29 December 1991, Sunday.

I had a beautiful, very comfortable sleep, and slowly seeped out of that luxury at about 8:30am. I lay there quite content for a while, then got up and went to the toilet, came back and tried on my new jeans that I had bought in Singapore, they were a great fit. I sat counting my money, just like scrooge, I have spent far more than I intended too.
The breakfast was a peice of cake( a putrid green colour ) and some tea. I left the losmen at around 11am along with the others, and went to the docks, where we eventually boarded the 'KM LISA' at 1pm, this is certainly the crappiest boat I have ever been on, the toilet's have no doors on, and don't flush, there's no water, every bit of furniture is either ripped or wrotten, the internal iron stairways are rusty and have bits hanging off them. There's no mattress's or bed's, so with the woven mat I salvaged from on top of the lockers, and my rucksack I moved up onto the deck of this tiny absolutely disgusting very expensive boat. I'll see about the food later, whether I am able to write my findings, determines how bad it is.
It's 3pm now, I'm lying on the deck, it's fresh, and in the trudge of the noisey engines and the perpetual crash of the breaking waves on the boat, there was a certain calm, a tranquil moment.
I fell asleep, and awoke to catch the last serving of dinner, it was some rice, cabbage and chicken, that I gave to some bloke because I couldn't face it, and went out on deck again and watched the sun go down over the sea.
I then found a lounge deck with a television and karoke, which had gorgeous semi nude girls acting out flirtatous scene's. Then 'Indiana Jones' came on, and I watched it all the way through, whilst having loads of hot chocolates. Then I walked back out on deck, it was quite windy, but I went to the front of the boat and sat crossed legged on one of the things they tie the boat to the dock thingy, and meditated for a while, then made my bed up and went to sleep.
I don't know what time it was, but me and all the others sleeping on deck were forced inside because of the wind and rain, I went for a walk, and found the waves crashing over the side of the boat and flooding the deck, there were huge puddles of dirty water slopping around in the lobby. I went up to the lounge again, and wrote this, I going to go to sleep on the chair tonight.
This boat is a bloody death trap.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Wow, damn! Gnarly! :o
Luckily we know you survived this wretched boat experience!:)

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