It appears that they have all been stolen. I can't believe it, they must have been stolen on the bus journey from Carita, the camera had all the pictures of Tasikmalaya and Singapore on it, there all gone.
I was very angry, but made my way to the school. Teaching my first class, I noticed that my Indonesian had really improved since leaving Tasikmayala, and in our class I moved onto conversation. The class went really well, and seemed to finish soon after it begun. I went into the head teacher's office and explained to him that the embassy in Singapore wouldn't give me an extended visa because there was a signature missing. He was really embarassed and apologized. He's a nice guy.
Aji turned up on his motorbike, came into the school and we all ate and talked until about 7pm, when I left for Pabrik Es, to see if any of my mail had arrived, Aji went home. On the way, I stopped in at the warung where the women asked me to stay some time ago. I taught her some English and she made me some food and drink, after I had finished my food, we sat talking, during our talk, I saw the bottle of water fall over, I jumped up to catch it before it fell, only to be suprised that the bottle hadn't moved at all, I had hallucinated the whole thing, it was only a fraction of a second, but it really shook me up.
I left there at around 8:30pm and continued up the road to number 12 Pabrik Es, where I used to live with Agus and his family, but all the lights where out, so I didn't knock, but continued to Herun's house, the guy that took me to his rubber plantation and factory. All of there lights were out, so I didn't knock and started back to Aji's house, on the way buying some side dishes for me and Aji's dinner.
I got back to Aji's house, but he wasn't there, I went upstairs and wrote up my journal, then fell asleep. Aji returned and stirred me from my semi-concious state, Aji put the television on and we watched the other half of the film that had gripped me so much the previous night, apparently it was a true story.
It's coming up to 1am now, I have to be up at 7am tomorrow to teach, I'm very tired and start yawning. I'm off to sleep.


6 January 1992, Monday.

Aji woke me up in the morning, and I went inside and had some coffee and talked about my adventure. I didn't go to the school, but had a mandi, and ate, then talked some more, then I platted Lea's hair and then she platted mine, I think she fancies me.
I didn't go to the afternoon class either because I couldn't keep my eye's open.
In the afternoon I went with Aji to visit his parent's house, some distance outside Tasikmalaya, it was a beautiful area. We had dinner, and I was served up with a local delicacy, salt fish, which was basically a little fish that was very salty. I wasn't thinking and just took a bite of it, it was like eating salt, and I spat it back out onto my plate. Everyone looked at me, and I could tell that I had made a bit of a fool of myself, but I couldn't help it, later Aji told me that you were supposed to have a tiny bit of the salt fish with a ball of rice, then it was nice, I appologized, and tried to put it down to experience. Apart from the fish, the dinner was beautiful and I was completely full, I went out into the garden and sat alone, falling asleep.
We left at 8pm, catching the bus back to Aji's house, back there we listened to some music, drank some coffee, smoked kretecks, which are ciggerette's with clove's in them and watched Aji's little black and white television.
And I've just remembered about earlier on today, at about 1pm, I went to the warung with Aji on the back of his motorbike to get some side dishes for our lunch, and as we pulled up, I jumped off the back, feeling all flashy, and fell backwards and grazed my palms on the gravel, once again, I am an idiot.
Well, I've had enough of watching this terrible Indonesian program, I'm going to have my long anticipated sleep. Although, I didn't actually get to sleep until 12:30am, because this American film came on that turned out to be quite good, and finished half way through, because it was a ' To be continued...'

