10 January 1992, Friday.

My eye's welcomed the new day at 10am, it had been a long and beautiful sleep. I got up and started a letter to my family, finished that then started on a few more. I had some breakfast and then took a leisurely mandi, leaving for the school at 1pm. The lessons went well, but I thought I had been well and truly blown out, but at 3:30pm she arrived.
I stopped teaching, and Suriaman (the head teacher) took over, then ate, and then went with Elese which should be spelt Elise, to her house, accompanied by Asep. He was there to prevent me making a fool of myself.
Well, we got to Elise's house, met her parents, they were very nice, we sat around talking for a while, and then left, accompanied by Elise. She walked us to the bus road, and on the way, I started speaking about girlfriends and that I would like Elise to be mine, at the end of the road, she kind of said 'yes'. She's very pretty, seventeen years old and seems to make me very happy when I see her.
I returned on the bus with Asep, it was dark, we got off the bus and went our separate ways, I got back to Aji's at 7pm, Aji returned home soon after. We started to play a game with a red sticky ball, and then went out and got some noodles for our dinner. We returned and watched a film, and I started this entry, its 12:10am now, the films finished, and now just makes a terrible noise. I'll turn it off and go to bed.


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