10 February 1992, Monday.

Aji called me, and I pleased myself enormously, by getting up, then proceeding to get dressed and walk downstairs, and all this before 8am. This is a definite first. I went to school and taught until 10am, then walked back to Aji's, where I ate, and sat and talked to Elise, then went back to school at 1am. I taught my first group, which were the guy's I went to the party with, we just talked about me going home, and I tried to give them what advice I could. The class ended very quickly, I took all of there addresses, and drew little picture's of them beside the appropriate address to help remind me. Suryaman asked me to teach again, well, to bid farewell to another of my group's, this group had the amazingly beautiful girl in it, again, I couldn't stop looking at her. I wanted to get some kind of responce from them when I said that I was leaving, but I've never been that close to that group I suppose, so I shouldn't have been supprised when there faces didn't change. After finishing that group, and hopefully making them work together, I said goodbye to them all, got a final look at the gorgeous girl and waited in the doorway of the school for Mr. Wiwan, who I had arranged to go out with for a drink. As I stood there, one of my student's, a quiet girl, that now wasn't that quiet, came over a began speaking to me, and then invited me back to her house, which was just up the road. She had also bought me a present, I went with her to her house, where she showed me how to make some cake's, I had told her group about my working history in resturant's, and now she wanted to show me.
Wiwan, his friend, Aji and Asep all turned up together, and after about half an hour, I left to go for a drink with Wiwan and his friend, Aji and Asep went somewhere else. Wiwan drove us in his van, I needed to go to the telephone office first, but we went to one and then another, in one, I met a very attractive girl from Bandung, who was very forward, well, for an Indonesian girl, well, I arranged to meet her again at the Matahari department store tomorrow.
The time was nearing 7pm, we stopped at a shop, where Wiwan bought me a giant can of lager, and we carried on back to the school, where I was meeting Aji and going back to the girl's house, her name was Sondang, as I'd promised her earlier before leaving with Wiwan. We stayed there until about 9pm, when I went to Herun's house, and Aji went home. I arrived at Herun's house, where we watched some television, and then wrote a letter to my Dad from Herun.
I left there at about 1am, got home to find Aji still awake, so we talked for a while and then done the unimaginable, went to sleep. I forgot to say, that I got paid my 50,000rp's by Wiwan this afternoon, for this last month's work at the school. Well, that's it.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Whoops, hit a wrong button and wiped out what I just wrote!
I was mentioning that I thought it was
clever of you to draw a little portrait of each person next to their phone number, and that you were a clever guy! And then I said "Hey wait a minute-I'd swear I've seen a Clever Girl around here somewhere, too! I think you'd really like her, Mikey- she's beautiful, with dark hair and blue eyes and fantastic cheekbones.If I ever see her again, I'll introduce you."
Since you were about 18 and all, when you wrote this entry.:D

4:03 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Thank's Lisa, it's lovely to see your comment on here again. She sound's lovely, but at this age of 19, Rene was only 14, plus, we were different side's of the planet.
As I write these entry's I think, wow, how many girl's did I fancy, it seem's there's a new one everyday almost. I blame my adolecsent hormones, he he.
I hope you foot and ankle go down soon, and the doctor's pull there finger's out, sharpish.
Take care Lisa,

6:16 pm  
Blogger Michael said...

Hey Mikey,
Did you draw a picture of the beautiful girl you kept looking at in class? They had telephone offices there to use a telephone? Now I know we have it good dont we......michael :)

1:45 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Michael, no, I didn't draw a picture of her, I can't honestly remember what she looked like either. Some people had telephone's in there house, but they were quite rich, although for international call's, you had to go to the telephone office. Yes mate, we have it real good, thanks for your comment here mate, take care.

2:51 pm  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

50,000 rp's... that sounds like a lot of money. Theres a girl in one of my classes that I can't stop looking at and I know what you mean. Do you still remember how to make those cakes? Just wondering. KOKO


12:56 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Kevin, actually it was a lot of money out there, but not here, at the time I was there, you got 3,500rp's for £1. Which made it about £14 for a month's salary, and I was earning more than the head teacher at the school, and doing much less work. Although this was nearly 15 year's ago.
About the girl in your class, these are some of the best day's of your life mate, bite the bullet and ask her out mate. I don't even remember what that girl I liked looking at, looked like now, I've completely forgotton. About the cake's, I think that they were just fairy cake's, and there easy. Thanks for the shout here mate, look after yourself mate.

2:42 pm  

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