5 January 1992, Sunday.

I got up and went for a wee, then went straight back to sleep. Arose again at 9am, had a mandi and some coffee, then headed off up the beach to meet Asnah, she was working at a warung on the beach selling drinks. I arrived and had a drink, ate and basically spent the time smiling at Asnah, she really is lovely.
Then as I looked over my shoulder I saw another girl approaching with a big smile on her face, I can't really say who she was, but it's a reminder of a drunken night some two months ago here in Carita. I didn't know what to do, I quickly got up, and without a word, started walking, run away is what I thought, I just carried on, onto the beach, then across the shallow water covering the reef, it went on for some fifty yards until it got deeper, I walked all the way out and stopped and sat on a dry rock. Ahhhh! I'm sitting here alone, laughing at my misfortune, what a prat I am.
It was a lovely sunny morning, I walked back to the hut on the beach where Asnah was working, all seemed clear, the trouble had gone, and Asnah caught my eye and beamed at me, I knew everything was ok.
At around 12:30pm, I left her, saying goodbye, she pulled out my watch and said it had broken, and asked if I could get it fixed. I agreed and took the watch back. I went back to the Raitha losmen and packed up my gear, thanked the owner's and headed towards Yunis's house. Got there and talked to him and his boss about a buisness venture in Ujung Kulon, they say they've got work for me there, maybe bringing tourist's or maybe at the park. I thanked Yunis and left for Labuan at about 3pm, got to Labuan and then caught another bus to an in-between place on the way to Bogor, then another bus to Tasikmalaya. The whole trip cost me 10,000rp's, from the bus station I used my last 350rp's to catch a small bus to Jalan Lengkong, Aji's house and I suppose, my home here.
It was exactly 3am, when I got there, the stars where shining bright, I pulled out the weaved kit mat that I got from Singapore, and bedded down outside the house. It was a while before I got to sleep, because of the calling to prayer. Goodnight.


4 January 1992, Saturday.

I woke up from the loveliest sleep, it felt like an early summer morning in England, the air was fresh and crisp. Yunis wasn't around when I got up, and in the morning light I watched ants and other insects going about their daily lives on the floor outside my room.
At around miday I walked up the road and got some noodles for breakfast, then carried on further to Asnah's house. I got to Asnah's at about 1pm, and stayed there until about 8pm.
One of the children from the village, showed me a baby bat that he had found, it can't of been more than a few days old, I asked him to give it to me and he did, I done my best to keep it warm, he was the loveliest little thing.
I left Asnah's house after a huge storm had passed, it was pitch black, but I managed to find my way back to the Raitha losmen. The owners of the losmen gave me some rice and lovely vegatables, I ate and then drew a portrait of the owner bloke, on a large peice of paper that he gave me. It went well enough, I used oil pastels and pencil, but I found it hard to gage whether he liked it or not.
I was really tired by then, it was around 10pm, so I decided to go to sleep, first surrounding myself with smoking anti-mosquito coils.

3 January 1992, Friday.

Last nights dream; I was a comedian performing my act in a theatre, all my peers where in the audience. As I performed my act, I became aware that everyone hated it, and in there droves, they walked out without clapping or waiting until I had finished. Although I was enjoying myself so much that it didn't bother me at all, and I continued for my own pleasure.
The dream changed quite suddenly, I was in a empty dark place with a forest some way ahead of me, and my niece Veronique was in front of me, I was obvious to me, that she was an angel (although she didn't have wings or anything, I just knew). She wanted to take me to heaven, which apparently was through the forest, although as I approached I was unable to enter, a voice told me that I still wanted to live. My sister then appeared, Veronique was sitting on her knee and biting her fingers, I put my hand to her mouth, and she bit mine, I felt her teeth sink into my flesh but I felt no pain. That was the end.

Again, I'm writing this entry the day after it happened.
Anyway, I must have awoken at around 7am, yes that's right, Cecep was banging on the door. I got up and then had to walk about 2km to get to the mandi place, which was like the one in Bandung, but in the open air, and the water was fed into the water tank from a hot spring about 13ft away. It was really lovely, Cecep took loads of pictures with my camera. Then we went back to the house, and had some breakfast and coffee.
I then headed back for Carita, on the way getting some more food because I was still hungry. I got to Labuan, then caught another bus to Carita. I went straight to the Raitha losmen, I mandied again then talked to the guy there, then walked up the road to Yunis's house.
As I walked up the road, I bumped into Hendra, he was as annoying as ever, I left annoying Hendra, then carried on and met Yunis, my good friend.
It was so good to see, we talked for ages, then ate, and then talked again, about all I had seen and done since leaving Carita. We went for a walk along the beach and then back to the Raitha. I changed and then lay on my bed for a while, Yunis came by and we both went to Mr Aimer's house.
Once at Mr Aimer's house, I sat down, had some coffee and talked, it seemed as though I had never left Carita. I followed Yunis back to his house, on the way Yunis gave me a very strong cigerette, which made me feel very funny, then Yunis cooked some lovely food, we ate and then went out for another walk.
We chatted to some beautiful girls, and then some Indonesian bloke killed this land crab for no reason in front of me, I wanted to kill him, or at least beat him up, but I ingored my feelings and returned to the Raitha with Yunis, who slept on the other bed in the room. I'll say goodnight for last night, although it is technically the morning after now.


