15 January 1992, Wednesday.

I awoke, seem's to be the boring entrance to all of my entries. Anyway, I followed my usual morning routine, then rushed off for school, taking the public transport. I taught my morning class and then stayed at the school and ate lunch.
I started to show Suryaman and his wife and her friend, the photograph's of my family, and got quite angry, when they treated them like old peices of paper. I contained myself, but it really anoy's me.
I started my second class, all the students seemed to have all the enthusiasm of death row. Well, it didn't go that bad at all, and after teaching and seeing off all of my students, I walked straight home to Aji's house. Aji was there, we talked for a while, then he went out.
I sat alone downstairs, and Wiwi from next door asked if I could help her with her English. I said yes, and she brought in her books and sat beside me.
I've helped her with all her queries, and flirted outrageously. Aji came home at about 9pm and went straight upstairs, I stayed downstairs with Wiwi for a while.
Then I kissed her on the cheek, then she kissed me back on the lips, we kissed for a while, it was very lovely. We talked more and at 10pm I went to bed, wishing Wiwi a goodnight. I hope I havent made trouble for myself here.


Blogger Storm said...

I'm sure it did make you angry that they didn't treat your pictures with respect. In essence, that's the only thing you had to remind you of your family (at least a physical reminder).

4:58 pm  

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