16 December 1991, Monday.

My eyes cracked only partially open, and I scanned across the room to Aji's digital clock. It was only 6:30am, and my mind was having none of it, and I quickly faded back to sleep.
This time at 7:40am there was no escape, I jumped up and took a severely cold mandi, where I was slowed by the girl next door who started talking to me. Before I new it, it was 8:05am, I was late for school. I borrowed Aji's bike and sped to the school as fast as I could, narrowly missing an oncoming truck.
I arrived at the school, a little flushed by my near death experience, which soon subsided when I began to teach my morning class. We went through mostly alphabet sounds again, but I think this is the most important thing that I can teach them. Time was soon up, Suriaman invited me to eat with him, I also had to get him to sign a special form that I was taking with me to Singapore tomorrow to renew and extend my visa. I then returned to Aji's(lenkong), well cutting a long, drawn out, boring story short, I was twenty minutes late for my afternoon class, everyone seemed ok with it though. Taught much the same as this morning again, not much to talk of really.
At 5pm I left the school, and went to Pabrik Es, although I was supposed to meeting Asep, and sat and talked to the guy who had taken me to the rubber plantation. His name is Heron, we sat on his veranda drinking sweet coffee, had some food from the passing street trader's, who walk the streets ringing there bell (different bells meaning different food's), and you call them over when they pass, and they bring the food to you. It was a great night, I didn't move all night, but we had loads of different dishes served up, from satay eggs to sweet rice pudding. Everything was gorgeous, and I had a real laugh with Heron.
At 10pm I thanked Heron and his wife, and rode back to Aji's. Aji wasn't there, and I became a little worried that he may of gone out searching for me, thinking I was lost or hurt. Aji got home at about 11pm, and everything was fine, he had been out visiting his friends. Sat and talked until midnight, then started packing my stuff up, ready for my long journey.
As I looked through my money belt, I realised that the English money had gone, it must have been taken at the same time the Indonesian money was stolen, I became really agree, then all of a sudden, agreed in my head that I should use and learn from this experience, and quite quickly calmed down, and let out a little laugh. It was a great feeling, going from wanton grievous violence to contented controlled humorist.
By 2am, I had packed my things and was ready to leave, Aji walked up the road with me, and then waited with me, for over an hour. The bus took me to the main bus terminal, where I could catch a bus to Jakarta, where I could then take a ferry. I waited at the terminal until 5am, when I caught my bus to Jakarta, it had just started to get light, I settled into my seat, and went straight to sleep.


Blogger Storm said...

It has taken me a very long time to learn not to get upset at things that I cannot control. There are times when something happens and I completely flip out and become angry. I have to stop and take a moment...pause and take a deep breath...and just relax.

I think it's good that you were able to do this very same thing when you realized all your money was gone.

7:52 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

I hear you on that, Storm! The "choose your battles" thing. In fact, that's what I tell myself as I prepare to let go of something:
"Choose your battles, this isn't worth one. Life's too GD short." There are advantages to this aging thing. The
wisdom stuff is kinda nice :)
But it's funny, I even caught my breath a little when I read the money being stolen again.
And I'm curious about the pictures, a leaf, a stone, what? Somehow pretty
together. I blew them up but still wasn't entirely sure aobut the stones.

4:09 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Storm, thanks for posting, this was a growing time for me.

Hey Lisa, your totally right, I say the same thing, 'Choose your battles'. That's great that you say the same thing.
About the objects, one is a leaf, one is a bug with paperclip, one is a peice of bark, and the bottom one is a peice of rubber from the plantation. Thanks for your great question and comment, take care.

4:10 pm  

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