9 January 1992, Thursday.

I got up at 7:40am, well actually briefly getting up at 5am to go to the toilet, I quickly got dressed and borrowed Aji's bicycle and rode to the school for my morning class. I didn't have time for a mandi, and by the end of the class, which was a group of five fifteen year old girls, I was let's say, a tad smelly.
Just before taking a mandi at the school, I met this very attractive girl called Ellese, and she asked me to go to her house tomorrow. I agreed, completely forgetting that I had said to Aji, that I would go with him to Banjar, his village.
I took another two classes, which wore me out, and I finished at 5pm, but hung around and drank coffee with the other teachers. I headed home at 6pm, on the way getting some batteries for the walkman that had been in the package from my Dad.
I got back to Aji's, but he had already fone to his parents house, I sat talking to Lese and Wiwi, she really fancies me, so I completely lead her on, obviously.
Aji got back at 10pm, we watched this terrible film and smoked these strong fags, we sat and talked, then I read all my letters again, and couldn't stop laughing, until eventually I put them down and went to bed.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hmm, strong fags and laughing, huh? lol;)
BTW, beautiful picture here.

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