1 January 1992, Wednesday.

I awoke in a slightly hung-over state, it was 8:30am, I was the only person awake in the room, I went for a wee and drank some water and then went back to bed and slept until 10am. I had breakfast with Dean over at Angie's cafe, I had some rice and boiled egg's, it seem's I've got a taste for them now, then returned to move my stuff into the dorm.
Although I had arranged to meet the couple from Jakarta, I took the two girls from New Zealand, Bridget and Maneke to the Acole, I was running really late, and I probably wouldn't have made the meet time with the Jakarta couple.
We spent the whole day there, which was from miday to about 3pm, going around the handycraft's and art markets, I went off on my own, and then met back up with the girls and returned to the losmen.
Dean had left for Panandaran just after our breakfast together, he is such a lovely guy, I didn't even insult him by saying that I would write, I did give him my address though.
Once returning from the Ancole with the girls, I stopped on the street corner and had some noodles by the side of the road, the returned to the losmen, where this really drunk Swedish bloke gave me glasses of whisky and a bottle of beer.
Slightly drunk, I went out to get some dinner, I walked up the road and had some nasi goreng(fried rice), which was lovely, and because I was slightly drunk, my Indonesian sounded quite fluent, and I got the cheapest prices that I had ever paid in Jakarta. I met some bloke called Ali, and he wrote his address in the front of this book.
I then returned to the losmen, and all talked for a while, well actually I spoke to the Indonesian's that worked there, then sat and watched an awful American film.
Then, feeling very tired, I moved into the dorm, wrote this entry, of the first day of this new year, lying flat on my bed, awaiting the oncoming mosquito attack. It was a real shock for me earlier, when I realised that it was January already, and I am still here.
Role on the second of January, I'm not finished yet!
The drunk Swedish bloke is so funny looking, his eye's look the same as the emperor's, from 'Return of the Jedi'.


Blogger Storm said...

Let me just say that I can completely relate to the hang-over as I am still nursing mine from New Years Eve. Ugh!

I don't know if I could have eaten the boiled eggs and rice with my hang-over. What a man!!!


9:00 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

I hope you feel better soon Cara, it was a great night, I hope yours was just as good, thanks for posting.

4:37 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Wow, I'm behind! Just been in a bit of a funk lately.
but I was going to mention:
"because I was slightly drunk, my Indonesian sounded quite fluent, and I got the cheapest prices that I had ever paid in Jakarta."
lololol! :D

11:42 pm  

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