31 December 1991, Tuesday.

The time is around 7:30am, I'm sitting in the lounge, which is also the first class dining area. My state drift's from semi conscious to totally conscious. We had already arrived at Tanjung Priok, the port of Jakarta, well we were anchored in the bay awaiting our docking time, which only took around an hour.
I departed the floating hell that was KM Lisa, and showed the guy's to Jalan Jaksa, where I got a room sharing with Dean the Canadian guy. I'm back at the Jusran Hotel, which is where I stayed before leaving for Singapore. I've eaten and showered, and done the biggest poo in the world, probably because I'd been holding it in for the whole boat journey because of hideous toilets.
It's about 1:30pm, but it feel's like the end of the day already.
At 2pm, I decided to go and see if Retha (the girl I had met on the boat) had got home yet. I jumped on a bus, but hadn't figured that it was so far, and travelled for over an hour, I jumped off the bus, and then had to walk for some distance, found her house, only to find out that she wasn't there, no that's not annoying, no it's not.
Although just up the road from her house, as I made my way back, I was be-friended and invited into a house by a couple, they were very nice, and have arranged to take me to the twenty-seven Indonesian houses tomorrow, they explained the place as a collection of all the traditional styles of house building in Indonesia, and each house was like a little peice of that island, with craft's and stuff sold there.
I made my way back to Jalan Jaksa by night fall, and met up with Dean and the girls on there way out for the night, so instead of going back to the losmen I tagged along with them. We all went to a Pizza Hut, but the prices were amazingly high, and the English guy's company next to me was enough to make me leave before ordering, Dean said that he'd join me, which was a lovely gesture, I knew he was a nice bloke as soon as I met him. We went to Angie's cafe, and really pigged out, for very little money, and I started on my first beer of the night.
We were having a really good time, I couldn't stop laughing, then the rest of the crowd joined us, then we all moved to another bar to drink more and welcome in the new year. I had a bloody brilliant time, drinking far too much, singing loudly, being deafened by all the paper trumpets, it was a great new year, surrounded by strangers, but all friends.
Me and Dean walked back to the Jusran hotel at about 1am, I was really drunk and couldn't stop laughing, but then I lay on my bed, and my eyes grew to heavy to keep open any longer.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hehheh, now this is the post I should've said "Happy new Year" in!

BTW, I hate when you'll be in a restaurant or somewhere, and there's some loud, obnoxious person(s)ruining
everyone's peace. That's so lame, I wouldve left Pizza Hut, too. :)

5:30 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Happy New year Lisa, thanks for posting here, I hope you have the best year yet, thankyou for reading and commenting, it's good to know that someone's reading, take care.

11:21 pm  

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