31 December 1991, Tuesday.

The time is around 7:30am, I'm sitting in the lounge, which is also the first class dining area. My state drift's from semi conscious to totally conscious. We had already arrived at Tanjung Priok, the port of Jakarta, well we were anchored in the bay awaiting our docking time, which only took around an hour.
I departed the floating hell that was KM Lisa, and showed the guy's to Jalan Jaksa, where I got a room sharing with Dean the Canadian guy. I'm back at the Jusran Hotel, which is where I stayed before leaving for Singapore. I've eaten and showered, and done the biggest poo in the world, probably because I'd been holding it in for the whole boat journey because of hideous toilets.
It's about 1:30pm, but it feel's like the end of the day already.
At 2pm, I decided to go and see if Retha (the girl I had met on the boat) had got home yet. I jumped on a bus, but hadn't figured that it was so far, and travelled for over an hour, I jumped off the bus, and then had to walk for some distance, found her house, only to find out that she wasn't there, no that's not annoying, no it's not.
Although just up the road from her house, as I made my way back, I was be-friended and invited into a house by a couple, they were very nice, and have arranged to take me to the twenty-seven Indonesian houses tomorrow, they explained the place as a collection of all the traditional styles of house building in Indonesia, and each house was like a little peice of that island, with craft's and stuff sold there.
I made my way back to Jalan Jaksa by night fall, and met up with Dean and the girls on there way out for the night, so instead of going back to the losmen I tagged along with them. We all went to a Pizza Hut, but the prices were amazingly high, and the English guy's company next to me was enough to make me leave before ordering, Dean said that he'd join me, which was a lovely gesture, I knew he was a nice bloke as soon as I met him. We went to Angie's cafe, and really pigged out, for very little money, and I started on my first beer of the night.
We were having a really good time, I couldn't stop laughing, then the rest of the crowd joined us, then we all moved to another bar to drink more and welcome in the new year. I had a bloody brilliant time, drinking far too much, singing loudly, being deafened by all the paper trumpets, it was a great new year, surrounded by strangers, but all friends.
Me and Dean walked back to the Jusran hotel at about 1am, I was really drunk and couldn't stop laughing, but then I lay on my bed, and my eyes grew to heavy to keep open any longer.

30 December 1991, Monday.

I opened my eyes to see I was surrounded by people, I was lying on the floor, I sprang up, from what was a very comfortable sleep. I went and got breakfast, which was rice and two boiled egg's, it was ok. It is a very dreary day, complete cloud cover, and even a bit cold because of the wind, there's even a gloomy atmosphere on the boat, very few smiles. Maybe it is the coming of the new year, and the end of the 'Visit Indonesia Year', the new year awaits us.
In the two months and six days I have been away, I've visited new countries, experienced totally new cultures, learnt new languages, and have maintained this journal, day in, day out. There has been times where all I wanted was the safety of my home and family, and times were I dreamt about my return, and thought that they were nightmares.
Now my friend Ian, says that he's coming out in two months time, I don't know whether I'm happy about that or not. Nine weeks is a long time, I 've realised.
The days been one of eating, drinking, sleeping and doing very little, it's about 10:30pm, but that's just a guess, I've just come from the front of the ship where I've been meditating for a while, there is a huge red glow on the horizon, its probably just an oil platform, but I thought it was a volcano at first.
I'm wrong, its 9:50pm, we should be in Jakarta by afternoon tomorrow. I can't see me spending much longer in this conscious state, the mild rocking of the boat, the engines steady growl, and the sound of the waves are like a lullaby, and the floor is my bed, until the morning then.


29 December 1991, Sunday.

I had a beautiful, very comfortable sleep, and slowly seeped out of that luxury at about 8:30am. I lay there quite content for a while, then got up and went to the toilet, came back and tried on my new jeans that I had bought in Singapore, they were a great fit. I sat counting my money, just like scrooge, I have spent far more than I intended too.
The breakfast was a peice of cake( a putrid green colour ) and some tea. I left the losmen at around 11am along with the others, and went to the docks, where we eventually boarded the 'KM LISA' at 1pm, this is certainly the crappiest boat I have ever been on, the toilet's have no doors on, and don't flush, there's no water, every bit of furniture is either ripped or wrotten, the internal iron stairways are rusty and have bits hanging off them. There's no mattress's or bed's, so with the woven mat I salvaged from on top of the lockers, and my rucksack I moved up onto the deck of this tiny absolutely disgusting very expensive boat. I'll see about the food later, whether I am able to write my findings, determines how bad it is.
It's 3pm now, I'm lying on the deck, it's fresh, and in the trudge of the noisey engines and the perpetual crash of the breaking waves on the boat, there was a certain calm, a tranquil moment.
I fell asleep, and awoke to catch the last serving of dinner, it was some rice, cabbage and chicken, that I gave to some bloke because I couldn't face it, and went out on deck again and watched the sun go down over the sea.
I then found a lounge deck with a television and karoke, which had gorgeous semi nude girls acting out flirtatous scene's. Then 'Indiana Jones' came on, and I watched it all the way through, whilst having loads of hot chocolates. Then I walked back out on deck, it was quite windy, but I went to the front of the boat and sat crossed legged on one of the things they tie the boat to the dock thingy, and meditated for a while, then made my bed up and went to sleep.
I don't know what time it was, but me and all the others sleeping on deck were forced inside because of the wind and rain, I went for a walk, and found the waves crashing over the side of the boat and flooding the deck, there were huge puddles of dirty water slopping around in the lobby. I went up to the lounge again, and wrote this, I going to go to sleep on the chair tonight.
This boat is a bloody death trap.

28 December 1991, Saturday.

I was the first to wake in the dorm, it was 8am, closely followed by Christian a few bed's up, and then the others, one by one. I got up, took a shower, and then started packing up my gear. On top of the lockers were piles of clothes and towels left by other travellers, who no longer had need. I took some old clothes and some towels, and a weaved sleeping mat with me and went downstairs and phoned Natalie.
We spoke, and I gave her my address again, but I could tell that she didn't want to meet me, so I didn't push things, she told me to ring her when I came back to Singapore, maybe I will.
Then I went into the breakfast room and had three egg's and toast and coffee, finished and got the deposit back from reception, said goodbye to Christian and the other guy's and left. I went to catch a bus, then realised that I had no change, and went for a walk to find some. I found a huge three floor Salvation army building, I bought some jean's and a plastic bowl, cup and spoon and fork, the whole lot came to $5. I then got some change, and caught a bus to Finger Pier, and bought a ticket to Batam for $16.
On the boat, they showed a film 'Gorilla's in the mist', and I realised I was on my way back to Jakarta. I contemplaited my day's in Singapore whilst the boat surged through thousands of huge freight ships in the harbour.
I got to Batam, got a taxi, then saw this police/security guy really punching the taxi drivers trying to attract my attention. It was really scary, and none of them fought back at all. I got a taxi to Kabil, on the other side of Batam for $6, then took a speed boat from there to Tanjung Pinang. That was great, darting through the many islands of mangrove swamps, like it was a river, the boat was flying and crashing from one wave to the next.
When we arrived at Tanjung Pinang, I noticed a spanish galleon float past the hull of the boat, very nice indeed. I had to change another travellers cheque to buy a ticket back to Jakarta, it was 63000rp's, because it was not a goverment boat, like the one I caught before. That leaves tomorrow at 2pm.
I then went and found a losmen to stay the night, and met the two girl's from New Zealand again and the Swiss bloke. I went out and got some dinner, and bought some supplies for the trip. Then returned to the losmen and met a great Canadian guy, we got some mosquito coil's and fumigated the room. It's around 11:30pm now, and I'm lying in bed, hoping that the moquito's stay away, I've covered myself in insect repellent just in case. Well, good night then, I hope it is.

