23 January 1992, Thursday.

A lazy doing nothing day, that began at 10am. I made myself some cabbage, boiled it, then ate it, it was delicious. Aji's still ill, and he uses this to be a complete pain in the arse. He makes such a bloody fuss. He's only got flu. I wrote a couple of letters, and stuck some more pages in the book, and a couple of pages in the front, to account for what I've done on which dates, but I'm yet to fill in what I've done.
At around 5pm I went to Herun's house, and sat and watched the television, his wife wasn't there, I suppose she must still be in Jakarta. There's been a couple of callers tonight that hung up as soon as they heard Herun's voice, hmm?, it all seems very suspicious. I'm just sitting there silently, feeling awkward, hmm? At the moment he's got the girl phoning around, I don't know where to?
We watched the television a bit longer to 9pm then sat outside for an hour, talking and drinking then we returned to watching a horror film. That ended at 11:30pm, well a tad before, I said goodnight and left for home, on the way eating at the warung on the crossroads.
Oh, while watching the film we had some nice satay egg yolks in sauce n sticks, it was very nice.
I got back to Aji's house at midnight, had me a wee, and then came upstairs to finish my day's journal.
I see the circle of affinity, life through the haze, it glows with love. It will be 3 months tomorrow.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

I noticed in the last entry you used the words " I went home", which told me that you were indeed settling in, to be able to think ofthings that way. :)

5:24 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

BTW, I actually really like that inkpen drawing there!

5:25 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Lisa, yeah, Aji was a rock, a true friend, and made me feel like his home was my home, he was a really cool dude. Thanks for the shout's, take care.

3:43 pm  

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