22 January 1992, Wednesday.

I got up late this morning at 8:05am, late again to school! Taught my lesson which was interrupted by the largest free spider I've seen run across the wall. He hung around for a while and then went to scare someone else.
I finished the class, and they asked me if I'd like to go camping with them on the 1st Feb. I said yes.
Then I returned to Ajie's, he was still asleep, I had some food, had a mandi and then sat on the roof writing this episode until 12.45, now I'm back off to school.
Got back to the school, still no Mr, Wiwan and Syryaman was ill so I couldn't talk about the money situation - the situation that they've already paid me all they owe me at the moment, but the contract says they haven't.
Well, the class went well enough, I returned home and made myself some food then sat around and thought of home, Ian, but mostly Jo - I tried to write a letter in my head, but they worried me, I still have all the time, my impatience is still a problem. Later I ate again, at 7.30 pm I cooked myself up some nasi goreng, it was nice, but I didn't have everything I needed.
It's 8pm now, I'm lying on my mattress, Agie's already asleep. I've lifted up my mosquito net, if they want some food, tonight's the night to pig out on western blood. I haven't written the letter to Asnah yet, I'm not yet confident enough to write in Indonesian. I'm just lying around here, with no one to talk to, sleep becomes a good option. I think I'll write a few more letters and then bid the day adieu.


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