17 December 1991, Tuesday.

I've awoken, it's much brighter, and I have an amazing need to urinate, now emagine having this bursting sensation getting steadily worse for the next two hours, half asleep, tensing my stomach muscles and clenching my bum cheeks and tensing my legs, trying to forget.
All my prayers were answered, and we stopped, and I releaved myself, which wasn't lovely enough. I stretched my legs a bit, then got back on the bus and fell straight back to sleep.
I awoke again in the Jakarta bus terminal, although at the time, I wasn't sure where I was when I woke up. I caught the number 700 bus to Kota, but I didn't recognize anything along the journey, I got a bit nervous, but although I was worried, I was still half asleep, and kept dropping off into trances and dreams everytime I stopped concentrating on keeping my eye's open.
I luckily opened my eye's, and at that minute, recognized where I was, I called for the bus to stop and jumped out. I tried to phone Lubis, but the person who answered the phone didn't understand me, and I didn't really understand them, the line went dead, and I put the recever down. I walked down the road and found a bank, I changed up some more travellers cheque's and then headed towards the harbour to buy a ticket for the ferry to Singapore, it was 2pm.
As I walked towards the harbour, I stopped and asked the security/police guy's for directions, but they were really nice to me and one of them gave me a lift to the ticket office on the back of his scooter.
I managed to buy a ticket, the boat leaves tomorrow. I then headed towards Jalan Jaksa (where all the cheap hotels are in Jakarta) on the way stopping in an art shop and buying some water colour paints and oil pastels, and a camera film for the journey. I also walked past a Mcdonalds resturant, and bought a thick vanilla milkshake to cool me down.
Arrived at Jalan Jaksa, but instead of going in the first place I saw, like when I was first here, I walked up the street slowly, and chatted to people and ate, and then decided on what I thought was the best place for the cheapest money. It was 5000rp's per night, and I'm sharing a dorm with another English guy, a Canadian and Swiss blokes.
We all got on really well, and spent the whole night talking about our experiences. We all went out and got dinner up the road, then came back to the losmen, and talked for the rest of the night. Everyones gone to sleep now, I'm just writing this up, then I'm of to sleep.


Blogger Storm said...

I am sitting here laughing so hard about how you started this entry. Poor thing! There is nothing worse than having to urinate that badly.

There are truly McDonald's at every single imaginable place in the world.


10:27 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Cara, there is nothing worse than that burning sensation, I'm glad you had a laugh though.
That Mcdonalds in Jakarta was the only one in Indonesia then, but I'm sure they have taken over, except that, it was very exspencive compared to local resturants, hence the fact, I only had a milkshake. But after seeing 'Supersize Me', I don't think I'll have anymore Mcdonald's.
Thanks for your comment Cara, take care.

4:14 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Good thing you were a young, healthy kid, instead of an old person! Probably would've done irreparable kidney damage or something! :O Jeez!
Heh, I noticed the "KM LISA" on the ticket. It's probably like a kind of powerful fish or something lol. :)

1:50 am  

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