17 January 1992, Friday.

It was 1:10am when I eventually got to sleep last night, the screaming really weirded me out. I woke up at 7am, then went back to sleep, and done this several times until 10am, when I finally let me dreams go.
In my dream last night, or this morning really, I was an American 'dukes of hazard' kind'a guy, but with a huge gun, the whole dream was set in the deep south. Me and my friends discovered that the local police were corrupt, we showed the community and ran the bad police out of town, and then had too take over as the new police service, our first undercover operation had one of us dress up as a white chicken. Hmmm?
Well, after getting up, having a mandi, and eating breakfast, I put on my yet unworn batik shirt, and grey trousers, and went to Herun's house along Pabrik Es. It was around 12:30pm when I got there, all the family jumped into this very nice van/bus thingy, I jumped in, Herun drove. We were going to Ciami, but travelled towards his plantation, then along unmade tracks through the plantation, picking up a couple of people, we then headed down another bumpy road to the wedding. That had already ended. We ate, some lovely food, wished the bride and groom all the best, everyone took loads of pictures of everyone, then we started back.
The bus return journey was even more full, and took us a different way through many tracks through jungle, dropping people home, it was like a safari for me though. We got back to Pabrik Es at around 4:30pm, I stayed at Herun's house until 7pm, playing with the children and watching television.
I got back to Aji's but he wasn't there, he arrived about an hour later. I had already mandied again, then we had some dinner together. Asep and a friend of his popped around for a while. Later, as Aji was going to sleep, I set about writing up my days adventures, it's 11:15pm, I've got to be up early tomorrow, I don't know why exactly, but we are going somewhere, so, that's all folk's.


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Yeah, that last entry creeped me out, too. Would probably give me weird dreams, too! xoxolisa

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