28 December 1991, Saturday.

I was the first to wake in the dorm, it was 8am, closely followed by Christian a few bed's up, and then the others, one by one. I got up, took a shower, and then started packing up my gear. On top of the lockers were piles of clothes and towels left by other travellers, who no longer had need. I took some old clothes and some towels, and a weaved sleeping mat with me and went downstairs and phoned Natalie.
We spoke, and I gave her my address again, but I could tell that she didn't want to meet me, so I didn't push things, she told me to ring her when I came back to Singapore, maybe I will.
Then I went into the breakfast room and had three egg's and toast and coffee, finished and got the deposit back from reception, said goodbye to Christian and the other guy's and left. I went to catch a bus, then realised that I had no change, and went for a walk to find some. I found a huge three floor Salvation army building, I bought some jean's and a plastic bowl, cup and spoon and fork, the whole lot came to $5. I then got some change, and caught a bus to Finger Pier, and bought a ticket to Batam for $16.
On the boat, they showed a film 'Gorilla's in the mist', and I realised I was on my way back to Jakarta. I contemplaited my day's in Singapore whilst the boat surged through thousands of huge freight ships in the harbour.
I got to Batam, got a taxi, then saw this police/security guy really punching the taxi drivers trying to attract my attention. It was really scary, and none of them fought back at all. I got a taxi to Kabil, on the other side of Batam for $6, then took a speed boat from there to Tanjung Pinang. That was great, darting through the many islands of mangrove swamps, like it was a river, the boat was flying and crashing from one wave to the next.
When we arrived at Tanjung Pinang, I noticed a spanish galleon float past the hull of the boat, very nice indeed. I had to change another travellers cheque to buy a ticket back to Jakarta, it was 63000rp's, because it was not a goverment boat, like the one I caught before. That leaves tomorrow at 2pm.
I then went and found a losmen to stay the night, and met the two girl's from New Zealand again and the Swiss bloke. I went out and got some dinner, and bought some supplies for the trip. Then returned to the losmen and met a great Canadian guy, we got some mosquito coil's and fumigated the room. It's around 11:30pm now, and I'm lying in bed, hoping that the moquito's stay away, I've covered myself in insect repellent just in case. Well, good night then, I hope it is.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

That was weird and creepy about the cops/security. Reminded me of something you might see in Tijuana.Lots of colorfully gaudy, garish taxi's, and their matching taxi drivers. lol :)
But yes, I can just bet the police are
probably as corrupt and scary as the Meixcan cops.

7:56 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Lisa, they are totally bad news or they were anyway. I found out later on that everyone was absolutely shit scared of the police out there, they could kill you and totally get away with it because they were police. It was evil.
Thanks for posting Lisa,
take care.

4:40 pm  

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