26 January 1992, Sunday.

Yesterday was the third month I had spent in Indonesia, and today, I start my new book, for maybe the next three months in Indonesia.
I didn't sleep at all last night, and at 6am, I sat in the chair next to the front door and window. I watched the heavy morning air slowly lift, the morning walkers and the first bechaks ride by.
I ate some breakfast of egg and rice, then wore the morning away.
At 9am, the sun was already shining strong in the sky. I went up on the roof and survived the sizzling sun for three quarters of an hour, then had the most gorgeous cold mandi, then fresh from that, I decided I wasn't yet brown enough and spent another half an hour roasting my front. Then came back inside, and had another mandi, and then had some lunch. That was rice, and some more delicious noodle soup I cooked up.
After food, Aji and I went out on his "Decowi" motorbike to go and see some more"Decowi" owner friends of his, all getting a chain of meeting their motorbike friends, and then following, we formed a convoy of "Decowi" and other named bikes. Rode around and by 5pm, we started on our way back to Aji's. We arrived at 6pm. The sun had fallen into a picturesque scene. I rode the bicycle to Hercon's house, he wasn't there (at this point my pen dropped and my eyes closed).....

I returned to Aji's, we went out and got some side dishes and then returned to fill our calling stomachs. We finished food and sat downstairs for a while, then moved upstairs to lie down and watch a crappy Indonesian quiz game, my eyes closed, the pen fell onto my unfinished entry and I slept the sleep of Jack McTired. This is being written on 27-01-92.


Blogger Storm said...

Hi Mikey!

I truly cannot imagine what a crappy Indonesian game show would be like.


10:22 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Cara, I suppose it was very much like any other crappy game show, but just in Indonesian really. Hope that help's, take care and thanks for the shout.

3:40 pm  

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