8 January 1992, Wednesday.

The morning began at 7:10am, I followed my usual morning routine. Then at 8am, I left the house and made my way to the school, and started my class. I've divided the class into two groups, and have them practicing conversation in two separate rooms, while I sit and write this entry.
It all seemed to work really well, they are all really clever, and can teach each other the bits that they know. The class ended, and I took the opportunity to return to 12 Pabrik Es, hoping that a package may have arrived from home.
It had, a huge great thing, with loads of letters, it felt like it was my birthday, I felt really special. There were letters from Lee, Ian, Julia, Claire and Nura from Garut. There were also some more letters in the package of Christmas goodies, some photo's of my family and letters from my sister Lorraine and my Dad, the one from my Dad made me cry, as I read through the lines I felt my eye's fill up, so I headed for the toilet to save myself the embarassment and questions.
Lee's letter was great, so was Ian's, Claire's was full of love.
The package was full of nik-naks, which I distributed amongst the kids in Pabrik Es, and then my afternoon class. I ended up giving away most of the package, which made me very popular, but there was no point hanging on to any of it. Aji arrived at the school just after I had finished teaching, we went home, but Aji looked a little sad, maybe because I hadn't given the things to him.
We got back and I had a mandi, then we talked about why I meditated, and what I thought I was doing. Tonight, were going to see the village chief, who all people staying in this area of Tasikmalaya must visit. We walked around the corner of Jalan Lenkong to the chief's house, where I was introduced and then questioned, we then ate some lovely food. The chief was a really nice old bloke, and I really liked him.
We returned home in the driving rain, sharing an umbrella and holding my shoes in my hand. When we got back, Aji went straight to sleep, I think I've upset him. I will finish this entry and go to bed myself. Goodnight.


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Ah, he does sound jealous that you didn't give him anything! Hmm...

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