27 December 1991, Friday.

Awoke from my mosquito interupted sleep at around 10am. I went down to the breakfast room and had some toast, finished my breakfast and then showered.
I phoned Natalie and actually got through to her little sister Valerie, she told me to call back at 1pm. I phoned again at 1pm and Natalie answered, she sounded so lovely, I asked to see her tomorrow, she wasn't sure, so I said that I would phone again tomorrow. I put the phone down, returned to the dorm and got my stuff ready for the day.
I went out for a walk, to get some photo's and do some drawing. I walked up to the area were I had kissed Natalie on the bench in the rain a few days before, and sat on another bench and started drawing. As I was drawing, a girl came up and sat next to me and started talking to me. She was a very pretty girl, she was 18 and a model, she gave me her address and I gave her mine, and she said that she would show me around Singapore when I returned in two month's.
She walked off, and I carried on drawing, then carried on my walk around Fort Canning Park, I took some photo's and then headed to the Van Kleef Aquarium, that I was told had been closed down, but went anyway.
I got to the aquarium (which was still open) and went in, once in the aquarium I realised that my camera was missing, I panicked, maybe I'd left it at the last place I took a picture, I ran out of the aquarium and around the Fort Canning park, just hoping that it would still be there. I retraced my footsteps all the way back to the place where I had taken the last photo, and when I got there, there were two people sitting on the bench, who told me that they had seen the camera, and wanted to wait until it's owner returned. I was over the moon, what lovely people, I thanked them and returned to the aquarium. I aquarium was really good, but it had some huge fish, well actually they were the biggest fish I had ever seen in an aquarium, but the aquariums weren't the biggest I'd seen, they all looked abit cramped, not a bonus for the fish I shouldn't wonder.
I walked around for a while more and then sat and wrote this entry so far on a bench in Bras Basah park, which is at the end of Bencoolen street. It's dusk, cool and calm, even though the parks surrounded by rushing traffic. I've just been talking to an old Korean guy, he gave me an apple and then just walked off. I ate that, which was nice then went straight to the food court that I had found just before Christmas, and had some fish and rice soup.
Then returned to the hostel and bought some oranges on the way, I've spent over seven dollars today, it's too expensive here, I changed another travellers cheque today, apparently the dollar has plunged, which isn't good news, or is it a blessing in disguise, obviously it would have to be a bloody good disguise.
I can't stop thinking about Natalie.
This evening I've been sharing some of my toilet euphemism's with Christian, log raft's, spanish galleon's, dump's, we both had a bit of a chuckle. It's 10pm, and I think that I'll head for the bed soon, I want a very full day tomorrow.
I want to see Natalie before I leave, I just want to see her again, in fact, I'm having the same thought that went through my head when I thought I'd lost my camera.
This is such a good game, what shall I do next, where shall the tides of time take me tomorrow.

26 December 1991, Thursday.

Arose from my slumber, that was a lovely nights sleep, finishing at 1pm. It is boxing day, I sat alone in the dorm, sleep in my eyes, my mouth slightly agape and ready for the on coming yourn. I lazily walk to the toilet, I have buisness with the loo.
Got myself together at around 2pm and went to the ferry dock by bus, to see when I could leave, they had no idea when the boat from Tagung Pinang to Jakarta left, but did know that there was only two a month. Hmmm?
I don't know when I'll leave, I've been thinking about Natalie all day. Its 8pm now, and I'm back at the hostel, it's raining and just becoming dark, I'm eating some armond biscuits and chocolate covered nuts that I bought myself for Christmas.
I've been sitting talking to Christian, the French bloke, all night, eating and drinking my treats. I also wrote a song. I tried to phone Natalie earlier, but only got through to her Chinese speaking Grandmother. I suppose that I will have to let Natalie go from my mind, I'm going back to Tasikmalaya very soon, I know that I shouldn't be greedy, I have had a wonderful time.
It is around 11:30pm now, I'm tired and I'll be going to bed and sleep soon. My dream's await...


24/25 December 1991, Tuesday.

Tis the morn once more, I had awoken at 8am, having slept like a man suffering from a cold. It is Christmas eve, I'm in the breakfast room, and I'm the only one smiling.
There's about as much Christmas spirit in this room as there was 2000bc, on a particularily cold miserable day when everyone felt bad tempered.
I left and met up with Natalie, she was a little late but I didn't care, we went on and met one of her friends called Debbie, they shopped around and then treated me to an exquisite Japanese meal, it was really expensive as well. Then they went and had there hair done, while I just hung around. They looked lovely, Natalie looked even more stunning, we walked around while Natalie done some more Christmas shopping, then we returned to Natalie's house, where I met her parents and friends.
We all talked and ate, then before midnight, we all went to a midnight mass, the huge church building that we went too was jam packed. The ceremony was very nice, but I really noticed that it all sounded like Chinese.
We all caught taxi's back to Natalie's house, where we talked, watched the television, I went out and had a swim in the pool. I forgot to describe Natalie's house, it's on the 8th floor, the penthouse two floor appartment. The building has a pool, squash, tennis and badminton courts, as well as security guards patrolling the perimitter fence.
I sat and spoke to Natalie's dad Burt on the balconey watching the sunrise, he is a very wise man, and I felt bad for desiring his daughter. At around 8am, I went out for a walk, still yet to sleep, but on my walk found a bench and fell asleep on it. I returned to the house at 10am, they all opened there presents, and had even got me a glass dish, which I was very grateful for, but I had none of the Christmassy feelings that I'd been so used to for my nineteen years on this earth. It really doesn't feel like Christmas day, maybe it's because it's ninety degree's in the shade, whatever it is, I can't wait to phone home tonight, but I'm eight hours ahead here, so I'll ring at 5pm or 6pm to catch them at a reasonable time.
I phoned them at 7:30pm, and spent $20 speaking to my family, and then another $20 speaking to my friend Ian, who say's he's travelling over here in two months. This means that I must scrimp and save enough to return to Singapore in another two months.
I returned to the hostel, buying myself some oranges on the way. Christian bought me a coke, and I showed him the red light district, we returned, I ate, then showered and sat around thinking about Natalie.
It was getting late, to my long awaited bed I go, but, I've had a good Christmas, made much better by Natalie and her family, especially after the visa nightmare. Anyway, goodnight.

