27 January 1992, Monday.

I awoke this morning at 7.50am, I put on some clothes and left on Aji's bike without eating breakfast or having a mandi.
I got to the school and taught a group of four students, then moved into the office to write this, I listened sympathetically to my moaning stomach, and decided to return home.
Ever since I asked for more money they haven't offered me any food, it may just be a coincidence. Well, I wasn't wrong enough apparently, the moment I finished writing that, Mr Wiwan took me off into the kitchen and gave me loads of food. I finished that, and he took me out, with two other guys to this baso restaurant. We all had a couple of beers and then returned to the school by 1pm. Elise was at the school, I took my class, slightly tipsy, and didn't do much at all. Finished that session, then made a date with Elise for Thursday, then had some noodles and taught again.
After the class ended, the rain fell so heavily outside, that I sat around and waited for it to stop. Then I rode back to Aji's house, ate and then walked to Asep's house, from where we both left to go to his friend's house, a very beautiful 16 year old girl. We left there at 9.20pm and I got off the public transport minibus at Paprik Es and started walking up to Herun's house. The lights were all off so I carried on and started walking home, first stopping at the mobile warung at the junction, and had some rice, egg and tempa and Tahu. Then walked back accompanied by a little Indonesian man that I had been talking to at the warung. Although he didn't accompany me all the way back.
I got back to Aji's, watched an American film 'Blind Justice', that was quite good, it finished at 12:30am. I lay there and started to write, being constantly interrupted and annoyed by Aji next to me. At 1am I decided to lay down my pen and fly the heights of dreams.


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