7 February 1992, Friday.

Why does it alway's happen, I awake only to go straight back to sleep, honestly expecting to wake again in good time. Aji said that he had already woken me earlier, but anyway, I got to school at 8:30am, sat and talked for half an hour and then taught for the next hour. I walked back to Aji's, ate some breakfast and washed my clothes, Aji wasn't home, but arrived at around 2:15pm, by which time I'd just finished washing my jean's, that had had a month's worth of grime within them, and had turned the soapy water the colour of the looming black cloud's above.
I ate again, and sat and talked to Aji, he told me that the police had come to see him again while I was in Jakarta, and that he had gone to see them this morning. They had interrigated him and linked him to a drug's ring, apparently, some time ago, Aji had got into trouble with the police because of fighting or something, and now didn't recognize his new leaf, that he'd changed. He was really worried, I didn't feel so good either.
I left for school again at 3pm, still with the police on my mind. The lesson wasn't my usual success, I've got a lot on my mind, I ended up, just giving my student's, what I thought was good advice. The paradise of this place, with the heavy shadow of the police.
Asep, one of my student's and I, all returned to Aji's on the student's scooter, it had started to rain hard. We all bundled in the front door, and I took off my wet shirt, and put on my jumper and sock's, I have a nasty cold, it's been hampering me for the last couple of day's, the runny nose, and now the rest of the symptom's are appearing. Asep and my student left once the rain had eased, Aji went upstairs and lay down, I ate again, then went upstairs and took a swig of whisky and said goodbye to Aji, and headed off to Herun's house. I caught a mini bus, it was still raining when I got to Pabrik Es, and as I walked up the road to Herun's house, I bumped into Herun returning from the gym.
We sat and talked, watched the television, had some food and coffee, and then watched a film. After the film had ended, just past midnight, I said thankyou and walked home to Aji's, wearing the black top that Laga had given me earlier. I got home and went to the toilet, then came upstairs and jotted down a song that I had been thinking about whilst I was walking back. I sat in the bedroom writing, sniffling and flicking Aji's head with my foot until about 2:15am, then finished the journal, blew my nose again and headed for sleep.


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That's pretty scary about the police. It seems like Aji's past is haunting him.


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