30 December 1991, Monday.

I opened my eyes to see I was surrounded by people, I was lying on the floor, I sprang up, from what was a very comfortable sleep. I went and got breakfast, which was rice and two boiled egg's, it was ok. It is a very dreary day, complete cloud cover, and even a bit cold because of the wind, there's even a gloomy atmosphere on the boat, very few smiles. Maybe it is the coming of the new year, and the end of the 'Visit Indonesia Year', the new year awaits us.
In the two months and six days I have been away, I've visited new countries, experienced totally new cultures, learnt new languages, and have maintained this journal, day in, day out. There has been times where all I wanted was the safety of my home and family, and times were I dreamt about my return, and thought that they were nightmares.
Now my friend Ian, says that he's coming out in two months time, I don't know whether I'm happy about that or not. Nine weeks is a long time, I 've realised.
The days been one of eating, drinking, sleeping and doing very little, it's about 10:30pm, but that's just a guess, I've just come from the front of the ship where I've been meditating for a while, there is a huge red glow on the horizon, its probably just an oil platform, but I thought it was a volcano at first.
I'm wrong, its 9:50pm, we should be in Jakarta by afternoon tomorrow. I can't see me spending much longer in this conscious state, the mild rocking of the boat, the engines steady growl, and the sound of the waves are like a lullaby, and the floor is my bed, until the morning then.


Blogger Kara said...

Beautiful photo

New countries,cultures,and languages. And you met alot of interesting people on the way. Quite a journey for a 19 year old boy. I'm sure it made you a richer person for having experienced it :)

Again, thanks for posting your journal. I may not always post but I always check in to read it :)

2:53 am  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

This picture is stunningly beautiful, I promptly set this as my wallpaper.:)Love the warmth of it.
Happy New Year, Mikey ( and everyone). I really hope it's a good year coming, for all of us. I'm trying
to be more optimistic about these things.
Anyway, hope you're all ok.xoxoLisa

5:21 pm  

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