3 January 1992, Friday.

Last nights dream; I was a comedian performing my act in a theatre, all my peers where in the audience. As I performed my act, I became aware that everyone hated it, and in there droves, they walked out without clapping or waiting until I had finished. Although I was enjoying myself so much that it didn't bother me at all, and I continued for my own pleasure.
The dream changed quite suddenly, I was in a empty dark place with a forest some way ahead of me, and my niece Veronique was in front of me, I was obvious to me, that she was an angel (although she didn't have wings or anything, I just knew). She wanted to take me to heaven, which apparently was through the forest, although as I approached I was unable to enter, a voice told me that I still wanted to live. My sister then appeared, Veronique was sitting on her knee and biting her fingers, I put my hand to her mouth, and she bit mine, I felt her teeth sink into my flesh but I felt no pain. That was the end.

Again, I'm writing this entry the day after it happened.
Anyway, I must have awoken at around 7am, yes that's right, Cecep was banging on the door. I got up and then had to walk about 2km to get to the mandi place, which was like the one in Bandung, but in the open air, and the water was fed into the water tank from a hot spring about 13ft away. It was really lovely, Cecep took loads of pictures with my camera. Then we went back to the house, and had some breakfast and coffee.
I then headed back for Carita, on the way getting some more food because I was still hungry. I got to Labuan, then caught another bus to Carita. I went straight to the Raitha losmen, I mandied again then talked to the guy there, then walked up the road to Yunis's house.
As I walked up the road, I bumped into Hendra, he was as annoying as ever, I left annoying Hendra, then carried on and met Yunis, my good friend.
It was so good to see, we talked for ages, then ate, and then talked again, about all I had seen and done since leaving Carita. We went for a walk along the beach and then back to the Raitha. I changed and then lay on my bed for a while, Yunis came by and we both went to Mr Aimer's house.
Once at Mr Aimer's house, I sat down, had some coffee and talked, it seemed as though I had never left Carita. I followed Yunis back to his house, on the way Yunis gave me a very strong cigerette, which made me feel very funny, then Yunis cooked some lovely food, we ate and then went out for another walk.
We chatted to some beautiful girls, and then some Indonesian bloke killed this land crab for no reason in front of me, I wanted to kill him, or at least beat him up, but I ingored my feelings and returned to the Raitha with Yunis, who slept on the other bed in the room. I'll say goodnight for last night, although it is technically the morning after now.


Blogger Storm said...

I'm not one for interpreting dreams, but, I must say that you standing and performing as a comedian is pretty interesting. I have read that when you have dreams like this it means that you are feeling insecure and are feeling like you're being judged in some way. Aren't dreams so strange sometimes?

The last picture is very interesting. What is it of?


10:09 pm  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

I agree with you, Storm, it does make sense that Mikey's dream was about being judged. It seems being a stranger in a strange land, is like being on the world's stage.

9:34 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Cara, I think your right about the dream, I felt constantly judged and wasn't sure what they thought was good.
The drawing is a doodle, it's a bit about the dream, and a bit of things I saw in Singapore, but also just subconscious stuff that poured out of me I suppose.
Thanks for posting, take care.

Thanks Lzygrl, your spot on as usual, thanks for posting, and reading, take care.

5:44 pm  

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