2 January 1992, Thursday.

I had a lovely nights sleep, it came to an end at around 9am, I showered and dressed, then had some breakfast of noodles with egg, and then enquired if anyone knew where 'Kati deres' bus terminal was, but knowone in the losmen knew.
At 11:30am, I said goodbye to the two girl's from New Zealand, Bridget and Maneke, then all the guy's that worked at the losmen, then set out along Jalan Jaksa for horizons a new.
I caught a bus, not quite knowing where it went, then had a change of heart, and caught a bus in the opposite direction, then realising I was heading back the way I'd come, I got on another bus which was going the same way I had been originally.
Then with the aid of an Indonesian guy heading me in the right direction, I made it on to the right bus, and made it to 'Kali deres'.
From there I caught a bus to Labuan, as I had decided to see Asna and Yunis again while I was close. Thing's seem to change constantly though, and I ended up getting off the bus in Pandeglang(which was on the way to Labuan) with an Indonesian girl that I met on the bus, her name is Cecep I think, we went to her families house, they were all very friendly and gave me a lovely dinner and a great room, with a double bed.
Although there were thousands of mosquito's, and I was bitten quite brutally. I felt like a lamb to the slaughter.
We then went for a walk to another house, and chatted and drunk tea, then at around 11:30pm, we headed back and I went to bed.
Actually this whole entry was written tomorrow, the day after because there was no light in the room that I stayed in. I had an excellent dream, but I'll write it out tomorrow, which is today really, this is all getting a little confusing isn't it.


Blogger Storm said...

It sounds as though once you figured out which bus to go on, you were pointed in the right direction. You were obviously meant to meet Cecep and continue on your journey.

Can't wait to hear about your dream.


6:11 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Cara, I was carried like a leaf on the wind wasn't I, I suppose it was Karma or something.
Thanks for reading and posting.

5:46 pm  

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