28 January 1992, Tuesday.

My delicious sleep ended at 9am, my bladder bursting, I relieved myself downstairs. Aji went out for a ride on the bicycle, I did my washing and hung it out in the rasping sun, rasp, rasp!
Aji returned from his cycle ride, I made some breakfast/lunch, which we both ate.
Aji has another girlfriend, she isn't forward enough apparently, and sat next to Aji with her hand on his crotch. Well, this would be nothing to see in England I suppose, but here, I just didn't expect it, although I'm seeing a lot of new things now that people had told me, didn't happen in Indonesia.
Mr. Wiwan turned up at 12:45pm, and I got dressed, because I only had the towel surrounding my nakedness, then we left, me on the back of his moped.
I had a good time teaching and focused my attention on one very pretty girl. The guy that arranged to take me to the pictures later, 'Iss', was already there, and after teaching we went and saw a supposed funny comedy film that had the humour level of a, well, it was pathetic, the humour was so pathetic and completely without any intelligence. We left there and went back to Iss's house, very near to Elise's house. I ate there and talked a while, then returned into Tasik by a public transport minibus at 9pm.
I went straight to Herun's house and said I could go with him to Jakarta, watched a film, then at around 11pm, Aji turned up from his travels.
We sat until the film ended and then said the old thankyou's and went home on Aji's motorbike. We made some coffee, and while we were making it, there was a large moth fluttering around the light. I felt such a strong feeling of unrest and confusion coming from the moth that I closed my eyes, cut myself off and saw and felt his worries, in order to try and show him the single light so he would relax. It worked, but in the process, it filled me with confusion and worry. We went upstairs, I was still trembling. I left Aji, put my mattress on the roof, then sat crossed legged for meditation. This feeling of the circle, I put my thumbs on my toes and my fingers together. The power rushed through me, I felt like an ariel for the soul, and received the immediate thoughts of the timeless zone. Slowly a smoky face appeared. I could only really make out his long nose and small eyes, his eyes were very feminine but it was the most kind face I have ever seen. He said "don't worry, calm down." My fingers parted and my body was bursting with love. I explained it all to Aji, my lips were itching and hot, I was dreading the oncoming cold sores, but I didn't really know why they were there, I had no worries and switched off the light, feeling the new ugly furniture on my face.


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