23 December 1991, Monday.

Last nights dream; My liver had somehow fallen out of my belly button, which was now just a whole, and I was being chased by a man in a black suit, carrying a huge knife. Then, whilst jumping into a quiet room to try to push my now drying liver back into my insides, the bloke chasing me, burst through the door, and started to attack me again. This time, I had an equally large knife, and a battle was fought, ending with me killing the man with the knife. Nice dream eh?
I awoke at 10:30am, had a wash and then went downstairs to the payphone and phoned Natalie, I got through, and talked, then my money ran out, so I told her that I would ring her back later. A very rude Australian told me not to be long, I got off the phone and had a go at him.
I went to the breakfast room and had some toast and coffee, then wrote in the journal. I've just been introduced to a guy who wanted to have a talk with me. That's just a bit scarey, I've been through this before, I was very polite, and made my way out as soon as possible.
I phoned Natalie again, and arranged to meet her at 5:30pm, then headed out with my essential papers to the Indonesian embassy, to get me special visa.
I had a map, and decided to walk, but it was a lot further than I imagined, and I became weak and thirsty. Then eventually I found the embassy, walked inside and queued. Got to the front of my queue, passed my papers through the hatch and waited. The women flicked through the papers, then shook her head, and told me that one of the signature's was missing, and I could not have a visa.What! I'd just travelled over 800 miles for nothing, spent all my remaining money for nothing. What just happened?
Then I remembered Natalie, and shook straight out of my despair.
I returned to the hostel by bus at about 4pm, showered and changed, then went to meet Natalie.
We had a lovely evening, we walked through gardens hand in hand, talked and then kissed, and then kissed again, we sat in the rain with a umbrella guarding us, what an amazing night, she is so beautiful. We walked and talked some more, I ate, then at 10pm, she got a taxi home.
I began walking back to the hostel, singing with the joy's of spring, then stopped. My cap and my book were gone, I remembered Natalie holding my book, but my cap was in my pocket, and it wasn't there now. So I went searching, everywhere we had been that evening, I was begining to loose hope, but then saw a dark lump in a unlit puddle, but I knew that it was my hat, amazing that I found it, my book wasn't with it, so I assumed that Natalie still had it.
I returned to the hostel and talked to Cristian and the Japanese guy, then went to bed.


22 December 1991, Sunday.

T'was the morn of the twenty second day, of the twelth month, in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety one, and in no less than nine days, it would be 1992. I will be spending Christmas completely alone, more than 8000 miles away from my friends and family, I have no reminders of them, apart from the memories.
The time is 10:30am, I'm sitting eating breakfast in the breakfast room within the hostel, there is an arguement going on behind me, over some toast and twenty cents, everyone is so grumpy around here. I don't know why, were all on holiday here, and it's nearly Christmas, I know that I am quite happy with my present situation.
It's sunday today, I think I might go to the zoo, I've been told that it is very good, well actually they said it was out of this world. I replied that I couldn't possibly go there then, having no means of intergalactic transport. Please ignore silly humour.
Phoned Natalie again, and got through, we talked for a short while, then she asked me to call her back in around half an hour. I did, and we arranged to meet at the National museum at 1:20pm today.
I sat around, feeling much better, and quite pleased with myself. Whilst sitting on the toilet later on in the morning, somebody walked into the toilet that I was using, and I laughed, because he looked terrified. Time moved on, and it was soon time to meet Natalie.
I arrived five minutes late, and apologized, we started walking about and talking, passing different monuments and thousands of shopping arcades. At 4pm we went to the cinema and watched the film 'Dying Young', it was really good, if a little sad and depressing. The music that enveloped the film, was a clarinet peice by Kenny.G, and it was gorgeous and enchanting.
We left the cinema and started walking again, then we sat down and held hands, it was so lovely, and I felt like a schoolboy on his first date.
We got on a bus at 10:30pm and I got off at Bencoolen street, but Natalie stayed on. It was pouring down with rain, it had been for half the day, but I'd only just noticed it, I ran up the road to the hostel. Came in and dried off, spoke to Criston the French guy, and this nice Japanese bloke, then realised that I had lost my pen somewhere today, but it was a small price to pay for such a glorious day.

21 December 1991, Saturday.

I woke up reasonably early, went to the toilet and then got back in bed and lay semi-conscious for a while, then planned my day. There was a breakfast bar in the guest house, so I had two fried eggs on toast, which was lovely. Left the breakfast room and found out directions to the Indonesian embassy, although was told that it would be closed for the weekend.
So instead, I went to the art museum, situated next door to the National museum, the art museum was terrible, the standard seemed poor to me, and the prices that were displayed were astounding. Then I went to the Nation museum, that was better, but for a country like Singapore, I expected something a lot better, the building itself was lovely, but everything seemed too formal.
I left there, and went for a walk around, got some chinese food, and met an Indonesian women and her daughter, who went to a public school in Surrey. They must of been pretty rich.
Then I found this great book shop, which was huge, and spent the rest of the day in there. Inside, there were other shops, a big music shop, which had pillar's with headphones, where you could listen to music of your choice. I listened to ' The Jam' for about an hour, then walked around, hang on a minute, I've forgotton a major event.
In the music shop, as I listened on the headphones, a gorgeous girl gave me her phone number, hurray, my ego has been restored.
Christmas draw's nearer, and I still don't feel 'in the festive mood'. I then walked back to the guest house on Bencooles street in the evening calm. On the way, meeting a French bloke, who needed to find a cheap guest house. I guided him, like the guide I am.
On returning to the hostel, I tried to phone the number that the beautiful girl gave me in the music shop. Natalie was ingaged though, (I mean that someone was on the phone) it was 8:15pm and I went out for something to eat. I went to a food court, where there were over thirty different kitchens surrounded by tables and chairs, different food's from around the world, and quite cheap. I wished I'd found this place earlier.
I returned to the hostel and had a shower, then read a newspaper for a while. Finally going to sleep at around 12:30am.

20 December 1991, Friday.

Oh how annoying, I was woken by the girls next to me wacking there magazines on the plastic matress's, although I realised that they were trying to wake me, so I remained motionless, and kept my eye's shut. They soon stopped, and soon after I got up. I had some breakfast, then the ship docked at Tanjang Pinang, I thought this was Batam, but apparently not.
I met the girl who was letting me stay in Batam, and with her, caught a bus to another boat to Batam, the boat to Batam was a big speed boat, with loads of makeshift seats. The boat to Batam cost 8800rp's, and sped through the magrove swamps, as if we were being chased, it was incredible, I've never travelled as fast on water before.
We arrived at Batam and continued to her house, we were greeted not as warmly as I had thought, and soon her father was telling me of cheap hotel's in the area. The girl had an embarassed look on her face, I could get out of there fast enough, I said goodbye, and continued to Singapore.
I caught a taxi to the ferry, which was shared by several people as we went along. Apparently, there is no bus service apart from my taxi of course. Anyway, the taxi cost me 2000rp's, travelling from one side of the island to the other, all of the roads being no better than mud tracks. I was gutted leaving Batam, its the most expensive, horrible place I've visited.
We'll see if Singapore brightens this already gloomy day. The boat from Batam to Singapore was a hydrofoil, first time on one of these as well. The ticket cost 18000rp's, and by 4pm we were motoring towards Singapore, the journey only took an hour or so, and I passed through customs and received an eight day visa.
I left the ferry terminal and starting walking up the street, when I saw two gorgeous yellow birds in the tree above me, then as I went to cross the road, I was warned that if I tried to cross the road whilst the signal was saying not to crossk, I could be fined up to $500, that's Singaporian dollors. I found my way to the underground, which was the cleanest underground or subway system that I had ever seen, come to think of it, this is the cleanest place I have ever been, there's no litter anyway. I travelled to Bagis, which was the location of all the cheapest hotels in Singapore.
I found the cheapest, but had to pay $16, $10 of which I would get back when I left. I got a locker, so I through all my stuff in and went out for dinner, I saw a chinese resturant and thought that I would treat myself, as I'd had such a shitty day.
I had only eaten breakfast, and was really hungry, so I ordered quite a few dishes, I had totalled the bill at $6, and thought that it was a lot of money for one meal but what the hell. I really enjoyed the food and waited for the bill. There is was, the final kick in the groin, the bill was $10, I hadn't understood the menu.
I paid the bill and went for a walk, there are so many lovely things here to buy, for all those who hadn't spent all there money on one stupid meal at a place called 'Fatty's', what a bloody stupid name, I nearly got into a fight with a 25 stone guy who worked there, when I asked if he was 'fatty'. Hey that was a lie.
Anyway, I'm writing this entry on the corner of quite a busy road, in the centre of Singapore. It's very clean and tidy, but doesn't have the guts of Jakarta, or the shit. Another thing, hardly any girls are looking at me now, it's a real ego shock, I think I'll have to go back to Java quick.
I returned to the hotel thingy, I was sharing a huge dorm with loads of people, it's a lot like a hospital really. I'm going to sleep, and hoping for a better day tomorrow.


