23 December 1991, Monday.

Last nights dream; My liver had somehow fallen out of my belly button, which was now just a whole, and I was being chased by a man in a black suit, carrying a huge knife. Then, whilst jumping into a quiet room to try to push my now drying liver back into my insides, the bloke chasing me, burst through the door, and started to attack me again. This time, I had an equally large knife, and a battle was fought, ending with me killing the man with the knife. Nice dream eh?
I awoke at 10:30am, had a wash and then went downstairs to the payphone and phoned Natalie, I got through, and talked, then my money ran out, so I told her that I would ring her back later. A very rude Australian told me not to be long, I got off the phone and had a go at him.
I went to the breakfast room and had some toast and coffee, then wrote in the journal. I've just been introduced to a guy who wanted to have a talk with me. That's just a bit scarey, I've been through this before, I was very polite, and made my way out as soon as possible.
I phoned Natalie again, and arranged to meet her at 5:30pm, then headed out with my essential papers to the Indonesian embassy, to get me special visa.
I had a map, and decided to walk, but it was a lot further than I imagined, and I became weak and thirsty. Then eventually I found the embassy, walked inside and queued. Got to the front of my queue, passed my papers through the hatch and waited. The women flicked through the papers, then shook her head, and told me that one of the signature's was missing, and I could not have a visa.What! I'd just travelled over 800 miles for nothing, spent all my remaining money for nothing. What just happened?
Then I remembered Natalie, and shook straight out of my despair.
I returned to the hostel by bus at about 4pm, showered and changed, then went to meet Natalie.
We had a lovely evening, we walked through gardens hand in hand, talked and then kissed, and then kissed again, we sat in the rain with a umbrella guarding us, what an amazing night, she is so beautiful. We walked and talked some more, I ate, then at 10pm, she got a taxi home.
I began walking back to the hostel, singing with the joy's of spring, then stopped. My cap and my book were gone, I remembered Natalie holding my book, but my cap was in my pocket, and it wasn't there now. So I went searching, everywhere we had been that evening, I was begining to loose hope, but then saw a dark lump in a unlit puddle, but I knew that it was my hat, amazing that I found it, my book wasn't with it, so I assumed that Natalie still had it.
I returned to the hostel and talked to Cristian and the Japanese guy, then went to bed.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hmmm...losing more vital organs :)lol
I think this is the same as the earlier dream, in that I really almost think this is a wrestling with whether or not to stay in Indonesia dream. I also think that the knife guy represented the negatives, the bad things that had happened while you were there. The same way that the scary monster in the previous dream had represented the bad aspects of Indonesia.Thanks for being here for us lonely ones on the holidays.

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