13 February 1992, Thursday.

After my late night and alcohol binge, I over slept, I eventually awoke at 11am, sat around and played my flute. Had a mandi and ate some breakfast. At 3pm, I went to the school and said a final goodbye, but they all thought that I was already gone. I left there at 4pm, after more unemotional goodbyes, and then left for Herun's house with Asep. Alison was already there, I'm glad she was able to keep at least one promise. We all had some cake and coffee, talked for a while, then Alison went home, I stayed for a while longer, then at 5:20pm, I left Herun's house and headed to Norma's house. Asep sponged another bus fare off me, but I'm so used to it now, but it's not just me, he does it to everyone. I got to Norma's, she looked lovely, we left her house and went to the Matahari department store, we played some game's in the amusement arcade and then watched a low budget American film in the cinema, during the film we were able to have a little kiss and cuddle. We went back to her house at about 9pm, talked for a while, and then at 10pm, I left, obviously not wanting to, but I had to, the goodbye kiss was beautiful, but destructive in it's tenderness.
I caught a bechak back to Herun's house, still thinking of that kiss. We arrived before I knew it, I sat and talked with Herun until about midnight, then returned to Lengkong and Aji's house, which had been my house and home for what seemed like a life time. Aji and Itis were both sleeping, both fully clothed. I sat outside the bedroom and sketched Aji as he slept, it turned out to be a damn good drawing, although my talent for drawing isn't truly appreciated here it seem's.
I haven't slept all night, it's 6am now, I've been sitting, playing my bamboo flute that Wiwan bought me yesterday, and listening to the walkman that my Dad sent me for Christmas, which I bought batteries for earlier, listening to John Lennon, which was one of the tapes Aji gave me, and then, writing and drawing, and watching the people starting to go about there daily routine's. I want to go to Norma's house, I think I will, although I haven't done any packing yet and it's only two hours before I supposed to leave.


Blogger Kara said...

I'm glad you found the time to continue posting your journal. I enjoy reading about your travels in Indonesia. I'm suprised that your new friends didn't make a bigger deal of your leaving. Maybe it's just the difference in cultures?

Take Care,

11:49 pm  
Blogger Storm said...

Hi Mikey!

I have anxiously awaited this new post.

I do feel very sad that your friends didn't feel that your leaving was a big deal. As Kara mentioned, it is probably a cultural thing.

My husband and I spent the weekend in Miami. I mention this because our limo driver to a concert on Sunday evening was from Haiti. At first I thought he was very rude to us. I tried and tried to make conversation with him and he only made very short remarks back to me. Long story short, he has been treated very poorly by some in my country. I tried to assure him that not all Americans are that way.

Once again, so very happy your journal entries are back.


4:33 am  
Blogger Johanna in Vista said...

Hi Mikey!

Like I mentioned the other night at B & N, I am very much looking forward to reading the exciting conclusion of your Indonesian adventure.

Didn't you say your lady, Rene was going to type up the last of it?

I will keep checking back for when it is done. :)

Jo in Vista

1:08 am  

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