8 February 1992, Saturday.

A dream of Asep, speaking to me, was shattered by a voice, I opened my eye's, and saw Asep. How bizarre, he looked alot paler in the dream. It was about 11am, Wiwan was downstairs, but Aji wasn't around. I went downstair's to the toilet, and then stayed down there and talked to Wiwan.Then Aji came in, looking very distressed, he looked at me and said, 'You bring me a lot of trouble', then sat down. That made me feel good, as you can no doubt imagine. Later in came out, that he had gone to see the Police again, and they still thought he was a local gangster, and then on the way home on his motorbike, some van driver had gone into him, apparently indicating right, and then turning left. Aji had picked himself up from the side of the road, went up to the guy, and listened to the guy that just knocked him down, blame everything on Aji, and on hearing this, Aji promptly punched the guy on the end of the nose. Not a wise move for a man considered to already be a gangster by the Police.
This is why he was so peeved, later he apolagized to me, I ate some breakfast and then got on a bus and travelled the short distance to the school. There were a couple of my group's there, so I basically just talked about why I was leaving Tasikmalaya, and when, and then explained the reason's I had, that meant I couldn't stay and live in Indonesia. My reason's were, the military rule, the totalitarian police, the people's fear and the culture of it. I didn't tell them that if I stayed, I might be thrown in jail.
My clock read 1pm, I had said enough, I later found out, that one of my student's father, was very high up in the police, this made me feel too good. Then the rain started to pour, as usual the road was completely flooded under about 2ft of brown water, this happen's nearly everytime it rain's, the drain's cannot take the water away fast enough. The rain fell even harder, and the water level crept ever deeper, water was coming into the school now, van's began to get in trouble as they drove along the river like road, I took off my boots and sock's and spent the rest of the flooded period helping people, the student's still in the school and Suryaman thought it was very funny, that I should want to walk around in the flood water's helping people. A young girl, well around 15-16 wanted to get to the road to catch a public transport bus home, I offered to carry her, but they soon perked up to tell me that this was not allowed, and it struck me that this was another reason why I couldn't stay here, I could never get used to this attitude.
The rain stopped, and the water quickly drained away, I washed my feet and leg's, because I'd been walking around in the sewage water. I returned home on the back of one of my student's motorbike's, and then ate again, all of the girl's from next door were all talking and joking with me, they talk about my large nose, and other thing's that I have that are large, they are very rude, but it is funny. Elise came in and joined in, then Aji and Asep, I ate again and then left with Asep by bechak to his house, where I had planned to stay the night, and then go in the morning to a female student of mine's house, she is very pretty. Well, got to Asep's house, ate again, and then watched some awful Indonesian game show. I don't know if it's Asep's little brother or his newphew, but he's about 5 year's old and very naughty. At 9pm, Asep started with the old, are you tired yet? Then changed into his bedtime wear, the hint was large and obvious and I couldn't ignore it. I went upstairs, then came staight back down to use the toilet, which was just a whole, like the one in Aji's house, but this one was only a couple of feet away from the cooking area, without any kind of screen. I know that I must sound like such a prude, sorry. Then I returned back upstairs and wrote today's entry in the book. Asep slept next to me, then I remembered that I had promised Herun, that I would pop round and say hello, well, I haven't, and I don't suppose I am going to now, oh well, goodnight.


Blogger Kara said...

What a beautiful flower in the photo.
I don't know if I could live in such a place for any length of time. It sounds like a very oppressive country.

6:06 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Wow! For one thing, I don't think I could get used ot the toilet being so close to the kitchen without a barrier either!That;'s a good way to get what, dysentary? And number of things? Yuck!

And how stange and paradoxic the rules, ways of this country! On one hand the females jest boldly about the size of someone's, ahem, "nose", with someone they hardly know, and yet in the next instant you can't innocently help a girl out in a flood situation.
Defintely seemed like it was time to get out of Dodge.:)

2:32 pm  

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