15 December 1991, Sunday.

Opened my eye's after I felt a prod in the arm, it was Asep, standing over me. It was 9am, I got up lazily then took my good time having a mandi then getting dressed and ready for the day.
We were going to Ciawi, at 11am we all left, taking several buses, which I didn't mind paying for.
It was a lovely day, I bought some weaved rings in a craft shop, then walked around a small village surrounded by rice paddies and ponds. Sat down with a group of guy's who had a guitar, had a little go and sung some songs, then met this absolutely gorgeous girl, we all continued (about 6 or 7 of us) to a pond and fished for our dinner.
The fish were barbequed and served with lovely rice on a huge banana leaf. I court five fish, four were Cichlids (very much like some fish in my fishtank back in England) and one Gourami (again like ones in my fishtank) the biggest was only about five inches long, but they tasted great.
We drank coconut water from the young coconuts and then walked back to someone's house. On the way, the absolutely gorgeous girl said that she fancied me, I smiled in dis-belief, I really fancied her but said nothing, and took it no further, we walked down the road, then got picked up by a passing flat back van, we all jumped onto the open back, and the van set off, it was around 6pm, and we were all treated to the most amazing sunset.
The village was surrounded by a huge dark forest covered mountains on the horizon, the clouds in the sky were a roasted orange and with the heavy greeny blue of the forested mountains, well I wished I could have stayed in that fleeting moment, and painted it, I could have stayed in that moment for a life time and still marvelled.
But as the van continued along the road, the road turned to one side, then through some tree's, and the vision was lost, the moments were gone. I hadn't even brought my camera, maybe that was for the best, that image will stay in my head forever I hope.
The van dropped us off, and we caught a bus back to Tasikmalaya, had some food, stopped off at Agus's house at no. 12 Pabrik Es, where I used to live, and he wasn't friendly at all, rude idiot, I'm well out of there. We went back to Aji's, and I have done my washing at about midnight, I've had an excellent day today, it's 1am and I'm going to bed with a smile on my face.


Blogger Storm said...

What is a weaved ring? In my mind it is some type of ring made out of basket material.

Wow Mikey! The image you described of the village is now painted in my mind. Lovely choice of words.


7:55 pm  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Hi Cara,That's right, all different colours of stuff they do basket's with, but quite fine material, they were lovely, and lasted for ages, thanks for commenting.
I'm glad you enjoyed that scene of the village at sunset, it was quite magical. Take care.

9:40 pm  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Heh, it's about time you started having more fun again in indonesa.:)
This sunset photo was one I had as wallpaper yesterday but switched to the other one with mroe pinks and oranges. If you wanted to try to catch more with oranges
and pinks, I'm using them as wallpaper
for the color-mood effect. It's weird that you're into shooting sunsets right now, I didn't know that.
I'd discovered that they are cheery
as wallpaper. The one tonight with the blues/silvers is stunning. :)

3:57 am  
Blogger musicmikey said...

Thanks Lisa, the one in Indonesia was better though. Take care.

4:05 pm  

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