29 January 1992, Wednesday.

Well today started last night, the meditation was after midnight, well that's already been told, but the dramatic morning hasn't.
I awoke at 6am. They were there in their hoards. I got up and left for the shop across the road, while Aji was still sleeping, they had nothing, I returned to the house and Aji had already woken up and had gone for a wee on the wasteground next to the train station and the house. I met him as we both returned. We sat and drunk some coffee, and at around 7.30am a policeman and his weasel-like side kick turned up, first asking about my visa and then rummaged around the place in the bin and in the two rooms upstairs. He found the bowl of dried banana skins mixed with tobacco I had made and said "where did you get this grass?" Well I tried to explain it was only banana skins, but he took the mixture and my passport with him to check out. He also asked if I knew Edang in Jalan Pabrik Es. Apparently, so Aji told me afterwards, Edang is a bit of an old pusher, and me knowing him and living before in the same house puts a lot of suspicion on me. They left, Aji was devastated, sitting with his head in his hands, trembling like an expelled school student awaiting the return of his angry parents. Well, I wasn't too bothered, what evidence did they have. I did my best to calm him.
It's 10am now, I didn't go to my morning class. Me and Aji are going there now, and then on to the police station to pick up my passport and set things straight. The feeling's there, I want to go home, as soon as possible!
We went and explained the situation to Suryaman and Wiwan, but nothing was really gained by this. I've returned to Aji's, it's 12pm, we're just cooking breaklunch, my stomachs pulling through lack of food and much confusion. I do want to jump on the first plane to England, but there's things that are stopping me going straight to Jakarta. I don't know if Ian or my Dad are already on their way here. Ian said he wants to come, and I told him I'd wait for him, but I don't want to be pulled into a drug case - there is no case! Although Aji is as worried as hell, and I'm not totally complacent with the state of affairs at the moment.
After eating we're going to go to the police station. I'm a bit worried that Aji will say anything to clear his own name, but I must have complete faith here. Because I've been talking about the hassles with my possible future with police accompanied attention. I've completely forgotten to go into detail about the huge amount of cold sores that cover my whole mouth, they're obviously not painful enough.
Well, enough about my hideously disfiguring condition, that will trudge the chambers of this body's life with me.
We ate and then I knocked over my full glass of water, it smashed into thousands of pieces, another lucky move. I cleared that up and then jumped on the bike and rode to school, on the way, crushing my thumb as I braked, trying to avoid a bus with my name on it. I luckily avoided it, now of course I know!
My first group went really bad, well my only group. My lips were really hurting. My head filled with worry, although I wanted to, I'm not allowed to meditate today, the tests are coming one after the other. I finished teaching and then showed everyone using diagrams, how, why and what cold sores were, and then moved into the office with Suryaman to have a little heart to heart and bitch about our situations. Aji came into the office, oh yeah, he'd been at the school a little after I got there. I talked about religion, love, culture and the relations to each other, this was another test. I felt very happy and rode home, everyone seemed to know me, and some very pretty girls smiled at me, these cold sores are still hanging around, but Suryaman gave me some powder to put on them. It's probably as effective as saying "wibbly wibbly wi wo" three times, but let's not pre-judge ey!
Well, I got home, then sat outside with the bechak drivers, Aji got back, from wherever he'd been and took me into the bedroom looking very excited and happy. We sat down, first he said "ok, there's no problem with your visa" (which I already knew) and then he said "we must leave Tasik very soon, otherwise the police may arrest us, in linkage to Endang". He thought that was good news!
Well, so many thoughts have been whisked through my mind. I left Aji at around 7pm and went to Suryaman in Pancisilla. After there we all left for Pabrik Es, to Herun's house, Suryaman was trying to show off his English by explaining things to me that Herun had said in Indonesian, which actually I completely understood, Herun wasn't impressed either.
Suryaman and his wife left at 9:30pm, I stayed, we all talked outside and had some satay egg yolks. I also told them of my problem in Tasik , and that I would have to leave. they tried to talk me out of it, giving me options of living with them or living in Jakarta. I left the house at 12:30am, and walked home, Layga(I can't believe I remembered her name at last), Herun's wife had given me some stuff to put on my hideous lips. Well, after getting home and then going upstairs, I applied the purple coloured liquid and went to bed, all the lights were left on, my diary of events, and there has been so many, incomplete. I also hoped all nineteen trials of my day went well, I never got angry or impatient, but maybe I did. I did get sad, so maybe that's a downpoint, but shaking myself from sadness is an easy task.
OK, until tomorrow, I wait for a letter, but I can't wait too long. Until tomorrow...


Blogger Michael said...

Wow mikey,
Your head must have been spinning. The police are very harsh there. I watched a movie but Im sorry I forget the name about a little boy forced to live on the streets in India. He befriends a drug dealer that ends up taking his money he was saving to give to his mother so he can go home. The dealer overdoses on bad herion and the boy is left penniless again. What a great and moving movie...and your story reminded me of it. Poor Aji what a nervouse wreck...michael

4:44 pm  
Blogger Kara said...

What a nightmare. I would have been on the next plane home.

5:30 am  
Blogger Storm said...

I am obsessed with keeping my lips moist. I always carry lip balm with me.

I couldn't imagine being drilled by the eager policeman. How horrible!


3:56 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Michael, nice to see you here, it was a nightmare, I didn't really understand, coming from a free country, but there was a different set of rules down there. Hope you come back to the read the conclusion, thanks mate.

Hey Kara, I was thinking much the same thing, but it wasn't quite that easy. Thanks for the shout.

Hi Cara,it was awful, I was completely covered, and the potions they gave me were bright lime green and then later, purple, actually I think that may of been iodine.
That police man didn't scare me, but Aji was shaking, I didn't really know how bad the police were there at that time. It was a very dangerous time for me, and more importantly, Aji, would had to live there after I had come home. I still of my good friend, and hope he is doing well some place.
Thanks for the shout here, I'll get on and put up the next entry very soon I promise.
Take care.

3:57 pm  

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