19 December 1991, Thursday.

I don't know what time I woke up, I went and recieved by breakfast from a whole in the wall, 2 boiled eggs and some rice. The eggs smelt so bad, that there were no flies landing on them. I ate the rice, then took the eggs back, and they swopped them with two trays of rice and two fried eggs. I ate that, but the eggs still seemed a little dodgy.
I then went for a walk around the deck, and basically went everywhere on the boat where I was allowed.
We docked at a port where loads of people get on the ship to sell there wears, I bought some Jack fruit and noodles. The boat set off again, and I walked around the ship trying to find somewhere quiet, and was supprised to find, comfortable chairs with padding at the bottom of the boat, I sat down and relaxed.
I went to go to the toilet or something, tried the door to the next level, and it was locked, which meant that I couldn't get out, and I started getting angry. I met this really nice girl, as I complained to the staff member, and found out that they locked all the doors while they checked everybodies ticket.
Knowone apart from me seemed to mind, there was also an escape drill that showed us how the crew would get off the boat in the event of an emergency, but nothing about the passengers, what! It didn't seem to bother anybody.
Well, I calmed down, and then the lovely girl offered me a place to stay in Batam when we get there. I excepted, and then went for another walk. Fell asleep, awoke at 9pm, ate some food, walked around on the deck, then went to sleep at around 11:30pm, but another women was lying on my bed. So I drew her.

18 December 1991, Wednesday.

I was softly awoken at 6:30am by Yuni, the sweet girl that lived and worked at the losmen. I went to the toilet and then showered, because they had a shower!, and then went and sat in the early morning sun. I packed all my things up and left.
At 7:40am, I caught a thingy, can't remember it's name, but it was a scooter with three wheels and two seats in the back and bodywork. Well, scary things anyway, went to Kota, stopped in a warung for a drink and some food, and the guy's that worked there fixed my rucksack, that had been broken since I went to France two years ago.
I then walked around Kota, finding a puppet museum, and then some art museum's, I had a great time, and saw some great stuff. I met this guy in one of the museum's and he seemed ok, he asked me back to his house for lunch, he said it wasn't very far, so I went with him. We caught a bus, stopped at a warung and bought some Sundanese dishes that I hadn't seen or tasted before, and we went back to his house to eat.
I didn't see it coming, he then started asking questions about my sexual preferences, I can't believe it happened again. He was gay, and after me, just like that bloke in Pangandaran. I must look like a complete homosexual. I finished my food, thanked the guy, and left quickly.
I caught a bus to the harbour, made my way to the docks, and boarded the boat to Batam at 2pm.
The boat was the same style and size as the ferries that go from Dover to Calais back at home. Although this boat seems to be filled with simple beds, all wooden. There are plastic paded covers, but they needed hunting for. I found one, found a place to sit and talked to the people sitting close to me. I even stopped a fight.
Later I went up to the cafe on the top deck and met and talked to some guys, then at around 10pm we all went and watched the ships band. In the middle of there set, the band asked for someone from the audience to come and sing a song.
First up was a right old performer, adding his own little bits, getting right into the song, and also talking to the audience in the mic, he made me laugh. Then another guy went up, he was good, then this girl, and she was very bad.
I don't know quite what happened, but I was walking on stage, I felt like a sheep, I was trembling, but it flew by, and soon enough I was back to my seat, everyone clapped and said it was good, but I didn't really remember it. Then after another three songs or so, I was up again, singing some song I didn't even know. I had had a few drinks by then, enough said.
I left the lounge where the band was playing, and headed back to the open dorms, the covered every floor, I find where I left my bags and my mat, but there is a women lying fast asleep on it.
It's about 12:30am, I'm very tired, just sitting here hoping that the women went to sleep after drinking five gallons of water, and would need to get up and go to the toilet soon.
Then, at about 1am, the girl next to her awoke, and realised what had happened, she woke the women up, and she shifted over, I thanked them both, and went to sleep on my mat next to them.


17 December 1991, Tuesday.

I've awoken, it's much brighter, and I have an amazing need to urinate, now emagine having this bursting sensation getting steadily worse for the next two hours, half asleep, tensing my stomach muscles and clenching my bum cheeks and tensing my legs, trying to forget.
All my prayers were answered, and we stopped, and I releaved myself, which wasn't lovely enough. I stretched my legs a bit, then got back on the bus and fell straight back to sleep.
I awoke again in the Jakarta bus terminal, although at the time, I wasn't sure where I was when I woke up. I caught the number 700 bus to Kota, but I didn't recognize anything along the journey, I got a bit nervous, but although I was worried, I was still half asleep, and kept dropping off into trances and dreams everytime I stopped concentrating on keeping my eye's open.
I luckily opened my eye's, and at that minute, recognized where I was, I called for the bus to stop and jumped out. I tried to phone Lubis, but the person who answered the phone didn't understand me, and I didn't really understand them, the line went dead, and I put the recever down. I walked down the road and found a bank, I changed up some more travellers cheque's and then headed towards the harbour to buy a ticket for the ferry to Singapore, it was 2pm.
As I walked towards the harbour, I stopped and asked the security/police guy's for directions, but they were really nice to me and one of them gave me a lift to the ticket office on the back of his scooter.
I managed to buy a ticket, the boat leaves tomorrow. I then headed towards Jalan Jaksa (where all the cheap hotels are in Jakarta) on the way stopping in an art shop and buying some water colour paints and oil pastels, and a camera film for the journey. I also walked past a Mcdonalds resturant, and bought a thick vanilla milkshake to cool me down.
Arrived at Jalan Jaksa, but instead of going in the first place I saw, like when I was first here, I walked up the street slowly, and chatted to people and ate, and then decided on what I thought was the best place for the cheapest money. It was 5000rp's per night, and I'm sharing a dorm with another English guy, a Canadian and Swiss blokes.
We all got on really well, and spent the whole night talking about our experiences. We all went out and got dinner up the road, then came back to the losmen, and talked for the rest of the night. Everyones gone to sleep now, I'm just writing this up, then I'm of to sleep.


