12 February 1992, Wednesday.

I got up and went to school as usual at 8am, well actually, I was slightly late, as usual. Taught a class more introduction's, and then said more goodbye's. Before the lesson had finished, Alison turned up to sit in on the lesson, and afterward's I was going to show her round the shop's. Wiwan gave us a lift to the Matahari department store in his van, which I never knew he had. We went in, and I walked straight up to the Dallas fried chicken place, where Norma(the girl from the telephone office) work's. She wasn't there, but her boss was a really nice guy and gave me her address, and told me that it was no more than a minute's walk from the store, so we walked straight round there, but she wasn't home, so we returned back the shop's and looked around. Then we went our separate way's, me going to the handy craft's shop to buy some tiny Sundanese puppet's for my newphew's and neices, and two necklaces.
I got back to school about half an hour late, then went through the same, but never yet boring goodbye routine. It's so funny, everyone is so nice to me, now they know that I'm leaving that is, the shy girl's even talk to me know. The rain started to fall hard, at about 6pm, I went to Herun's house, where we sat and talked, and then I ate, for the first time today actually. As the hour's passed, the soft sheeth of darkness slowly consumed the roof tops and the huge satelite dishes. Herun asked me if I wanted to go to the Crown hotel, which was the closest thing to a pub in Tasikmalaya.
At 8pm, we both went to the Matahari department store, on a big motorbike, Herun had borrowed from work.I quickly went to Norma's house again, and this time she was in, Herun was waiting for me at the Matahari, I went in and sat down and had a drink, I asked her if she wanted to accompany me and Herun to the Crown, but she refused, I told her that since meeting her, I had put off my leaving Tasikmalaya, and she said that made her very happy, well she is very lovely. I noticed that it was already 9pm, and had left Herun waiting for an hour, so I finished my drink and stood up to leave, at which point she grabbed my arm and passonately kissed and embraced me, I was quite taken aback by the activity, and wished that I wasn't leaving Tasikmalaya.
I left and met up with Herun, telling him the story while we rode to Aji's, to invite him along.
We got back to Aji's, invited him, I got changed, and we all left for the Crown. The place was like a large nice Chinese resturant, with some of the lights turned off, and a three peice band entertaining the five or six people there, we sat at a table, and watched the band.
The beer's flowed thick and fast, and soon I was up singing with the band, by the end of the night, after many beer's and a whisky or two, after load's of song's, I had had a great night, although there were never more than six people in the large room at any given time. We left for home, Herun dropped me off at Aji's, and then carried on home, I jumped on Aji's bike and we went to a portable night food shop and bought some snack's and a big bottle of beer.
We got back to find Elise and Itis asleep on our bed's, they woke up and joined us talking, me and Aji drunk the beer, and we all eventually fell asleep, not before I was snogging Elise, although I don't really fancy her, I must have done at the time.


Blogger Storm said...

I love the story about the kiss. I also love how you wished you weren't leaving Tasikmalaya afterwards. That must have been some kiss!


10:13 pm  
Blogger Kara said...

I agree with Storm, must have been quite a kiss!

Take Care

7:20 am  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Wow, this mask is rad! And I agree with Kara and Cara,some kiss, eh?

But I was really surprised there was fried chicken available, but then I figured it probably taste like tempura chicken or something. Surely it's not going to taste like down home southern fried.:)
You know what really interested me? The Sudanese finger puppets and necklaces that you bought. Too bad you couldn't have posted pics of those!
I know it's defintely too late now! lol

8:16 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

I'll find out from my sister's, but your probably right, it has been a long time, I gave them to my newphew's and neice's, but they were very young at the time.
I'm affraid that I don't remember that kiss anymore. I didn't really know her for long.
I really didn't want to leave, but I knew that I had to.
Thankyou Storm, Kara and Nab take care.

9:52 pm  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

Beautiful mask...

4:48 am  

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