19 December 1991, Thursday.

I don't know what time I woke up, I went and recieved by breakfast from a whole in the wall, 2 boiled eggs and some rice. The eggs smelt so bad, that there were no flies landing on them. I ate the rice, then took the eggs back, and they swopped them with two trays of rice and two fried eggs. I ate that, but the eggs still seemed a little dodgy.
I then went for a walk around the deck, and basically went everywhere on the boat where I was allowed.
We docked at a port where loads of people get on the ship to sell there wears, I bought some Jack fruit and noodles. The boat set off again, and I walked around the ship trying to find somewhere quiet, and was supprised to find, comfortable chairs with padding at the bottom of the boat, I sat down and relaxed.
I went to go to the toilet or something, tried the door to the next level, and it was locked, which meant that I couldn't get out, and I started getting angry. I met this really nice girl, as I complained to the staff member, and found out that they locked all the doors while they checked everybodies ticket.
Knowone apart from me seemed to mind, there was also an escape drill that showed us how the crew would get off the boat in the event of an emergency, but nothing about the passengers, what! It didn't seem to bother anybody.
Well, I calmed down, and then the lovely girl offered me a place to stay in Batam when we get there. I excepted, and then went for another walk. Fell asleep, awoke at 9pm, ate some food, walked around on the deck, then went to sleep at around 11:30pm, but another women was lying on my bed. So I drew her.


Blogger Storm said...

I would completely freak out if I were on a boat and found all the doors to be locked.

Hope you and yours have a very happy holiday. My husband and I are heading down to Key West for the next week. I will have to catch up on your adventures when I get back.


10:37 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Cara, I know, I totally freaked out, and was amazed that everyone else down there didn't seem to care.
Thankyou very much Cara, I hope you have a lovely holiday with your husband down in Key west, take care and happy Christmas.

4:21 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Heh, I was thinking something else,
remembering the previous chapters!
I was thinking "Well at least he could pee off the side if they've locked the toilets too." lol

Although the way is now open for a new adventure, a girl has invited you to stay. Wonder what adventures be round the corner? xoLisa :)
p.s. my face looks frowny in my festive seasonal profile photo.It doesn't look like that blown up!Only in the tiny one! Don't know that I like it but I'm tired of taking photos of myself. :)

2:13 am  
Blogger Dale said...

Dear Mikey

I have been so bad!!
I've not been following your Indonesia blog lately. I'll have to make a point of making time to read it all.
I have so much to do & can only visit so many blogs in my alotted computer time.
Looking forward to taking a moment to take it all in again.


3:46 am  
Blogger Ronny Drew said...

hi mikey,
I found out about you through Rachel/Pete.
I have been enjoying your journal. It's a bitch when your money disappears, it has happened to me twice in my life time. both times by supposed (friends). I was going to blog you earlier. Way back in the journal, you mentioned a rash. I was not quite sure how you got it. was it just a rash, or was it a rash(nudge, nudge, wink, wink). I very much enjoy your drawings. Any chance of you putting more pictures of any stuff that you have been working on lately? I am not much of a draftsmen. if your interested you can check out what i have been doing in school. I am one of those non-traditional students. Ment to take a year off and it lasted twenty. I also enjoy your songs, very unique voice on plasticine! keep creating!

9:19 pm  

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