16 January 1992, Thursday.

Guess what? I woke up again, yeah, and done the usual morning stuff. Aji went out for 20 minutes with Lelise, Wiwi came in and lent me some glue, and I gave my journal an overhawl, it's falling apart.
At around 1pm, after working on my book for some time, I went out onto the roof and using my kit mat, lay down and sun bathed. It was lovely, really hot, but I've hardly spent any time in the sun since coming to Indonesia.
At 2:15pm, I came inside and had a mandi, then went back upstairs and watched the small black and white television.
I then done a little drawing of me meditating and projecting myself.
I went out with Aji, to get some side dishes to go with our rice, we came back and ate. Aji allowed me a little go on his motorbike, I was terrible on it. So when we went out, I jumped on the back of his, we rode around the town and came back, Aji went inside, and I stayed out the front of the house and started talking to the bechak drivers. They are a really nice bunch of blokes, one of the guy's has invited me around to his house for dinner soon.
At 8pm, I walked over to Pabrik Es to play billiards or pool with Herun. I got there, Herun was feeling much better, but first we had some coffee on the veranda. As we left, Herun's wife(can't remember her name still) gave me this huge banana, I said thankyou and put it in my pocket, and then completely forgot about it.
We got to the billiards/pool place, and played thirteen games, he won the first two games, then I pulled one back, he won the next game, then the next, and then I won the next eight games, in devastating form, I was thrilling, and very proud of myself. I had a really good time, and because I won, he paid, which made it even better.
As we left the building, I felt a wet sensation on my leg, then looked down to my jeans, and remembered the banana. I felt into my pocket, and found the liquidised remains of the huge banana Herun's wife had given me. Very nice.
We caught a bechak back to Pabrik Es, and I thanked Herun for a great night and left, although his wife gave me a whole bunch of sweet small banana's. Carrying them, I walked back to Aji's house, still feeling pretty proud of myself. I got back at about midnight, Aji was fast asleep, I took off my banana filled jean's and walked into the bedroom, when I heard a women screaming.
It sounded awful, so I put some shorts and a top on, quickly got my boots on and ran out of the door. Following the sound of the cries, I ran across the open train tracks and over some rough ground, and arrived at the source of the noise. I found her, alone by a house, I asked her if there was any problem, she moaned something that I didn't really understand, and pointed at a guy standing alone up the tracks some way. She walked back into her house and I walked up the tracks to the man standing alone.
I asked what was going on, in Indonesian, and he explained that she was completely mad. He crouched down, and I sat on the ground near him. He started to ask about my sexual activities, and then started enquiring too the size of my manhood. I politely got up, and walked home, you meet the strangest people in Tasikmayala after midnight.
I got home to Aji's, and sat downstairs and listened out for a while, then wrote today's little story, and now, I'm going to go to bed. I've been invited to a wedding tomorrow. Goodnight.


Blogger lryicsgrl said...

That is a scary story. I wonder what this man really did?
You could have been in trouble too.
Not to be funny, but it occurred to me that it was a good thing you changed out of those banana pants, don't know what would have set that guy off or on.

Did you edit the bodily function part? I hope not, because it is always a delight to see what creative way you will come up with to describe them. And yes, we all do it.

2:45 am  
Blogger Storm said...

Well, it's obvious that it was the man that was mad...not the woman. That's frightening!


4:55 pm  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Hi Storm/Cara,
Nice seeing you here with me.
Hope all is well in your world.


8:33 pm  

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