11 January 1992, Saturday.

T'was soon the morn again, I had some breakfast with Aji, and then at around 9am, we left for Banjar. I had got it wrong about going yesterday, it was today we were going. Not only was Banjar Aji's village, but it was also were Aji's mum was buried. We caught a bus, which as soon as I sat down, I fell asleep, and slept the whole journey, then got off the bus and caught motobike taxi's to where we were going.
The landscape was very flat, full of rice paddies, with small, very steep, jungle covered islands dotted around. We started to walk up one, it was completely overgrown, and I couldn't figure out why these area's were untouched. Until I realised that these were grave sites, we walked up the hill and reached Aji's mothers tomb. Aji set about clearing the weeds and shrubs from the surrounding area, and then thoughtfully cleaned the actual tomb. While he done this, these huge black and silver pretty mosquito's ate me alive. Aji finished, and we headed back down.
Then for the rest of the day and night, we went in different houses and ate and talked, we walked around to all Aji's family and friends houses.
We ended up at Aji's auntie's house, where we were staying, at around 8pm. We ate again, and I watched this huge spider run across the wall, it was the same as I had seen in Carita, Aji's auntie said that it was lucky to have these spiders in your house, because they ate cockroaches and mosquito's. I tried to remember that I loved all animals.
It was getting late, and I was shown my room, I was very tired after all the walking and talking and travelling during the day, and went straight to sleep. I kept waking up, tossing and turning, although I wasn't bothered at all by mosquito's.


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Aaah! That spider looks just like some of the ones on that Fear Factor show!:o

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