5 January 1992, Sunday.

I got up and went for a wee, then went straight back to sleep. Arose again at 9am, had a mandi and some coffee, then headed off up the beach to meet Asnah, she was working at a warung on the beach selling drinks. I arrived and had a drink, ate and basically spent the time smiling at Asnah, she really is lovely.
Then as I looked over my shoulder I saw another girl approaching with a big smile on her face, I can't really say who she was, but it's a reminder of a drunken night some two months ago here in Carita. I didn't know what to do, I quickly got up, and without a word, started walking, run away is what I thought, I just carried on, onto the beach, then across the shallow water covering the reef, it went on for some fifty yards until it got deeper, I walked all the way out and stopped and sat on a dry rock. Ahhhh! I'm sitting here alone, laughing at my misfortune, what a prat I am.
It was a lovely sunny morning, I walked back to the hut on the beach where Asnah was working, all seemed clear, the trouble had gone, and Asnah caught my eye and beamed at me, I knew everything was ok.
At around 12:30pm, I left her, saying goodbye, she pulled out my watch and said it had broken, and asked if I could get it fixed. I agreed and took the watch back. I went back to the Raitha losmen and packed up my gear, thanked the owner's and headed towards Yunis's house. Got there and talked to him and his boss about a buisness venture in Ujung Kulon, they say they've got work for me there, maybe bringing tourist's or maybe at the park. I thanked Yunis and left for Labuan at about 3pm, got to Labuan and then caught another bus to an in-between place on the way to Bogor, then another bus to Tasikmalaya. The whole trip cost me 10,000rp's, from the bus station I used my last 350rp's to catch a small bus to Jalan Lengkong, Aji's house and I suppose, my home here.
It was exactly 3am, when I got there, the stars where shining bright, I pulled out the weaved kit mat that I got from Singapore, and bedded down outside the house. It was a while before I got to sleep, because of the calling to prayer. Goodnight.


Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

Wow, it seems like they have advertisements on enerything, even on the windshields of buses.

7:16 am  
Blogger Storm said...

I once walked out into water that was very shallow like that too. Then, all the sudden...without any warning...it became very deep. I almost drowned. It was a very scary thing indeed.


9:44 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Oh God, I know what you're talking about, Cara, that's happened to me too!
It was like a huge hole or something!
Actually, that happened last summer
right after I moved here. I don't swimming in that particular section of the beach anymore.

And Mikey, I'm glad you got to see Asnah again. :)

1:46 am  

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