2 January 1992, Thursday.

I had a lovely nights sleep, it came to an end at around 9am, I showered and dressed, then had some breakfast of noodles with egg, and then enquired if anyone knew where 'Kati deres' bus terminal was, but knowone in the losmen knew.
At 11:30am, I said goodbye to the two girl's from New Zealand, Bridget and Maneke, then all the guy's that worked at the losmen, then set out along Jalan Jaksa for horizons a new.
I caught a bus, not quite knowing where it went, then had a change of heart, and caught a bus in the opposite direction, then realising I was heading back the way I'd come, I got on another bus which was going the same way I had been originally.
Then with the aid of an Indonesian guy heading me in the right direction, I made it on to the right bus, and made it to 'Kali deres'.
From there I caught a bus to Labuan, as I had decided to see Asna and Yunis again while I was close. Thing's seem to change constantly though, and I ended up getting off the bus in Pandeglang(which was on the way to Labuan) with an Indonesian girl that I met on the bus, her name is Cecep I think, we went to her families house, they were all very friendly and gave me a lovely dinner and a great room, with a double bed.
Although there were thousands of mosquito's, and I was bitten quite brutally. I felt like a lamb to the slaughter.
We then went for a walk to another house, and chatted and drunk tea, then at around 11:30pm, we headed back and I went to bed.
Actually this whole entry was written tomorrow, the day after because there was no light in the room that I stayed in. I had an excellent dream, but I'll write it out tomorrow, which is today really, this is all getting a little confusing isn't it.


1 January 1992, Wednesday.

I awoke in a slightly hung-over state, it was 8:30am, I was the only person awake in the room, I went for a wee and drank some water and then went back to bed and slept until 10am. I had breakfast with Dean over at Angie's cafe, I had some rice and boiled egg's, it seem's I've got a taste for them now, then returned to move my stuff into the dorm.
Although I had arranged to meet the couple from Jakarta, I took the two girls from New Zealand, Bridget and Maneke to the Acole, I was running really late, and I probably wouldn't have made the meet time with the Jakarta couple.
We spent the whole day there, which was from miday to about 3pm, going around the handycraft's and art markets, I went off on my own, and then met back up with the girls and returned to the losmen.
Dean had left for Panandaran just after our breakfast together, he is such a lovely guy, I didn't even insult him by saying that I would write, I did give him my address though.
Once returning from the Ancole with the girls, I stopped on the street corner and had some noodles by the side of the road, the returned to the losmen, where this really drunk Swedish bloke gave me glasses of whisky and a bottle of beer.
Slightly drunk, I went out to get some dinner, I walked up the road and had some nasi goreng(fried rice), which was lovely, and because I was slightly drunk, my Indonesian sounded quite fluent, and I got the cheapest prices that I had ever paid in Jakarta. I met some bloke called Ali, and he wrote his address in the front of this book.
I then returned to the losmen, and all talked for a while, well actually I spoke to the Indonesian's that worked there, then sat and watched an awful American film.
Then, feeling very tired, I moved into the dorm, wrote this entry, of the first day of this new year, lying flat on my bed, awaiting the oncoming mosquito attack. It was a real shock for me earlier, when I realised that it was January already, and I am still here.
Role on the second of January, I'm not finished yet!
The drunk Swedish bloke is so funny looking, his eye's look the same as the emperor's, from 'Return of the Jedi'.