7 January 1992, Tuesday.

My eye's flew open at 5am, desperate for a wee, I alleviated myself and went back to sleep until 8am, at which time I briefly opened my eye's, only to close them for what seemed like a second, although it was more like an hour. I eventually got up, and spoke to Aji, he constantly help's me with my Indonesian.
I had some breakfast and a mandi, and prepared myself for school, but as I looked through my ruchsack for my wash bag, I realised it wasn't there, and neither was my camera or my brown trousers, and my blue cap as well. It appears that they have all been stolen. I can't believe it, they must have been stolen on the bus journey from Carita, the camera had all the pictures of Tasikmalaya and Singapore on it, there all gone.
I was very angry, but made my way to the school. Teaching my first class, I noticed that my Indonesian had really improved since leaving Tasikmayala, and in our class I moved onto conversation. The class went really well, and seemed to finish soon after it begun. I went into the head teacher's office and explained to him that the embassy in Singapore wouldn't give me an extended visa because there was a signature missing. He was really embarassed and apologized. He's a nice guy.
Aji turned up on his motorbike, came into the school and we all ate and talked until about 7pm, when I left for Pabrik Es, to see if any of my mail had arrived, Aji went home. On the way, I stopped in at the warung where the women asked me to stay some time ago. I taught her some English and she made me some food and drink, after I had finished my food, we sat talking, during our talk, I saw the bottle of water fall over, I jumped up to catch it before it fell, only to be suprised that the bottle hadn't moved at all, I had hallucinated the whole thing, it was only a fraction of a second, but it really shook me up.
I left there at around 8:30pm and continued up the road to number 12 Pabrik Es, where I used to live with Agus and his family, but all the lights where out, so I didn't knock, but continued to Herun's house, the guy that took me to his rubber plantation and factory. All of there lights were out, so I didn't knock and started back to Aji's house, on the way buying some side dishes for me and Aji's dinner.
I got back to Aji's house, but he wasn't there, I went upstairs and wrote up my journal, then fell asleep. Aji returned and stirred me from my semi-concious state, Aji put the television on and we watched the other half of the film that had gripped me so much the previous night, apparently it was a true story.
It's coming up to 1am now, I have to be up at 7am tomorrow to teach, I'm very tired and start yawning. I'm off to sleep.


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I'm so behind here! Jeez!
Hey, that sucks about your camera being stolen, all of that! :(

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