18 January 1992, Saturday.

Aji tried to wake me, an impossible task, even for a savage hungry weasel. Although at 8am, I summitted to Aji's attempt's and got up. I mandied and got dressed, then started to feel very bad, because I had kept Aji and his brother in law waiting for one and a half hours, while I slept. I felt really bad and apologized alot, we jumped into his parked pick up truck, which looked like it had been picked up, and dropped several times.
We drove off, he had invited us to go too his village, which was on a tea plantation, that what I couldn't remember last night. We stopped several times to pick up stuff that he through into the back, we covered a couple of miles over unmade roads until we reached his house. No wonder his van was in such a state, we sat around at his house for about 3 hours, having some food and stroking his cat, and then left together. We were going to pick up some freshly picked tea leaf's, I have forgotten to mention that all around us where tea plants a far as the eye could see, we were also on quite steep ground, and it was cool.
The freshly picked tea was loaded onto the van, and we started off down the unmade road, the ride was far more traumatic carrying the heavy load, bottoming out on large rocks. We arrived at a drying factory, where the tea was unloaded, and then sent on conveyor belts to drying racks, it was all automated. I had a good look around, then Aji called me, and we got back in the now empty van. Just then the heaven's opened, and the rain belted down, the road we travelled was now very muddy and we could hardly see through the windscreen for driving rain. The road seemed more twisty, and thin.
We got back to Aji's at 4pm, we ate and then I read the two letters that awaited my return. They were from my sisters Lorraine and Janine, telling me of the many things going on in England, it had just been my Dad's birthday, which I had completely forgotton.
So, I wrote a little letter, and then went out to the Asia department store in town, and bought a birthday card. I returned home, wrote the card and sat down. Aji came in and sat with me. Elise walked in the front door, and with Aji, they went into the kitchen and had a huge arguement and then she stormed out. Then a little later, she returned, where there was a bigger arguement followed by a slapping sound, I don't know who had been slapped, or who done the slapping, but I had to walk out, and went outside.
Aji won't talk about it, but Wiwi told me the story anyway earlier, well, here goes...
Aji and Elise were sweethearts for about 3 years, I don't know whether that's finished now or not, but it was alway's hushed up. So Aji now is going to marry this other girl in April, and as you can imagine, Elise isn't all that happy about it. Aji told me that there has never been anything more than friendship between them, so I must look like a complete fool if he thinks I believe him. Well, that's the story apparently.
I sat outside drinking coffee and smoking kreteks for the rest of the night, until about 11:30pm, when Aji came out and sat beside me, we talked, then both went indoors and upstairs. It's about midnight now, Aji's already asleep, and I'm heading that way, so until tomorrow then.


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