4 February 1992, Tuesday.

'King saw far chi', well it is Chinese new year, and that apparently mean's 'Happy season' in Chinese, although I'm not so sure of the spelling.
I went through the usual bladder operated waking ritual at, if I remember correctly, around 9am. I ate breakfast, drunk some coffee, then at 11am, left the house with Herun and headed for the 'Timon-something', that's where the 'Houses of Indonesia' are. It took absolutely ages to get there, the sun was grilling my forehead. We got there eventually, and entered and started looking around. All the houses were really good, and it made me want to visit everywhere in Indonesia. There was also a bird park within, where I felt pretty sad because of all these magnificent bird's were kept in tiny cages, I tried talking to them, but most were beyond talking, and wanted to do nothing more than bite me, but I reckon that I'd want to do the same in there position.
We walked around, I was wearing short's under my jean's, so I took off the jean's and felt alot cooler, I carried the jean's under my arm. We went from house to house, all amazing, stopped for food and drink, and at 6pm, we left. It took nearly three hour's to get back, the traffic was chaotic. On the way home, on one particular bus, a busker with a tambourine got on the bus, one of his leg's was huge and swollen. He sung a funny song that included making fun of the only western person on the bus, guess who? He finished his song, and walked around the bus for donation's, I gave him some money and then told him in Indonesian, that I understood his humourous song, but I wasn't as stupid as he had said. His expression dropped when he realised that I had understood, and he appologized and vanished. Herun found it very funny.
We got back to the house, ate some food, drank some coffee and talked the night away, the conversation included spiritual stuff, England and Yogya. I'm sure we talked about alot more than that, but I can't remember.
At 1am, I looked down at my watch, realised the time, and went to bed. Tomorrow, we go back to Tasikmalaya in the evening, but I still have to contact CSA, to find out about my return flight, and also ring some people up, who live in Jakarta.
Hmmmmm, I wonder how tired I'm going to be, teaching on thursday morning, after travelling all night? Goodnight for now.


Blogger Kara said...

Good for you, letting him know you were brighter than he thought! His face must have dropped when you told him you understand in Indonesian :)

Take Care

2:39 am  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

He probably had a swollen leg due to karma. That building is beautiful! Nice carvings...

2:53 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Thanks Kara,it's horrible being singled out and mocked, but his look of shock as I gave him some money for his song as he came around with his hat, and said that I understood everything in perfect Indonesian was worth it. He was just making everyone laugh, me included. Thanks for posting, take care.

4:34 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Kev,I think it's a mosquito infection, or parasite I think, but I get what your saying.
Hey that isn't a building in the photo, that is a bed shop, those carving's are headboards, they are completely incredible. Isn't it amazing though, I haven't got any picture's of the Indonesian house's because my camera was already stolen by then. I'm sure I got some postcard's or something though, I'll take a look, thanks for posting mate. KOKO


4:40 pm  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

Ohh, now I see the bed frames. I just thought it was a house with lots of little holes in it. :)


4:18 am  
Blogger Storm said...

Good for you, Mikey! I guess he just assumed that you didn't know what he was saying in his song. Goes to show you that you need to not assume things.


1:55 pm  

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