20 December 1991, Friday.

Oh how annoying, I was woken by the girls next to me wacking there magazines on the plastic matress's, although I realised that they were trying to wake me, so I remained motionless, and kept my eye's shut. They soon stopped, and soon after I got up. I had some breakfast, then the ship docked at Tanjang Pinang, I thought this was Batam, but apparently not.
I met the girl who was letting me stay in Batam, and with her, caught a bus to another boat to Batam, the boat to Batam was a big speed boat, with loads of makeshift seats. The boat to Batam cost 8800rp's, and sped through the magrove swamps, as if we were being chased, it was incredible, I've never travelled as fast on water before.
We arrived at Batam and continued to her house, we were greeted not as warmly as I had thought, and soon her father was telling me of cheap hotel's in the area. The girl had an embarassed look on her face, I could get out of there fast enough, I said goodbye, and continued to Singapore.
I caught a taxi to the ferry, which was shared by several people as we went along. Apparently, there is no bus service apart from my taxi of course. Anyway, the taxi cost me 2000rp's, travelling from one side of the island to the other, all of the roads being no better than mud tracks. I was gutted leaving Batam, its the most expensive, horrible place I've visited.
We'll see if Singapore brightens this already gloomy day. The boat from Batam to Singapore was a hydrofoil, first time on one of these as well. The ticket cost 18000rp's, and by 4pm we were motoring towards Singapore, the journey only took an hour or so, and I passed through customs and received an eight day visa.
I left the ferry terminal and starting walking up the street, when I saw two gorgeous yellow birds in the tree above me, then as I went to cross the road, I was warned that if I tried to cross the road whilst the signal was saying not to crossk, I could be fined up to $500, that's Singaporian dollors. I found my way to the underground, which was the cleanest underground or subway system that I had ever seen, come to think of it, this is the cleanest place I have ever been, there's no litter anyway. I travelled to Bagis, which was the location of all the cheapest hotels in Singapore.
I found the cheapest, but had to pay $16, $10 of which I would get back when I left. I got a locker, so I through all my stuff in and went out for dinner, I saw a chinese resturant and thought that I would treat myself, as I'd had such a shitty day.
I had only eaten breakfast, and was really hungry, so I ordered quite a few dishes, I had totalled the bill at $6, and thought that it was a lot of money for one meal but what the hell. I really enjoyed the food and waited for the bill. There is was, the final kick in the groin, the bill was $10, I hadn't understood the menu.
I paid the bill and went for a walk, there are so many lovely things here to buy, for all those who hadn't spent all there money on one stupid meal at a place called 'Fatty's', what a bloody stupid name, I nearly got into a fight with a 25 stone guy who worked there, when I asked if he was 'fatty'. Hey that was a lie.
Anyway, I'm writing this entry on the corner of quite a busy road, in the centre of Singapore. It's very clean and tidy, but doesn't have the guts of Jakarta, or the shit. Another thing, hardly any girls are looking at me now, it's a real ego shock, I think I'll have to go back to Java quick.
I returned to the hotel thingy, I was sharing a huge dorm with loads of people, it's a lot like a hospital really. I'm going to sleep, and hoping for a better day tomorrow.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Well! The promise that the last chapter
left with turned to crap, didn't it?
Sounds like one of those tourist trap areas, too.
Thanks for posting the Indonesian chapter, I ain't goin' anywhere for the holidays,so it was a nice read for me.
Hope you're ok, Mikey, I dunno. My brother doesn't celebrate christmas at all, and I know if I call him he'll get really cranky. He's like anti-christmas. I actually understand it. It's like there's so much pressure to be happy, and have the perfect christmas.
Don't know if you are like that yourself, or just tired of all the stuff involved with the holidays.
But I hope you guys are ok, no bs or
stress or anything. xoxoLisa

9:45 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hey Lisa, I'm not very good at Christmas really, although I try and put on a brave face for everybody else.
That girl looked so embarassed when her father told me about the local guest houses, poor thing. Glad your still reading, take care.

4:33 pm  

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