27 December 1991, Friday.

Awoke from my mosquito interupted sleep at around 10am. I went down to the breakfast room and had some toast, finished my breakfast and then showered.
I phoned Natalie and actually got through to her little sister Valerie, she told me to call back at 1pm. I phoned again at 1pm and Natalie answered, she sounded so lovely, I asked to see her tomorrow, she wasn't sure, so I said that I would phone again tomorrow. I put the phone down, returned to the dorm and got my stuff ready for the day.
I went out for a walk, to get some photo's and do some drawing. I walked up to the area were I had kissed Natalie on the bench in the rain a few days before, and sat on another bench and started drawing. As I was drawing, a girl came up and sat next to me and started talking to me. She was a very pretty girl, she was 18 and a model, she gave me her address and I gave her mine, and she said that she would show me around Singapore when I returned in two month's.
She walked off, and I carried on drawing, then carried on my walk around Fort Canning Park, I took some photo's and then headed to the Van Kleef Aquarium, that I was told had been closed down, but went anyway.
I got to the aquarium (which was still open) and went in, once in the aquarium I realised that my camera was missing, I panicked, maybe I'd left it at the last place I took a picture, I ran out of the aquarium and around the Fort Canning park, just hoping that it would still be there. I retraced my footsteps all the way back to the place where I had taken the last photo, and when I got there, there were two people sitting on the bench, who told me that they had seen the camera, and wanted to wait until it's owner returned. I was over the moon, what lovely people, I thanked them and returned to the aquarium. I aquarium was really good, but it had some huge fish, well actually they were the biggest fish I had ever seen in an aquarium, but the aquariums weren't the biggest I'd seen, they all looked abit cramped, not a bonus for the fish I shouldn't wonder.
I walked around for a while more and then sat and wrote this entry so far on a bench in Bras Basah park, which is at the end of Bencoolen street. It's dusk, cool and calm, even though the parks surrounded by rushing traffic. I've just been talking to an old Korean guy, he gave me an apple and then just walked off. I ate that, which was nice then went straight to the food court that I had found just before Christmas, and had some fish and rice soup.
Then returned to the hostel and bought some oranges on the way, I've spent over seven dollars today, it's too expensive here, I changed another travellers cheque today, apparently the dollar has plunged, which isn't good news, or is it a blessing in disguise, obviously it would have to be a bloody good disguise.
I can't stop thinking about Natalie.
This evening I've been sharing some of my toilet euphemism's with Christian, log raft's, spanish galleon's, dump's, we both had a bit of a chuckle. It's 10pm, and I think that I'll head for the bed soon, I want a very full day tomorrow.
I want to see Natalie before I leave, I just want to see her again, in fact, I'm having the same thought that went through my head when I thought I'd lost my camera.
This is such a good game, what shall I do next, where shall the tides of time take me tomorrow.


Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hi again Mikey, I like the drawing of the picture!
Heheh, definitely sounds like you're smitten,except that I had to remember that you seem ot have fallen in and out of love every few days in this journal. :D
We'll see what happens with Natalie...

7:50 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

I know, what am I like eh? Well in my defence I was young, and taking advantage of my celebrity I suppose. Funny though, reading it back. Fickle is man.

4:42 pm  

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