18 December 1991, Wednesday.

I was softly awoken at 6:30am by Yuni, the sweet girl that lived and worked at the losmen. I went to the toilet and then showered, because they had a shower!, and then went and sat in the early morning sun. I packed all my things up and left.
At 7:40am, I caught a thingy, can't remember it's name, but it was a scooter with three wheels and two seats in the back and bodywork. Well, scary things anyway, went to Kota, stopped in a warung for a drink and some food, and the guy's that worked there fixed my rucksack, that had been broken since I went to France two years ago.
I then walked around Kota, finding a puppet museum, and then some art museum's, I had a great time, and saw some great stuff. I met this guy in one of the museum's and he seemed ok, he asked me back to his house for lunch, he said it wasn't very far, so I went with him. We caught a bus, stopped at a warung and bought some Sundanese dishes that I hadn't seen or tasted before, and we went back to his house to eat.
I didn't see it coming, he then started asking questions about my sexual preferences, I can't believe it happened again. He was gay, and after me, just like that bloke in Pangandaran. I must look like a complete homosexual. I finished my food, thanked the guy, and left quickly.
I caught a bus to the harbour, made my way to the docks, and boarded the boat to Batam at 2pm.
The boat was the same style and size as the ferries that go from Dover to Calais back at home. Although this boat seems to be filled with simple beds, all wooden. There are plastic paded covers, but they needed hunting for. I found one, found a place to sit and talked to the people sitting close to me. I even stopped a fight.
Later I went up to the cafe on the top deck and met and talked to some guys, then at around 10pm we all went and watched the ships band. In the middle of there set, the band asked for someone from the audience to come and sing a song.
First up was a right old performer, adding his own little bits, getting right into the song, and also talking to the audience in the mic, he made me laugh. Then another guy went up, he was good, then this girl, and she was very bad.
I don't know quite what happened, but I was walking on stage, I felt like a sheep, I was trembling, but it flew by, and soon enough I was back to my seat, everyone clapped and said it was good, but I didn't really remember it. Then after another three songs or so, I was up again, singing some song I didn't even know. I had had a few drinks by then, enough said.
I left the lounge where the band was playing, and headed back to the open dorms, the covered every floor, I find where I left my bags and my mat, but there is a women lying fast asleep on it.
It's about 12:30am, I'm very tired, just sitting here hoping that the women went to sleep after drinking five gallons of water, and would need to get up and go to the toilet soon.
Then, at about 1am, the girl next to her awoke, and realised what had happened, she woke the women up, and she shifted over, I thanked them both, and went to sleep on my mat next to them.


Blogger Storm said...

While reading the part about the guy in Kota, I was wondering about his intentions for inviting you to his place for lunch. I am a 'gay magnet' myself. I used to wonder why that was so. After many years I have realized that it is not simply that I attract gay people to myself...it's that I am very nice and open to every person I meet. Hence, people of all colors, backgrounds and beliefs feel comfortable around me.


10:33 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Top comment Cara, I think very much the same now, but didn't understand that at 19, I'm actually flattered now if it happens, although it doesn't seem to happen to me anymore. Thankyou for this great comment, take care.

4:18 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Yep, Cara, I was thinking the same thing, basically. You were just a sweet and also sweet-faced, young white boy in a foreign land.
A nice kid ( back then, now you are a nice man). So they had to check, just in case.
I attract gay women, too. Although sometimes they've been rather forceful,such as a group in a restaraunt at a table near myself and a guy friend. It was weird, they got so...vocal and slightly raunchy that my male friend got really mad and spoke up at them!They were equal
opportunity sexual harrassers?lolI didn't get mad, but I was kind of...embarrassed.
I realize this wasn't the same, but yet it kind of was.:)
Maybe I'm androgynous looking.:)lol

2:04 am  

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