16 December 1991, Monday.

My eyes cracked only partially open, and I scanned across the room to Aji's digital clock. It was only 6:30am, and my mind was having none of it, and I quickly faded back to sleep.
This time at 7:40am there was no escape, I jumped up and took a severely cold mandi, where I was slowed by the girl next door who started talking to me. Before I new it, it was 8:05am, I was late for school. I borrowed Aji's bike and sped to the school as fast as I could, narrowly missing an oncoming truck.
I arrived at the school, a little flushed by my near death experience, which soon subsided when I began to teach my morning class. We went through mostly alphabet sounds again, but I think this is the most important thing that I can teach them. Time was soon up, Suriaman invited me to eat with him, I also had to get him to sign a special form that I was taking with me to Singapore tomorrow to renew and extend my visa. I then returned to Aji's(lenkong), well cutting a long, drawn out, boring story short, I was twenty minutes late for my afternoon class, everyone seemed ok with it though. Taught much the same as this morning again, not much to talk of really.
At 5pm I left the school, and went to Pabrik Es, although I was supposed to meeting Asep, and sat and talked to the guy who had taken me to the rubber plantation. His name is Heron, we sat on his veranda drinking sweet coffee, had some food from the passing street trader's, who walk the streets ringing there bell (different bells meaning different food's), and you call them over when they pass, and they bring the food to you. It was a great night, I didn't move all night, but we had loads of different dishes served up, from satay eggs to sweet rice pudding. Everything was gorgeous, and I had a real laugh with Heron.
At 10pm I thanked Heron and his wife, and rode back to Aji's. Aji wasn't there, and I became a little worried that he may of gone out searching for me, thinking I was lost or hurt. Aji got home at about 11pm, and everything was fine, he had been out visiting his friends. Sat and talked until midnight, then started packing my stuff up, ready for my long journey.
As I looked through my money belt, I realised that the English money had gone, it must have been taken at the same time the Indonesian money was stolen, I became really agree, then all of a sudden, agreed in my head that I should use and learn from this experience, and quite quickly calmed down, and let out a little laugh. It was a great feeling, going from wanton grievous violence to contented controlled humorist.
By 2am, I had packed my things and was ready to leave, Aji walked up the road with me, and then waited with me, for over an hour. The bus took me to the main bus terminal, where I could catch a bus to Jakarta, where I could then take a ferry. I waited at the terminal until 5am, when I caught my bus to Jakarta, it had just started to get light, I settled into my seat, and went straight to sleep.

15 December 1991, Sunday.

Opened my eye's after I felt a prod in the arm, it was Asep, standing over me. It was 9am, I got up lazily then took my good time having a mandi then getting dressed and ready for the day.
We were going to Ciawi, at 11am we all left, taking several buses, which I didn't mind paying for.
It was a lovely day, I bought some weaved rings in a craft shop, then walked around a small village surrounded by rice paddies and ponds. Sat down with a group of guy's who had a guitar, had a little go and sung some songs, then met this absolutely gorgeous girl, we all continued (about 6 or 7 of us) to a pond and fished for our dinner.
The fish were barbequed and served with lovely rice on a huge banana leaf. I court five fish, four were Cichlids (very much like some fish in my fishtank back in England) and one Gourami (again like ones in my fishtank) the biggest was only about five inches long, but they tasted great.
We drank coconut water from the young coconuts and then walked back to someone's house. On the way, the absolutely gorgeous girl said that she fancied me, I smiled in dis-belief, I really fancied her but said nothing, and took it no further, we walked down the road, then got picked up by a passing flat back van, we all jumped onto the open back, and the van set off, it was around 6pm, and we were all treated to the most amazing sunset.
The village was surrounded by a huge dark forest covered mountains on the horizon, the clouds in the sky were a roasted orange and with the heavy greeny blue of the forested mountains, well I wished I could have stayed in that fleeting moment, and painted it, I could have stayed in that moment for a life time and still marvelled.
But as the van continued along the road, the road turned to one side, then through some tree's, and the vision was lost, the moments were gone. I hadn't even brought my camera, maybe that was for the best, that image will stay in my head forever I hope.
The van dropped us off, and we caught a bus back to Tasikmalaya, had some food, stopped off at Agus's house at no. 12 Pabrik Es, where I used to live, and he wasn't friendly at all, rude idiot, I'm well out of there. We went back to Aji's, and I have done my washing at about midnight, I've had an excellent day today, it's 1am and I'm going to bed with a smile on my face.


14 December 1991, Saturday.

I got up this morning at 6:30am, a record time here, especially as I went to sleep at 1:30am. I had a cold mandi, very refreshing. Then this annoying guy came round to practice his English on me. He left, and me and Aji walked to Pabrik Es to meet the guy who was going to take us to Ciamis, on the way getting some cake roll thingy's for breakfast.
We arrived and then set off straight away, first catching a couple of different buses, then quite a long walk eventually arriving at his rubber plantation.
We walked around the huge plantation, that included thousands of coconut tree's, as well as peanut plants, rambutan tree's and of course thousands of rubber tree's. I sat down and drew a picture in my sketchbook, and used the coloured pencils I had bought in Bandung. We continued the tour which ended at the processing building.
Inside was just a big open room with a concrete floor that ran down to a gutter in one corner, there was about ten Indonesian guy's with mask's over there faces, rolling and sprinkling amonia over the raw rubber collected with little bucket's on every tree. It really stunk in there, and we didn't stay for long. It was brilliant to watch how they worked this natural resource. The amonia gives it strength and set the rubber properly apparently, then the rubber is pressed, then put in smoking shed's, which give's rubber it's colour, then it is ready, we looked at every stage of development, finishing at the grade 'A' product.
The staff there had laid out a lunch for us of big sweet banana's, some cakes, coconuts and some coffee. I sat in the blazing sun with my shirt off, eating and drinking, I even got a bit of a tan.
We then headed back, taking another long walk, then two buses back to Tasikmalaya, the guy paid for everything, and seemed more than happy to do so, I was very grateful, but really tired, and feel asleep on the bus back to Tasikmalaya. We arrived back at Tasikmalaya, I woke up to find it had turned really cloudy, I thanked the guy for the great day, and me and Aji started walking back to Aji's. Only a short way up the road, and it started to spit with rain, we carried on, and all of a sudden the heaven's opened, and it was like having a hose pipe squirted directly at us, we ran into the first porch we came too, the people in the house invited us in while it rained, they were very nice, we talked and had tea.
We left once the rain had stopped, and returned to Aji's very tired and hungry. Once we were back, I went downstairs to have a mandi, and while I did, the girl who fancies me from the rented bit, came and stood and watched and talked to me again, she is very sweet though.
Got dressed and had some food, then Asep came round and we all took a walk into town, and went to the Asia superstore, and I bought some Christmas cards to send home.
We stayed at Asia until about 9pm, then meandered home. Talked until Aji feel asleep and Asep went home.
I sat up alone, it is 11pm, and I'm going to write the Christmas cards tonight so that I can send them tomorrow, I'm having some of the whisky that I bought last week.
I've had a really good day today, it's been very long, but brilliant. Well until beasok(tomorrow).

13 December 1991, Friday.

Hmmm? Bit of a funny dream last night, I dreamt that I was pooing out of my bum a bit, but a massive amount through my mouth, massive great log's were coming out of my mouth, but they didn't taste of anything.
There was a lot more to the dream, but I just can't remember it.
Well, after such a fantastic dream, I naturally awoke licking my lip's, and heard Aji stirring a glass of coffee with a metal spoon, I climbed out of the sleeping bag, and took the coffee from Aji. That was really nice of him, it was lovely. I finished my coffee and went downstairs to the toilet, which is shared with the big group of people who live in the rented bit next door, there is a well, and you must draw the water up yourself, it's great.
I came back upstairs and started clearing a space in the room ajoining the room that we sleep, so that I can begin painting. I didn't start painting though, I just went through my book sticking in all the bit and bob's that I have collected along the way.
At around 4pm, the sun was blanketed by cloud's, and the smell from my unwashed arm pits was making the cockroaches feel sick. I went down stairs, pulled some water up from the well and had my first mandi here, it's weird because there's a wooden panel that you have to pick up and move, when you have a mandi or go to the toilet, and it only comes up to chest height, and the ajoining room is like the kitchen, where all the women from the rented bit are all day. As I had a mandi, a younger girl that obviously fancies me, stood and had a conversation with me while I washed.
I finished and headed back upstairs to the begining of a truly massive storm, that lasted about five hours, during that time, Asep came round for a bit, me and Aji went out and got some food to bring back and have with the rice, I rode Aji's push bike, and beat him on his motorbike, it was still belting it down, we got back and ate at about 7pm.
Asep joined us, and after we ate, we all went around to Pabrik Es to see the nice couple that had envited me to the rubber plantation.
We arrived but found out that the husband was out, but the wife made us drinks, and talked about the husband taking me to 'Cheamis' tomorrow, I agreed, we finished out drinks, said thankyou and goodnight and all walked back to Aji's.
We got back and chatted about friendship and women, then I spoke about my family for ages, and started getting really tired at about 1:30am. So I went to bed.


