9 February 1992, Sunday.

I was awoken by Asep at around 8am, then went downstair's scratching an angry mosquito bite on my stomach, that I seemed to of aquirred from last night. Sat down and ate a healthy breakfast, whilst watching a cartoon on the television with the little kid. At 10am, Asep and I headed off to Maranjia, which was around 12 km outside Tasikmalaya. We travelled there by a local transport mini bus, and went first to one of Asep's friend's house, he had a twelve string guitar, it was beautiful, and it was the first time that I'd played one, it sounded lovely, I want one.
Then we went to Poppy's house, she was one of my student's, we spent some time there talking to Poppy and her very attractive cousin, they had a home made electric guitar, I sat and had a play of that, then at around 3pm, heavy black cloud's started to dominate the sky. We all went out together with umbrella's because it was already spitting, and went to a school where there was an English course, we were invited in, and I sat and talked to the teacher there, another student of mine turned up, and we stayed longer, but at 5pm, we said goodbye and headed back to Tasikmalaya on the bus.
We both went back to Aji's, Aji was there, so we all ate and talked, then Asep and I left Aji to go and visit Herun. We walked to Pabrik Es and Herun's house, but Laga told us that he had not yet returned from Pangandaran, Asep went home for some food and said he would return later, I stayed and watched some television, Asep returned, and we watched the television together, but as it got later, and Herun still wasn't home, we both left, going our separate way's home at around 9pm. As I was walking home, I bumped into Aji, we got home together and sat up and talked about a day's activities, then moved into the bedroom where I am now writing this entry. It's midnight now, I have to teach in the morning. The drip of the rain pouring through the roof in many places, and the terrible DJ on the radio, trying to deal with his awful equipment. So the radio goes off, although the rain continues to fall, and I'm ready to sleep.


Blogger Storm said...

Just curious...is it difficult to pick up and play a 12-string having never played one before?


6:11 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Not at all Cara, it is played exactly like a six string guitar, they are just a bit more of a handful, literally. I did end up getting one, it is an Epiphone, and sound's beautiful, although I don't play it regularly. Thanks for the comment here, take care.

2:02 pm  
Blogger Michael said...

This entry seems so sureal...like Im actually in the dripping room with you imagining the staticy radio playing going in and out of tune great entry. Did you ever think about sending this to be a movie?

4:30 pm  
Blogger Michael said...

How about this idea. Go into the studio and do an audio book on cd of this. You can add sound effects for the raid and other things too. Im sure the BBC would pick it up. Im not kidding either this would be a great audio book. You have a great narrative voice for it....

4:42 pm  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

Yeah, I have to agree with Michael. This would be a great audio book. GMaS


12:52 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Thanks Michael, and Kevin, that sound's like a brilliant idea, I would love for something like that to happen, cheer's guy's, take care and thankyou very much.

1:06 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Shit, I'm only now catching up with the Indoneisan journal!
But I did make it there myself, too,
The weird irony. Bali!
Anyway, I remembered that I got a blister on my toe in Cambodia
recently, I'd gotten a mud puddle splashed over it. Stepped into it, really. lol
But within hours, not even days, it had become very painful and angry looking. Red and...as if the wound was growing!
So I had to seek medical attention!
Just from a blister, In a few hours!
Yikes! Good thing you didn't get some horrible skin infection from that bite.

9:24 pm  

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