19 January 1992, Sunday.

Ahhh! I woke up this morning, totally soaked, my whole body, the sheets and the mattress were ringing wet, I was wet from my neck to my knee, I had wet myself, and obviously had had a bladder full.
I can actually still remember the dream I was having, I was standing on the top of a mountain and relieving myself over the whole world. And I really was, not over the whole world, but over myself.
As I registered what I had done, my emotion's were first disbelief, then acknowledgment, then disgust. Aji was lying next to me, and was obviously well aware of what had just taken place, he told me not to worry about it. But come on, I'm nearly twenty years old, I've got no illnesses, well at least none that I know of, and there's absolutely no reason why I should be wetting myself.
It was around 7am, we had some coffee and smoked some fags, then had some breakfast. Then I took my mattress and pillow on to the roof, and let the sun and air dry them. I then washed my shorts, shirt and sheets, then hung them out to dry as well.
At 2pm, I went to Pabrik Es, borrowing Aji's bicycle and telling Aji to expect me back around 4 or 5pm.
First off, I went to number 12 Pabrik Es, which was Agus's house, I had some Singaporian coins that Lilise would like for her collection, I also wanted to see if I had received anymore letters from home. There weren't, but Agus was back from Bandung, so I spoke to him for about an hour, and then headed up the road to Herun's house.
I ate twice there, had loads of coffee and tea, sat on the veranda and smoked, spoke about religion and ghost's and loads of things. Herun told me that he want's to go to England or America one day.
It was 12:30am, I thanked Herun for the food and drink, and jumped back on Aji's bicycle and rode back to Lenkong in the soaked moonlight. I got back to Aji's house, Aji was asleep, and my mattress was still wet, so I'm going to get my kit mat out again, ah trusty kit mat, so the floor it is then. Salamat tidur, good night.


Blogger Jessica said...

You're a brave soul to admit that you pissed your pants! :)

I admire that.

7:27 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Wow! Must've been sleeping so deeply!
But I agree with Jess, you're brave to share it anyway.But you know you're among friends here. :)
That is a puzzler, though.

5:19 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Jessica, it was a long time ago, and I haven't really got a problem with it, I think it's pretty funny really. Thanks for admiring it though, take care.

Hi Lisa, same as above really, thanks for caring, it's no problem.
But maybe it's a problem that I don't think it's a problem, eh?


3:49 pm  

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