20 January 1992, Monday.

My eye's flicked open, it was 8:10am already, Ajie wasn't next to me. I called out for him, he was downstairs, he came upstairs. I asked him why he didn't wake me up this morning? He told me that I looked very happy being asleep. Oh, I thought.
I had a couple of good slurp's of coffee and a banana, and rushed off to school on the bicycle, still half asleep.
My first lesson went very fast, probably because I had arrived half an hour late, I stayed at the school and ate, then taught my next class. After school, I rode up to Pabrik Es, to take Herun's wife shopping for ingredients for spaghetti, which I'd said I'd make for them tonight. But she wasn't there, I went to Agus's house, I had no mail, but showed him the picture of my family. I left there at about 6pm and went to Herun's again. I was starving, but refused food, although I did have tea and coffee, and also a little rice wine.
We watched 'Head of the class', and 'Miami vice', and when that finished at 7:30pm I went back to Aji's. Aji was sitting outside the house with a bechak driver, another bechak driver came over, and I got talking to him. I asked if I could give him a ride, he said yes, so I jumped on, and took him around the block, it was great fun, although very energetic.
The bechak drivers rode off, and we both went inside, and had a meal, it was gorgeous, probably because I was so hungry. Then I had a couple of whiskey's, and started a large drawing, while Aji slept. I carried on drawing until 2am, I was really injoying myself, but it was total rubbish.
I went to bed, hardly able to keep my eye's open.


Blogger lryicsgrl said...

He was a good friend that AJI.
Letting you sleep, cause you looked happy.

2:03 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Izygrl, he truly was, but it can be a little anoying when youv'e got to go to work. He was great to me. Thanks for the shout, take care.

3:46 pm  

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