5 February 1992, Wednesday.

The new morning held all it's usual glories, the coming of the new day, the begining of the day's game. I had a refreshing mandi then sat around outside the house, sweating in the humid, dirty heat of Jakarta. I had some breakfast and watched the television for a while, then talked to Herun's nephews. I then went upstairs and tried to complete a crossword. The hour's swam by, I was waiting for Herun's brother to call and let me know of CSA's telephone number.
We had some lunch, then some coffee, and basically sat around quite lazily for the rest of the afternoon. We were going to leave the house at 4pm originally, but held on until 5pm, hoping that Herun's brother would contact us. Then Herun's brother-in-law offered to take us to the bus station in his car, we arranged to leave at 6pm although our actual departure time was more like 7pm.
The bus from Jakarta to Tasikmalaya was very comfortable but extreamly hot. I slept for nearly all the journey, we got off the bus, somewhere in Tasikmalaya, where we got in a bechak and travelled to Lengkong. I got off the bechak and thanked Herun for the trip, and told him that I had really enjoyed myself. The bechak peddled off, and I watched it as it went up the road.
A night watchman called me over, and asked me all the usual Indonesian friendly conversation, I answered as friendly as I could be, but my tired eye's and knowledge that I had to teach in the morning pulled me away to Aji's house, where I stood for fifteen minutes tapping on the glass of the front door. Aji came down, rubbing his eye's, we sat and talked about the previous couple of day's, both in Tasik and Jakarta, and then at around 4am, I got into my sleeping bag and went to sleep. I had to use my sleeping bag because of the previous day's storm, that had poured through the roof and found it's way to my bed. I was very tired anxious to get to sleep, so I didn't write the day's event's up in the journal. This has all been written on the night of the 6th.


Blogger Kara said...

It seems whenever it rains you end up with a wet bed. Do the houses there have thatch roofs?

Good thinking to bring a sleeping bag on trip, you got alot of use out of it :)

Take Care

4:08 pm  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

That was my second birthday! I wish it could have been more festive rather than a soaked bed...

12:54 am  
Blogger Storm said...

Poor Mikey! There's nothing worse than a wet bed. And you sounded so tired.


3:30 pm  

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