13 January 1992, Monday.

My sleep ended at 7:30am, I quickly sprang up splashed some water and soap under my armpits and face, had a quick dump and rushed off to school. I got to school at 8:10am, then began to teach, still out of breath from the cycle ride.
The lesson dragged on a bit, I ate after teaching and stayed until 1pm, when I then took my second class. That finised at 3pm, Elise was there, but because of my students pathetic childish humour, Asep included in that, she left without talking too me. That make's me so angry, the bloody humour, shallow, completely void of intelligent thought, and I suppose, I was the butt of the joke.
I was really tired, Suryaman asked me to teach another class, I was a bit upset with him for asking, and well, I left and went to Herun's in Pabrik Es. Herun wasn't there, but I had some food, and then his wife took me to the Matahari department store. A very new, in fact incomplete store.
We had a drink, walked around, I don't really know, but I think she fancies me, she's been making loads of hint's, and making everything very secretive. We returned to the house, Herun was there, I was really relieved. We sat out the front of the house and talked. I left at around 10pm, and went home to Aji's.
Aji was really tired, and so was I, so we went to sleep, without writing my daily entry, so this is being written tomorrow really, well goodnight for yesterday.


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