7 December 1991, Saturday.

Got up at around 10am, and had a mandi and went to the toilet, had some breakfast and then lazed around until 2pm. Then Agus and I went to visit Asep, when we arrived we watched a film with Bill Murray in it, it was called 'Stripes', they both loved it, but it frustrated me, I didn't come all this way just to watch films that are old at home.
Well, it's about 4pm now, I'm really hungry, and just a little sick of the manner situation, it just gets worse and worse. I'll get by, as usual.
We returned to Pabrik es, and I had some food. We had agreed to go to the cinema tonight, so Rita, Lia, Agus and me were just about to set off, when I realised that I needed some money, so I went to get some cash from my money belt, hidden under my bed. Well not obviously hidden well enough! There had been 40 000rp's taken from the money belt. The pictures were cancelled, and I left my room and told Agus what had happened, then everyone else one by one, we all chatted about it, but no conclusions were drawn, and I'm no closer to my money.
This had all happened at around 7pm, and we had all been talking about nothing else, it was 10:30pm, and I went for a walk with Endang, I bought a small bottle of whisky for 2700rp, although it was terrible stuff, we walked past several really big brothel's, Edang told me that they were hotel's with many girl's.
I actually enjoyed the walk, and felt a little calmer. So we returned to the house, I had a little food and then went into my room. It's obvious that I can't stay here much longer, I realise that now, but I'll deal with that another day. I wrote up the journal entry, catalogued my experience, and went to bed.


Blogger Jessica said...

I had a whole paycheck stolen from me once, and I just cried. I can't believe people are that disgusting. Sorry you lost your money, and it sounds like it's just about time to get away from those rude people.

1:41 pm  
Blogger Jessica said...

P.S. Where in the hell ARE YOU?

1:42 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Sorry Jess, I'm updating now, I've really let things slide since the show, and it was Rene's birthday last night. Thankyou for being patient.

2:17 pm  

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