6 February 1992, Thursday.

Unless it was a very real dream, I awoke at 6:30am, but my sleepy eye's ignored the situation and held on tight to the chariot rein's of sleep. At 7:45am, I lifted my eye lid's again, and progressed to getting up, and getting ready for school. I arrived at school a few minutes late, after the small public transport bus had dropped me off. I took my first group, which was entirely filled with very pretty shy girl's, it was very hard getting through to them, I found it very difficult, even though we all had a great time.
After the class ended, I went with Mr.Wiwan to his house, I still hadn't eaten breakfast and was very hungry, I had some cake and a banana there, then returned to Aji's to have some rice and a side dish.
At 2:30pm, still sleepy after my food, Aji and I left for school and my next class, it was also a new group that I had never taught before, but I found it a lot easier than this morning's class. The new group contained an absolutely gorgeous, intelligent, sweet girl, that I had to refrain from looking at, because when I did look at her, I couldn't stop. Maybe it was because of this, I don't know, but during the lesson, maybe due to a lack of food and sleep, or that enchanting girl, I went very dizzy and had to spend the rest of the lesson seated. Maybe I've aquired a nice little cold or flu virus, I seem to be showing many of the symptoms.
The lesson ended, I walked outside with all the student's, but I was secretly just trying to talk to the pretty girl. A small public transport bus came along, and she jumped on it with one of her friends, she waved goodbye, I returned the gesture, and then couldn't believe my eye's when she blew me a kiss, or that is what it looked like. Whether or not I was seeing thing's, I had a smile from ear to ear, and filled with energy.
Aji had sat in on the class, sitting at the back, every now and then making some funny coment, but really helping out, when I didn't know a particular word or two. After watching the gorgeous girl blow me a kiss, I went back into the classroom and told Aji, we then sat and waited for half an hour for Mr. Wiwan, because I had made plan's to play him at billiard's. We left without seeing him, me and Aji then rode around Tasikmalaya smiling at the pretty girls and flirting, using my western looks, which means 'big nose'. Then returned home to Aji's in the fading light of the evening. We had some food, and discussed our plans for the future. Aji's also been asking if he can have my rucksack, because he would need it if he goes to Bali. The thing is, that I don't want to give it to him, and although he is a great friend, I won't.
At around 7pm, we rode into town and went to the pictures, and saw the film ' Terminator 2' at the Guranda theatre, which was the cheap one, and it was really good, much better than I had expected, although it was a tad depressing. We got back just past 10pm, and went straight up to the bedroom, where I began compiling the event's of yesterday and today. It's 11pm now, Aji's already fallen asleep, and I think I'm going the same way very soon. So until tomorrow.


Blogger Kara said...

I can't believe how young you looked, just a baby, really.
I hope you were able to find that pretty girl again :)

Take Care,

4:26 pm  
Blogger Storm said...

Oh my goodness, Mikey! You look SO cute in that picture. You look like a little boy!

BTW, I loved Terminator 2. I found it to be much better than the original.


8:32 pm  
Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

Wow, you look about my age there. I dig that shirt. Can't wait to find out if you meet that girl again.

I know people would point and stare at me in Taiwan, my friend said I would basically be considered a giant there. (I am now 6'3" or taller) That combined with a big nose would get me all the girls, I think. :)

2:48 am  

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