8 December 1991, Sunday.

T'was the morn of the eighth, I awoke with still clear memories of the night before, but also with stronger memories of the horrible dream I had just left.
The dream was set half in Indonesia and half in England, and the two places were just a room apart. I was in the Indonesian room, trying to protect a group of Indonesians from a Ninja, we fought but I was losing, the Ninja cut the letter 'D' into my back, and used me as a punch bag. As I was punched through a doorway, I noticed that the fight had moved into my parents lounge back in England. My Mum and Dad were just sitting watching television, and appeared to be ignoring the fight happening before them. Using the same sword that the Ninja had used to cut the letter into my back, he then cut off my left leg, just below the knee, and then cut my leg into a few peices, one lump being thrown into the fish tank in the corner of the room, and the fish quickly setting about the offering with gusto. My left foot lay beside me, I picked up my foot and tried to get up, realising I couldn't, I shouted at my parent's for help. They told me to get up and ring the hospital myself. Then I woke up.
I climbed out of my mosquito net and followed my usual morning routine of mandi, toilet, breakfast. I was sitting in the lounge thinking about what to do next, when Tantan came and sat next to me, and then started stirring up trouble about the theft last night. He said that, people there thought that I was rude and strange, he said that he had tried to explain to them that I was just young. As if this didn't infuriate me enough, he carried on to say that I had ignored him and created a bad feeling in the house all the time that I had been there, he said it all very politely and nervously.
My blood started to boil, I wanted to beat him into a mushy pulp, of course I didn't, but my words flowed like burning lava. Then Endang joined in, and I quickly snapped at him, I had started shouting. Agus perked up, and said that it would best if I started looking for somewhere else to live. I jumped up, slipped my shoes on, and walked out of the house.
I was furious, but glad to be outside, I knew exactly where I was going, Aji's, he had offered me a place to stay there before, I walked to his house, talked about everything with him, had some food and played chess. Aji is very frank and forward, but he seem's genuine and kind.
I left Aji's at around 6pm and headed back to Pabrik es, stopping at the end of the road and speaking to some blokes, then Agus and Asep walked past me, I said that I was sorry for shouting at him, and he said it was no problem. They walked off and I stayed talking to the group, then a guy with glasses walked over and started talking to me, he spoke great English with an American accent, he invited me into his house with his friends, I went with them, they seemed very nice people. We sat and talked together, had some little snacks and drinks, it was really nice, they were also very polite, which was lovely. I feel terrible because I can't remember his name, it was something like Miwmin, anyway, I soon left, and thought I go to Asep's house, but I couldn't actually find it, so I went back to Pabrik es.
Nobody was up or around, Tantan or his stuff wasn't around, Edang wasn't about either, I sat alone in the front room, thinking and writting these lines. Being defended by the tick-tock of the old clock on the wall, feeling down, can't stop thinking about all that happened today, and everything that was said.
It's been a very long day, I feel strange about sleeping here tonight, but I don't know what else to do, so I'll just go to bed.


Blogger Kevin Seegan said...

Wow, that is an awesome picture. Good thing you left before any fighting broke out! KOT!


10:00 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hey Mikey,
I think I figured out this dream, it's so clear cut. Especially after the problems with the day.
You were feeling attacked, when all you were trying to do was help them, "save"
them. IOW, you're just trying to teach English, be a good guy. And yet someone attacks you ( steals money), plus the increasing tension.
Your parent's reaction in the dream transalted to me : " Well, Mikey, you were grown up enough to go on this trip to Indonesia,and leave us, you're grown enough to deal with these problems by yourself, then."
Funny how literal the messages in this particular dream. I don't know what
the dismemberment was about...ooh!
Unless it represented you felt you were going to lose vital pieces of yourself if you stayed any longer!
Heheheh,dissecting 15 yr old dreams:)
Can't wait to read the next entry.

10:05 pm  
Blogger Karel said...

Damn..the theft, the dream..that must've been a pretty confusing time. I think you did the right thing though, Mikey; and I think it's a normal reaction..I would be pissed too if I were you..

I just had a dream the other night. Someone stuck a knife into my stomach..it felt weiirdd..I wonder how you felt when your legs got cut off in that dream, or if you even remember :P


1:34 am  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hey Karel!
I dunno, just my two cents : It almost sounds like it didn't hurt at all.You notice he's still fighting with people
and carrying on and such. I had been wondering the exact same thing!lol
But you notice dreams are like that? Where it's not really painful when you dream harsh stuff like that? At least for me.

I meant to mention that I liked the drawing, and it looked very much in the style of Asian dragon-type-art.
The teeth are rad.
My language skills are deteriorating, I'm so tired.:)

5:53 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Kevin, that drawing kind of came from when I had a fight with the mystical bloke, who grabbed my chest, it's kind of how he looked while we were fighting. It was really weird, it is exagerated though.
Have you thought of a new acronism yet?

Hi Lisa, sounds good to me, I really like the dream critique thingy, keep it up. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Hey Karel, I really don't remember, but nothing really ever hurts me in my dreams, I'm usually super strong. Your dream sounds creepy, run it past Lisa, she's got a great eye for these things.
Hope your good mate, take care.


4:06 pm  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...

Scary dreams are just that, SCARY.
I think those types of dreams serve as a warning. An inner alarm system that is telling us to be careful.

One thing that happens to me, if I am not having a good feeling about someone or I am in sort of a 'fight" with a friend, i dream that things are good, and it always follows in my waking life that the harmony is restored. Weird. i guess the good vibes just come through.

6:25 pm  

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