12 December 1991, Thursday.

I got out of bed at 10am, had a mandi and went to the toilet, didn't have any breakfast, just packed up my gear and said goodbye, all friends again, once I was leaving. I flagged down a bechak, and arrived at my new home at around miday, I was at Aji's house, Jalan Lengkong Panyerutan No. 11, Tasikmalaya.
When I got there, Aji was working on some blokes motorbike, I took my stuff upstairs, just really throughing it down, then came back downstairs and all three of us went out on the motorcycles. I went on the back of Aji's friends bike, we visited some of Aji's friends who lived out of town, stayed there for around two hours talking, then with them friends as well, now forming a small convoy headed onto another friends house. We rode around in the pouring rain, and I was even allowed to ride a scooter, it felt pretty dangerous but I loved it. I managed to have some breakfast along the way, and headed back to Aji's by around 4pm.
After unpacking my stuff and putting up my mosquito net, we both walked to Pabrik Es, where I was supposed to visit the couple who had envited me to the rubber plantation, but they had gone to the doctor's, so I missed them.
On the way back to Aji's house I bought some side dishes in the warung, we took them back to Aji's where he already had a pot of rice, we dished up a meal for us both. It was gorgeous, and a relief not to be living in Pabrik Es No. 12 anymore.
Asep turned up, and we all chatted for a while, it was getting late, and Asep went home. I started writing today's entry, and listened to some Sunda music that Aji played on a small cassette machine, I got in my sleeping bag, inside my mosquito net, and settled down to sleep.

11 December 1991, Wednesday.

Excavated myself from a deep sleep, it was 7am, I got up and went about my usual morning sequence. As a ended my task's, I noticed it was 7:40am and I left for school, without eating breakfast.
As I walked down Jalan Pabrik Es, I passed a small warung come shop, and an old woman inside called me over, and told me that I could stay at her house and it would be cheaper and better at hers. I guessed the time was moving on, and asked the time, it was 8am, I thanked them and ran out and caught a bechak to the school.
I taught my first class of the day, it all went very well, I told them about different way's of speaking to different people, like friends or stranger's. Then I had breakfast at the school, and sat around talking to the headteacher, then had some lunch, and waited until 3pm for my second class.
Only two of my student's turned up, and then one of them left, I stayed talking to the girl, and then Asep appeared. Then with Asep, we went to the girl's house, chatted and had some tea, then returned with Asep to Pabrik Es by bechak.
As we stepped into the house it was obvious that the family was ignoring me, I've obviously breathed in the wrong way, I don't get these people, it was my money that was stolen. I'm going to move out tomorrow, but don't know who much money to give them for letting me stay here. I feel strange about giving them money knowing it was someone here that took the money out of my bag. I can't afford for them not to like me though, all my post is being sent here.
I'm sitting alone in the lounge, the whole family is talking in the kitchen, and I don't know what about, although I've got an idea. I don't know, I don't feel at all sad at the moment, really.
I go out for a walk, and only a couple of doors up the road, I was called over to have a chat and a drink. They are a really nice couple, and the guy has offered to show me around his rubber plantation, so I jumped at the chance, and I'm coming back tomorrow to make proper plans, or as he said it, 'make a program'.
I returned to no.12 Pabrik Es, and had a talk to Agus and cleared the air. Then sat on my bed and wrote this while listening to a dog howl up the street.
Well tonights turned out better than I imagined it would, especially from earlier on.
I'm a lot happier knowing I'm leaving this place, they have been good to me, and horrible, oh well, I'm going to sleep now.


10 December 1991, Tuesday.

Pulled myself away from another lovely dream, faded back into it, and then lurched out. I'm having some great dreams at the moment.
Anyway, it was about 10am when I got up, I went straight into the toilet and had a mandi. Agus and Edang were sitting in the lounge, I got dressed and then went and sat with them, and we started to talk, before I knew it, it was 12:30pm, and I decided to get there early, and catch the public transport, which is actually little van's with seats in, and a man holding a wag of bank notes and shouting, hanging out of the empty doorway of the vehicle.
Jumped on the bus, and relaxed, but the scenery looked strange, and before I knew it, I was 20km out of town. I jumped off the bus, and caught one going in the opposite direction. Arriving at the school at 1:30pm, half an hour late.
It turned out, that I need not of bothered at all, as none of the students had turned up. I was quite relieved though. I waited at the school, and had some food, then my second class arrived. Taught that class, then sat around in the school talking for a while.
At about 7pm I started walking to Asep's house, and from Asep's we both went to Iwan's and had some food, I was chatting to his parents, who are very nice. It was getting late, so I said thankyou and goodbye and headed back to No.12 Jalan Pabrik Es (Agus's house, where I'm staying, for the moment anyway!).
Got back at around 9:30pm, and sat around for a while on my own, writing this, then went to bed.


9 December 1991, Monday.

Begrudgingly shook off a dream I was having, where I was photographing a gorgeous semi-nude blonde model. That certainly was a painful thing to do.
I opened my eye's with a smile on my face, turned to get out of bed, and saw Agus and Edang both asleep on the other bed, and my smile vanished. I got up and checked the time, it was 7:30am. I went and had a mandi, the girls that were up and around the house didn't say anything to me, there is an awful atmosphere here. I went back to my room and got dressed, it was 7:50am, and my first class today was at 8am. I walked into the lounge and said goodbye, but Lia was the only one who said goodbye to me, I left for school.
In my morning class, I was solidly going through the alphabet, and pronouciation, which I think is probably the most important thing I can teach them. I enjoyed the lesson, and felt some progress had been made.
I finished the lesson and headed for Aji's, on the way getting some noodles at the side of the road, I was really hungry. Got to Aji's and waited for his friend to arrive, Aji's friend still hadn't arrived by 12:30pm, Aji said that he was waiting so that all of us could go to his friends wedding, we left, but it took ages to get there, and almost as soon as we arrived, I had to go and teach my 1 o'clock class back at the school. I felt really bad, because Aji came back with me.
I took the class, met some more guy's in my class who invited me back to there house for some food, I jumped at the chance of staying away from Pabrik es.
On the way to where we were going, we walked past a house being built, the fresh smell of concrete reminded me of home, back when we were having a extension built, many happy memories flashed through my mind, and for a minute, I longed to be home with my family.
I returned to Pabrik es, then went straight out again, and met Asep, we went to a girls house and watched 'Miami Vice' on the television. We left there and went walking again, only to return to Pabrik es at about 9:30pm.
I just remembered that I hadn't gone back to see Aji like I said I would, I really hope that I haven't upset him, he's already my best friend here.
I'll go and see him tomorrow, and apolagize.
I sitting in the lounge on my own, nobodies talking to me, it's quite awkward, I think I'll go to bed.


