6 January 1992, Monday.

Aji woke me up in the morning, and I went inside and had some coffee and talked about my adventure. I didn't go to the school, but had a mandi, and ate, then talked some more, then I platted Lea's hair and then she platted mine, I think she fancies me.
I didn't go to the afternoon class either because I couldn't keep my eye's open.
In the afternoon I went with Aji to visit his parent's house, some distance outside Tasikmalaya, it was a beautiful area. We had dinner, and I was served up with a local delicacy, salt fish, which was basically a little fish that was very salty. I wasn't thinking and just took a bite of it, it was like eating salt, and I spat it back out onto my plate. Everyone looked at me, and I could tell that I had made a bit of a fool of myself, but I couldn't help it, later Aji told me that you were supposed to have a tiny bit of the salt fish with a ball of rice, then it was nice, I appologized, and tried to put it down to experience. Apart from the fish, the dinner was beautiful and I was completely full, I went out into the garden and sat alone, falling asleep.
We left at 8pm, catching the bus back to Aji's house, back there we listened to some music, drank some coffee, smoked kretecks, which are ciggerette's with clove's in them and watched Aji's little black and white television.
And I've just remembered about earlier on today, at about 1pm, I went to the warung with Aji on the back of his motorbike to get some side dishes for our lunch, and as we pulled up, I jumped off the back, feeling all flashy, and fell backwards and grazed my palms on the gravel, once again, I am an idiot.
Well, I've had enough of watching this terrible Indonesian program, I'm going to have my long anticipated sleep. Although, I didn't actually get to sleep until 12:30am, because this American film came on that turned out to be quite good, and finished half way through, because it was a ' To be continued...'


Blogger Storm said...

So you can braid hair? I wish my husband knew how to so he could do mine for me!

The salt fish sounds nasty. I'm not one for salty foods at all. I'm certain I would have spat it out as well.


9:47 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Heheh,once again Cara I was thinking the same thing! Mikey can braid hair, huh? Wish more guys knew how.:)

1:49 am  
Blogger Bblayla said...

Hey Mikey
Love the Journal...I know you are busy with your music; so no new posts (Mind you--I am not complaining about lack of the posts )--You sounded great in the studio -I watched the last 2 days on Towser. So glad to see you on IAC.
Take care

12:43 am  

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