14 January 1992, Tuesday.

I eventually got up at 9am, wanting to sleep more, but my bladder disallowing it. I had some breakfast and received a letter from the postman. It was from my Mum, it was great, filled with love and flowing with her constant memory. I went upstairs and wrote a reply, and put it in the same envelope as my completed letter to the whole family. I then started a letter to my cousin Lee, who isn't really a cousin, but that's what we have alway's called each other.
Had a mandi, and at 1pm, caught a little bus to the school and taught two classes until 5pm. They went ok, the second better than the first, I ate at the school, then didn't leave for home until 7pm. Actually, I didn't go home, but instead went to Pabrik Es to see Herun, because we had arranged to go and play pool.
I arrived, but Herun didn't feel up to it, so we chatted on the veranda, I told Herun of some of my experiences in Banjar and got him laughing. Then we went indoors and watched a film. That finished at around 11:30pm, and I went home, even though I had told Aji that I would be home by 10pm. I'm a bad'en.
Got back, Aji was already asleep, so I quietly wrote up these ongoing lines here, and went to sleep at about 12:30am. Salamat mimpi (good dreams).


Blogger Storm said...

I love how you start most of your journal entries by talking about either your bowel or your bladder habits. Very funny!


10:31 pm  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

It's really the way we all start our day, isn't it?

But, I love Mikey's creativity when describing these erm, functions.


10:59 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

I've never been shy about describing these things, appologies if they turn anyones stomach. It's very hum drum really, we all do it.
Anyway, thanks for your comments here girls, take care.

2:40 pm  

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