8 December 1991, Sunday.

T'was the morn of the eighth, I awoke with still clear memories of the night before, but also with stronger memories of the horrible dream I had just left.
The dream was set half in Indonesia and half in England, and the two places were just a room apart. I was in the Indonesian room, trying to protect a group of Indonesians from a Ninja, we fought but I was losing, the Ninja cut the letter 'D' into my back, and used me as a punch bag. As I was punched through a doorway, I noticed that the fight had moved into my parents lounge back in England. My Mum and Dad were just sitting watching television, and appeared to be ignoring the fight happening before them. Using the same sword that the Ninja had used to cut the letter into my back, he then cut off my left leg, just below the knee, and then cut my leg into a few peices, one lump being thrown into the fish tank in the corner of the room, and the fish quickly setting about the offering with gusto. My left foot lay beside me, I picked up my foot and tried to get up, realising I couldn't, I shouted at my parent's for help. They told me to get up and ring the hospital myself. Then I woke up.
I climbed out of my mosquito net and followed my usual morning routine of mandi, toilet, breakfast. I was sitting in the lounge thinking about what to do next, when Tantan came and sat next to me, and then started stirring up trouble about the theft last night. He said that, people there thought that I was rude and strange, he said that he had tried to explain to them that I was just young. As if this didn't infuriate me enough, he carried on to say that I had ignored him and created a bad feeling in the house all the time that I had been there, he said it all very politely and nervously.
My blood started to boil, I wanted to beat him into a mushy pulp, of course I didn't, but my words flowed like burning lava. Then Endang joined in, and I quickly snapped at him, I had started shouting. Agus perked up, and said that it would best if I started looking for somewhere else to live. I jumped up, slipped my shoes on, and walked out of the house.
I was furious, but glad to be outside, I knew exactly where I was going, Aji's, he had offered me a place to stay there before, I walked to his house, talked about everything with him, had some food and played chess. Aji is very frank and forward, but he seem's genuine and kind.
I left Aji's at around 6pm and headed back to Pabrik es, stopping at the end of the road and speaking to some blokes, then Agus and Asep walked past me, I said that I was sorry for shouting at him, and he said it was no problem. They walked off and I stayed talking to the group, then a guy with glasses walked over and started talking to me, he spoke great English with an American accent, he invited me into his house with his friends, I went with them, they seemed very nice people. We sat and talked together, had some little snacks and drinks, it was really nice, they were also very polite, which was lovely. I feel terrible because I can't remember his name, it was something like Miwmin, anyway, I soon left, and thought I go to Asep's house, but I couldn't actually find it, so I went back to Pabrik es.
Nobody was up or around, Tantan or his stuff wasn't around, Edang wasn't about either, I sat alone in the front room, thinking and writting these lines. Being defended by the tick-tock of the old clock on the wall, feeling down, can't stop thinking about all that happened today, and everything that was said.
It's been a very long day, I feel strange about sleeping here tonight, but I don't know what else to do, so I'll just go to bed.


7 December 1991, Saturday.

Got up at around 10am, and had a mandi and went to the toilet, had some breakfast and then lazed around until 2pm. Then Agus and I went to visit Asep, when we arrived we watched a film with Bill Murray in it, it was called 'Stripes', they both loved it, but it frustrated me, I didn't come all this way just to watch films that are old at home.
Well, it's about 4pm now, I'm really hungry, and just a little sick of the manner situation, it just gets worse and worse. I'll get by, as usual.
We returned to Pabrik es, and I had some food. We had agreed to go to the cinema tonight, so Rita, Lia, Agus and me were just about to set off, when I realised that I needed some money, so I went to get some cash from my money belt, hidden under my bed. Well not obviously hidden well enough! There had been 40 000rp's taken from the money belt. The pictures were cancelled, and I left my room and told Agus what had happened, then everyone else one by one, we all chatted about it, but no conclusions were drawn, and I'm no closer to my money.
This had all happened at around 7pm, and we had all been talking about nothing else, it was 10:30pm, and I went for a walk with Endang, I bought a small bottle of whisky for 2700rp, although it was terrible stuff, we walked past several really big brothel's, Edang told me that they were hotel's with many girl's.
I actually enjoyed the walk, and felt a little calmer. So we returned to the house, I had a little food and then went into my room. It's obvious that I can't stay here much longer, I realise that now, but I'll deal with that another day. I wrote up the journal entry, catalogued my experience, and went to bed.


6 December 1991, Friday.

I opened my lazy eye's, realised that I felt a lot better, and lurched out of bed. It was 9:30am, I went to the toilet, my diarrhoea had been vanquished by my fasting, aha!
I had some breakfast and then talked and done some drawings in my little sketchbook.
Just eating, drawing, writing and talking all day today.
During the evening, I went out with Endang, and got some passport photo's done, to put into Christmas cards that I will send home.
Came straight back and went to bed, after a little misunderstanding with Tantan, something about music, and just because I didn't agree with him, he went all funny, like I was just trying to upset him or something.
Tantan can be such an idiot sometimes.
Well, then I got to bed at about 11:30pm.
Salamat malam.

5 December 1991, Thursday.

Decided to get up after a really rough nights sleep, it was 10am, I went to the toilet and realised my old friend diarrhoea had returned. I decided not to eat for 24 hours, to get whatever bug it was out of my system. I made sure that I drank plenty of liquids though.
At the moment, I'm sitting in the lounge drinking tea, while everyone around me is shouting at each other. At this very second, I wish that I was at home.
It's about 4:30pm, all I've done today, is drink sweet tea and relax, and just a second ago, I went to fart, but actually shat myself, that makes me feel even better, so I head straight for the toilet.
It's around 7pm, I've just had some food, not much but it was delishious. Then went to the toilet again, nothing's changed in that department yet.
I felt a lot better, and decided to go to sleep at 9pm, so that I could really get my strength back again. I woke up at 11pm, went to the toilet again, no change, then went back to sleep.

Last night's dream;I was in a huge shop, that appeared to be a attic with window's, the manager of the shop was Ryan's dad, Rick, I was looking for presents for my family and friends back in England, as I looked around the shop, I found a huge cap, that I decided to buy for my friend Ian. Then Rick asked me to help him clear the shop of fish, because he said that the shop was closing for six months.
Now the fish were swimming around in the air, there were thousands of them, I saw a sperm whale and a killer whale, and explained to Rick that we couldn't leave the whales with the other fish, otherwise they would eat them, so we split them into two rooms. The whales were not life size or actually not life like at all, they were both made out of plastercine, and about 2 feet long.
Once they were in there seperate room, first one whale would gulp the other whale down in one mouth full, completely swallowing the other whole, and then seconds later, would regurgitate it back up whole again, only for the other whale, which had just been consumed, to gulp down the whale that had just swalled him, then the whole process just seemed to continue.
As we turned away from the whales, Rick had turned into a guy called Leif, a friend that I had gone to school with. We went and sat outside the shop, and started watching around 30 or more naked girls running up and down the road. After we had watched them for a time, we went back into the shop which was now a huge house, and sat around a great table and started eating dinner, all my friends and family were there, also a famous actor that I didn't know, I left the table and went for a jog around a building site.
That's all that I remember.

