24 January 1992, Friday.

Well, it's three months since I left England on my travels. I can still remember the party that was thrown for me, I got totally drunk, danced the night away in the fashion of some seventies disco dancing film, then romancing, and to end the night, I slept the vast quantity of drink away. Enough of my fond memories of my last days on English soil.
Today I awoke at 10am, did much of nothing except mandied and at 1pm, went out and bought some groceries. Aji is getting better, but still milking every second of his illness. I cooked up everything and made a noodle soup, and filled myself and Aji up with good harty tucker.
I spent all day sitting around, and whilst the last glimpses of daylight fell across the wall, outside the rain started to fall, and I wrote a song. Then carried on to write a prologue in my next book. This one has finished it's had it's three months service, given up all it's pages and now will become a relic. I have become very attached to this old 59p book from China, bought in Southend at a bargain discount shop.
The night carried on with more food being eaten and then sitting downstairs with Wiwi, much the same happened. I turned in and came upstairs at 11pm, Aji was still awake and moaning.
Three months in Indonesia tomorrow, well, role on tomorrow!

Midnight: I had just lied down and closed my eyes, ready for the shawl of sleep to cover them, when Aji got up and turned the light on. He wasn't sleepy, and I wasn't really, so I went out to have a draw. The night patrol came by and came over and started talking to me.
Then they asked me to go to their little station house for some food, I was a really hungry and quickly accepted, following them to there little hut. We sat and talked, ate baked rice, then at 2:30 am, I began to feel my eyes closing and I returned to Aji's. Well, now, role on tomorrow! That's unless anything else happens tonight...


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Wow, this drawing is great! I love it! :)
And I'm officially caught up! :) xoxolisa

5:27 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Lisa, thanks, I really like this one to, I'm glad your officially caught up, I alway's love your comments, take care.

3:42 pm  

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