4 December 1991, Wednesday.

Got up at 7am, had a mandi, then ate some breakfast and then rushed to school by bechak. I arrived at school on time, and took my class, it all went really well I think. After the class had ended, all the students stayed and we all had a chat, as one by one everyone left, one very pretty student gave me her address.
Everyone had left, so I did the same and walked home. On the way back, I stopped and watched a game being played on the side of the street. Two men with a crowd of all ages surrounded them played a game similar to the game of 'conkers' that children play in England. Both men had a small dark nut, which they put in a wooden contraption, like a frame, then smashed the two nuts together, when the frame was opened, it showed one of the nuts was smashed, some money changed hands, and someone else stepped forward with his nut.
I carried on back to the house, stopping at a shop on the way back. I bought some soap and a toothbrush, the women that served me, offered me a room, and said it would be a lot cheaper than the place I was staying in now, I thanked her, and left. Everyone wants me to live with them.
I eventually made it back to Pabrik es, had another mandi, had some more food and then returned to the school for my class at 1pm. I was really tired, Agus had come with me, and had been talking to Aman while I had been teaching. I finished the class, even more tired than before, and walked back with Agus, on the way an old guy on a scooter stopped and started talking to us, he asked if he could come back to the house with us, I was really tired and didn't really want the company, so I said that we were going straight to play volley ball, and not going straight home.
This plan back fired on me though, because he said,"I'll come and play with you." Which is what he did. We all played, I got even more tired and thirsty, and when the game was eventually finished he followed us back to the house, I was so tired though, when we got home, I had some food and then went straight to sleep, leaving him to talk to Tantan and Agus.
I awoke, very hot and feaverish, then a headache, tried to sleep again, but kept changing from hot to cold, and then hot again. I slept on and off from 6pm through to 2am.
I then had a poo and a drink and went back to bed, still going through the hot and cold thing, feeling quite weak, seem to be feeling even worse now, whats going on.
Back to bed.


3 December 1991, Tuesday.

I cracked open my sleep cemented eyes, flicked my tongue across my dry, sharp lips, and drew in a large breath. My eye's scanned from left to right, running across the interior surface of my mosquito net. I let the breath go, it cooled my wet lips as it rushed from my nose. I pulled my legs up, found the opening of my protective net with my left hand, and got up.
I had some breakfast at around 10:30am, and then a mandi, then lazed around until miday.
At 12:30pm, I left the house with Agus, and made for the telephone office, and phoned home(back in England), so that I could give my Mum the address here, I had realised that the letter's I had sent home would arrive just as I was leaving to Singapore. I will need to go to Singapore to renew my visa, if I want to stay longer.
On the way back from the telephone office, I stopped by the school, but there were no students, so I returned to Pabrik es and ate again.
At 2:40pm I went back to the school to teach my class 4, I don't know what happened to my class 3, that I was supposedd to teach earlier. I had a really good laugh with class 4, they were a lot of fun, the class finished and I said goodbye. Asep was waiting for me outside with another friend of his. We introduced ourselves, his name is Aji, and one of the first things he said to me whilst walking his cool motorbike down the road, was, do you want to fight me. His face was scarred and worn, he wore a black leather jacket and a white ti-shirt, jeans and black boots, and he was wearing shades. He looked like an Indonesian fonzie, from 'Happy Days' on the television.
I hesitated for a second, then accepted his challenge with a smile, he laughed and refused, he then invited me to live at his house. We carried on walking, and soon came to his house, it was really cool, a bit of a ruin, filled with motorbikes and tool's, I loved it.
I returned back to the house on Pabrik es, had another mandi and some food, and then left again to talk to the Punlak Silat teachers, that's the mystical local martial art. They weren't there, and some one said that they were both ill, hmmmm, weird eh.
So we just walked back to the house, Asep also told me that the guy who he had arranged to fight me today, couldn't do it, he didn't say why though.
We got back to the house, Asep came in, and with Agus, we sat around talking, as I was in the company of male adults, I brought up the subject of masterbation, a very taboo subject here, I suppose it is back in England as well, but not amongst friends, anyway, we all had a good laugh, and I went to bed at about midnight.
Salamat tidure.


2 December 1991, Monday.

Opened my eye's, slightly cold, and saw and heard Lea waking me up, pulled one side of my sleeping bag over my chest, I always sleep with it wide open. I pulled my legs up, swung round and crawled out of my mosquito net. It was 6:30am, I had a mandi(wash) and then a large breakfast, slung on my clothes and headed for the pre-pat school, and my first proper lesson at 8am.
The class went really well, I explained the pronouciation of the English alphabet, then some key phrases that I wrote on the blackboard like,"Hello, how are you?"
The lesson finished very quickly, they were my class 1, very nice bunch. I then went home and ate again, had another mandi, and then returned to the school at 1pm for my second class.
Class 2 weren't so good, a couple of guy's in the back were making trouble, but most of the girl's in the group were really attractive.
I went through much of the same things as the first class, finished and walked home with Asep. Before I left, I went into the office and signed the receipt for my first 75000rp, my first months wages, they gave me the money and I left.
I had another mandi(I'm not clean enough) and then ate again, then sat around talking with Agus and Asep, they have organised a fight for me tomorrow with some other master of a local style. I'm obviously not going to be slaughtered enough again, oh well, I just hope I can write my journal tomorrow, I don't know why I agree to these things, why can't I back down, we'll see tomorrow.
Asep left at about 9:30pm, I just happened to pick my nose and eat it, and everyone was nearly sick, I found this very funny.
I had another little bite to eat, and by 11pm I was completely exhausted and decided to go to bed, I laid in bed for ages, wrote my journal and eventually got to sleep.


1 December 1991, Sunday.

Awoke at, I don't really know what time. Got up and had some breakfast, and then sat around in the morning sun. I started drawing the scene outside Aman's house, with the women talking, and houses, when Aman came out and said, "ok, we are going fishing now", so rude, get over it mikey.
We walked to his favourite spot, I sat next to him while he fished, then he gave me the fishing rod, and asked if I wanted to fish, actually that doesn't sound like him, he probably said, "you fish now", but anyway, I cast the float out a little way and sat quietly staring at the motionless float. He snatched the rod out of my hands and said, "no, over here" and pointed further out, he cast the rod out again. I got up and walked off quickly, it was either that or I was going to have to push him in.
I enjoyed the time on my own, the countryside is beautiful here. On my walk, I saw another one of the lizards that had scared Ursula, back at the Raitha losmen, the one that I had removed for her. I sat in front of it, and drew it, it didn't look half as scary in the day. Apparently, it is called a Bunglon.
I finished my drawing and walked back, Aman had caught a magnificent common carp of about two pounds in weight. I felt really bad that such a lovely fish had to die for our food.
The food was really beautiful, and the carp was gorgeous, I finished my food, said thankyou and went and sat on the varander. I'm sitting here on the varander outside the front of Aman's house, surrounded by curious children, all coming close, and then running away when I lift my head, I think it evolved into a game, and I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon there.
It started to rain, so I went inside and started stroking the cat, then I noticed the millions of little black things crawling around under his fur, and stopped touching it very quickly.
At 3:30pm, Aman told me that he had to stay and look after his wife, who had become a little ill. I was actually glad to be returning on my own, so at about 4pm, I left, and started making the long journey back to Tasikmalaya.
I got back to Tasikmalaya, and back to the house by 7:30pm, it was a long journey. I was really hungry and had some food, then had a mandi(wash) and then went for a poo, I hadn't been to the toilet since yesterday morning when we left for Garut, because the toilet I was told to use in Garut, was situated where everyone could see you, so I held it.
Sitting back in the house, relaxing on the sofa, just talking and joking about my time away, then I gave Lia a English lesson. I was getting really tired, and decided to go to bed, it was about midnight. I start teaching properly tomorrow at the school, big day tomorrow, ah.